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Deck 16 Remake
Hi, This is my first Quake release, it is a remake of Deck 16 from UT but in a smaller more tight style suitable for 2-4 players. There will be a singleplayer release at some point but for now it's simply multiplayer. I figured it would be silly to hold back on a MP player map that was pretty much final. Anyway!

Here are some screenshots -

And also the file -!jJ02WJja!ROZA2EPetcet8jutJr8FWUT0txMmBbKuiNgLhxBTEWs

It includes the .map file along with the .txt and .bsp. This map was made fully in TrenchBroom. :)
This Shit Looks Really Sweet Man 
Really awesome stuff. Take a look guys, if not just to go Ooooh!

This map has a really cool old-school vibe, it's hard for me to explain. Reminds me of The Slipgate Duplex, in a good way. Shame it's not SP :P 
Looks Really Good 
in shots - will dl and play in dmsp or something.

FE - is source included? hopefully someone might make an SP version! 
Haha, You're First! 
Cool stuff, will take a look tomorrow. 
Someone upload this to a proper server please!

Can�t download... 
Mirrored At Quaketastic: 
22:49:03 | <@onetruepurple> wow
22:49:09 | <@onetruepurple> full on idbase jizzgasm
22:49:24 | <@biff0r> woot for baaase
Proper Server Host... 
I also posted on the forum, d4rin said he'll add it to Quake Legion KTX servers. I have no idea what the IP is though.

This release includes the .map file too. :) 
Add SP!!! 
thanks for the mirror, appreciate it muchly!
It'd be fun to see if anyone does make an SP version before I do, plus it might save me some hassle. But I do have some great ideas for a SP version myself, we'll see... ;) 
Heh - Quaketastic Is Willem's Not Mine 
It's there for hosting Quake stuff, anyone can use it. The password is 'ilove the shubhub' with no spaces ;) 
Nice Work 
screens look nice. Perhaps could use a bit more light in DM, but to be honest I haven't checked it out yet as I'm waiting for the sp release ;)

Congrats on first TB map release too! 
Nice Work 
screens look nice. Perhaps could use a bit more light in DM, but to be honest I haven't checked it out yet as I'm waiting for the sp release ;)

Congrats on first TB map release too! 
Works Well In DMSP2... 
...because one needs to get out of the SP spawn point quickly and start to collect assests, attracting enemy as one goes. Even after one gets the lay of the land, small touches like the SNG and NIN ammo position become suprising. Once the layout is understood then 'attack and retreat' strategy becomes the way to go, but this is cool because many DM maps don't play this way in DMSP2. Thanx FifthElephant! 
One thing I should have mentioned is that if you turn stuff into funcs for optimization, you should make sure none of it is inside solid geometry if possible. Otherwise it may interfere with the lighting of the brush entity. In this case, look at the loose floor tiles - their sides are dark now even though they should be lit like the surrounding faces. This is because they are not 4 units but 16 and most of the surfaces are inside the floor - basically out of the lights' reach. It's only a minor thing here, just mentioning it fyi.

it only made sense reduce the size of the map
I don't remember UT's rocket launcher and sniper rifle, but don't underestimate how fast and powerful Quake's RL is. A more spacious layout wouldn't have had a negative impact on the gameplay necessarily. Right now, the map is pretty cramped particularly due to the crates, so I could imagine it'll make for quite a few hairy situations (for the underequipped players). The bots are no benchmark for proper deathmatch. 
I noticed that the func tiles were a bit dark, I decided that using _minlight was the proper way to deal with it but I see now that I should have reduced their height :P

Also I don't regret making the map in its current scale, though I do regret not having any human components to test with. I did as much testing as possible and there's still imbalances (and I noticed a couple of texture alignment problems today) but the map is out in the wild now, I'm not going to change the DM version but I did release the .map file for people to tinker with. :P 
Still Think It's Kinda Dark. 
I think Base maps tend to look best when they're fairly brightly lit. But that might just be personal preference. Layout and geometry is very nice nontheless :] 
Good Work 
All in all, a very slick piece of work.
Congrats on that one! And i don�t think it�s too small-scaled.
Waiting for the SP release in vain..;) 
Waiting For Sp Release In Vain... 
I'm hoping you won't have to wait too long, I'm working on the SP version now and because a lot of geometry is already done it shouldn't take a massive amount of additional time.
I'm trying to fill the map with as much gameplay as possible for its size, I've added a number of extra rooms already... 
sounds good to me! 
More Please 
This is super. One of my favorite UT maps and nice to have in Quake. If you feel up to it, please make more UT maps into Quake versions.

Thank you! 
Do Facingworlds Next :P 
I Just Hope... 
that you guys like what I do with the SP version, I've put some cool things in. It's not a big map by any stretch though, it's going to a lot smaller than the recently released Clean Cut and Quarantine. As for remaking other maps, I might do it but maybe not for a while.
I think Facing Worlds was only great because of that awesome skybox (and the music!)... maybe if someone was to make some really modern bots (with in-editor bot pathing support, and multiple game modes like CTF) then I would go ahead and make a crazy amount of DM/CTF maps (I'm an oldschool UT DM/CTF mapper afterall!) 
I Mean 
I'm fine with whatever. I like nice little maps too.
Furthermore I meant something more like this, initially:

Negke has done a number of those - leaving the DM version 'as is'

But like I said, I'm pumped for this however you decide to spin it.
Now you'll have the first SP AND DM map in trenchbroom. 
I got caught at the start, as the SP spawn is behind a stack of crates, but once out and about the anxiety level dropped as it was easy enough to stock up and wait in a quiet area while the incoming beasties telefragged each other. Picking them off one by one was a doddle after the invasion ended. Given the spawn point distribution this isn't the best level for DMSP2, but I am very much looking forward the the SP version. Thanks
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