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Bro.wser/Mo.bile Ga.mes Thread
There's a Console Thread, a PC Thread, but where does the lowly browser gamer get a fix? This is where. Also, mobile games.

Discuss iPhone, Android, Flash, HTML5, Unity, etc. games here.
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A platformer on a Möbius strip. 
Controls From Xash3d 
Idk if it is interesting for anybody but I have asked one of the Xash3d creators to help me with touch controls for my dp mod. And he added convenient controls from Xash3d.

I had a video in VK, but you can not watch it unless you are registered there, so here is just a screenshot from that video:

Also tried to ride a tank in airquake mod with those controls: 
Commander Keen!!!!!! 
Is really good. Dungeon crawler, cool art, lots of "figure it out on your own" gameplay quirks, very very addictive.


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