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Bro.wser/Mo.bile Ga.mes Thread
There's a Console Thread, a PC Thread, but where does the lowly browser gamer get a fix? This is where. Also, mobile games.

Discuss iPhone, Android, Flash, HTML5, Unity, etc. games here.
Candy Box: 
Weird text-based quasi-RPG.

You may initially think this is non-interactive like ProgressQuest, but it does actually open up into a game. Just wait for your candies to accumulate, then a vendor will show up and sell you stuff, and you can go do some quests and start farming lollipops and pretty soon you'll be in too deep to quit. 
The division between PC and Console games was silly already, why fragment it even more? 
Good Thread. 
Don't play them but it's definitely useful to have a dedicated thread! 
Let's say I want to talk about a game that's simultaneously on XBox Live, Steam (PC) and iPhone.

Should I just roll a dice to choose which thread to put it in? 
you triple post 
Just Keep It To Urself Becuz No1 Cares! ;-3 
But really, that candies game is pretty cool.
Through vigorous cheating I've made it all the way to hell! 
Just Like In Real Life 
You stop fucking whining like a bitch just like Spriititi and just post about whatever you're playing on whatever you're playing on. Jeez get a grip gaylords. If I played any browser games I'd be waffling on about them here already. 
Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret Of Steel 
Guess most of people here have already played this, but this is one of my all time favorites.

This is a swf game that can be played on or offline. 
Lets Just Have One Unified Thread For Everthing: 
Just pick the platform you played on. If you keep playing the same game on three different platforms then MAKE UP YOUR BLOODY MIND, A.D.H.D. CRAZY PERSON FFS man. 
what about singleplayer vs multiplayer? 
Put It All In Stuff 
Here's Some 
Which I've probably already posted at one time or another. But now that we have a dedicated thread they should be easier to find.

Top Down Gameboy Thing:

Necronomicon Card Thing:

Not Even a Game Thing:

Garden Puzzle Thing:

Coding Thing:

Gap Puzzle Thing:

Jiggle Sushi Thing:

Sweet / Sour Puzzle Thing:

Physics Bricks Thing:

Zombie Swarm Maker Thing:

Zombie Car Thing:

Bison Launch Thing:

Statue Physics Thing:

Fcuking Platformer Thing:

Auditory Directional Thing:

Weird Head Thing:

Defender Construction Thing:

Puzzle Thing About Physics Balls:

Self-Cooperative Thing:

Turn Based Puzzle Thing:

Door Opening Thing:

Educational Thing:

I sort of filtered these, but they're in no particular order. Where one person or group has made many interesting or well made games I only listed the most interesting or well made.

I hate your productivity. 
Oh My God Fuck You 
Right Where It Hurts 
Tiny Tower! 
started early january and now on 95th floor, still going up =) 
I'm playing one of theirs as well, pocket airplanes. 
OverWorld Zero [roguelike]
simple/addictive rpg subgame playable on virtual handheld in System Shock2; I still play it using SS2 (even it is out now as a standalone), set low-res, turn-off sound, play 
Nice But Frustrating 
Candy Box 2 Is Out, Btw 
Forgot About This Thread 
Star command on tablet is a reasonable parralell to FTL for those that like that sort of thing. Much less polished but still recommendable.

Zombie road trip I can't seem to delete. Even though I've got the best stuff now I want to unlock the rest for the sake of flipping and head shooting.

Dark meadow is a decent enough infinity blade take. Bit lacking in depth in terms of gameplay though. Looks pretty and has a silent hill type storyline, though less deep. I suppose shallow is a good way to describe it, still interesting while it holds the attention though.

I was excited to see the where's my water update, version 2 whatever, but as soon as it obligated me to harass my friends in order to proceed I binned it.

Cookie clicker everyone in the office is distracted by. One producer did an excel to figure out the optimum buying strategy.

My lovecraftian grandmas freak people out with their penis bodies.

So... Back to candy box. I admit I couldn't get interested enough in it the first time around. 
Cookie Clicker 
Getting close to 2 billion CPS...

I like the achievement comments:

"You can stop now"
"You should really go to bed" 

basically a puzzle RPG, you plot a route through the dungeon trying to upgrade your guy enough that you can kill the dungeon god at the end. I haven't done it yet.

Useful tip: as long as you don't die, you can undo your steps and try a different route. 
Related: Four Scepters 
Also a dungeon crawl puzzle type game: 
Really interesting game idea! 
Thanks Metl... 
...just the trick for those slow moments at work :) 
Took me a few tries but just beat the boss now... lots of fun, cool concept. 

A simple number matching game, engaging enough that I put in the effort to actually beat it. Implemented in HTML5 so you can play it on a phone too. 
Better Version 
man that's great, way better than the similar "threes" on iOS. Really slick. 
It's strangely addicting.
My best is 17068 so far... 
1024 Here 
in your face! Smaller is better right? 
currently playing Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. love it. 

Picked this up after seeing it recommended on Eurogamer (I think) and it's been pretty fun. Kinda like a mix of chess, RPG, and dungeon crawler. 
Hoplite is groovy. (Weird coincidence since I just finished posting about it at another site.) Just what I want from a mobile game. You can also get it on iOS.

Here's Tom Francis dropping a few words on it: 
I Assume 
You all bought FTL iOS and thats why things are so quiet here.

Still playing Hoplite by the way, hope Magma Fortress does a sequel or follow up quest. 
Thanks for that link Scampie, I'll recommend Threes over 2048 now. 
Yeah FTL on iOS pretty cool, playing it on Ipad. That and Frozen Synapse on Ipad it cool.

Otherwise theres quite a few neat Boardgames on the Ipad to play solor or hotseat. Quite nice to play these conveniently without breaking out the whole gear and taking up a table.

Agricola, Stone Age, Space Hulk, Suburbia etc... 
And all these games aren't 'free to play'.

So let's hope there's a counter to all the candy crush and app flipping clone shit. 
Funny those are all adapted games from other platform / format, board/PC :D

Sure there has to be some serious proper natively developed tablet games though...right ? 
Nice 2048 Clone:

Adds the concept of unstable isotopes that disappear after a certain number of turns. 
Duck Hunt Revival 
I have been giving this one an hour of play from time to time for long.

Dungeon Defender 
sadly it seems to freeze my firefox sometimes 
Modern Day Snake 
Not Nearly Gay Disco Enough To Be Called Alcazar 
That's Pretty Cool 
But where are the monsters? 
A Dark Room 
A Different Dark Room 
you bastard! 
Similar Ones To Ijed's 
These ones were before that one.

This one is more recent.

I played A dark room months ago, liked the exploration parts, but mwh version is way better :D. 
Wasnt A Fan Of 
The candy ones back when I played them.

Cookie clicker I already played, and a coder here learned how to open it up and hack in all sorts of stuff.

Finally finished a dark room so I can get back to work now... 
Thanks Ijed 
Liking a dark room a lot. Love the combination of building up the village and going out on expeditions.

Never played one of those RPGs before where you're a ASCII character in a grid of ASCII characters, but it's way less painful than I imagined, definitely lets your own imagination do the work. 
If you want to play a proper Roguelike, but with graphical tiles, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a good one to get into easily. You can also play it in old school ASCII as well. 
(but It's Not Technically Fit For This Thread) 
Cheers Scampie 
downloaded that, will give it a play soon 
Minimalistic Puzzle Game 
Cern Cookie Clicker 
It's like cookie clicker for PROPPER NERDS 
Yeah, Whole Worlds Collapsed.. 
Wargames Lite 
Dice Wars single player:

KDice--multiplayer Dice Wars:

Hex Empire (only SP I guess):

Warlight--SP and MP:

Note that you can play Warlight without paying anything. It only limits the types of games you can set up. 
Time Surfer

Came in the last Android Humble Bundle, pretty fun and addictive 
Color Matching Game 
This is a very simple game. You just need to find the square that is a different shade than the other squares. 
Clicker Heroes 
Clicker game with graphics and sound and stuff. 
haha omg... this brings back happy memories of cookie clicker... 
ahh fuck that clicker heroes game 
From the lastest SAGE

Weird movement. 
968 Billion Health?! 
I must defeat it... 
Hitman Go looks surprisingly nice, but it was made in Unity?

10 minutes later: Phone is hot enough to fry an egg on.

Yes, its Unity.

Plays well though, simple and direct gameplay thats fun.

If you wanted to be mean you could call it a glorified flash game with 3D graphics, but that's refreshing nowadays. 
Time Wasting Game For Plane? 
Any recs on a good time wasting android game for a plan? Something in the civilization / sim city sort of genre would be good I think. Don't mind paying a bit. 
If the plane has wi-fi ... Hearthstone! 
Haha Nope 
7 hours in United regional jets. Perhaps the direct option was not the best...

I've found knights of pen & paper since I asked. Anyone played that? 
Knights Of Pen And Paper 
I thought it was a lot of fun. It's simplistic, grindy, old schooly RPG that doesn't take itself seriously. I don't know if it would hold my attention for 7 hours straight though, but it's fun for its price, which for me was like $1 or something. 
I've been super addicted to Boom Beach. Really fun strategy game, kind of like a lite version of something like Civ or CoH 
Missed the "no Wi-Fi" part. You should get Carmaggedon if you never played it on PC. Only 99 cents and definitely worth it. 
Ta Muchly 
Re-read the thread and saw hoplite before necros recommended it -- seems perfect! Just have to try to stop playing it before the trip...

Might try knights of pen and paper. Not sure about a game where reaction time matters like carmageddon, but heck, .99 us is not a lot of money if it doesn't work... 
Simon tatham's puzzle collection

Pixel dungeon

legends of yore


I ended up playing a lot of knights of pen and paper. Grindy rpg is good for a plane I guess :)

I'm nearly at the end of the main quests I think and its getting a bit boring now. I think I might have missed a mechanism for getting better equipment somewhere... 
off by 3 is my best. 
Another Of A Kind 
Good one, mfx. It reminded me of another game that doesn't seem to have been posted here. 
Be Aware 
Bizarrely Addictive Minimalist Incremental/idle Game 
It's basically just status bars and numbers:

Oddly, it has a devoted fanbase for whom it is Serious Business (TM): there are some very involved and math-y discussions regarding optimal strategies, eg.,,, etc. 
i hope bugs get you. :( :( :( 
multiplayer game where you can eat smaller blobs to get bigger, then eat the other players. 
Cube Composer 
So cool thanks! 
between swarmsim and gridland, i barely get anything done anymore. i hate you all. 
Swarmsim + 
help me 
Internet Arcade 
Monument Valley.... 
Dunno if this has been mentioned? I was watching the burd play it recently and it looks absolutely lovely as a mobile game, great use of simple graphics and engaging (if easy?) puzzle gameplay: 
Monument Valley 
Yeah that's an awesome game, good for non-gamers as well, my mom loved it. 
My wife and I both loved it. Non stressful gameplay, fun graphical style, not too annoying puzzles... is now available for iPhone, wooooooo 
Monument Valley 
Bought it, played it. Not enough exploration of mechanics for me. My daughter liked it for a while. 
I Was Too Hasty To Be Harsh 
And it's sucked me back in now. Even my grim Quaker soul can find the charm in this. 
Nothing to contribute :( but I'm burning out on all my current mobile stuff and hoping someone has a recommendation 
Angry Birds 2. Seriously, it's a solid time filler! 
I Dunno 
It feels like they sacrificed the gameplay somewhat. Like I dumped on it in the other thread - the debris disintegrates too fast when you knock stuff over so you can't cause much knock on collapse effects.

Ultimately it left the game a bit too shallow to hold my attention - which is a shame because I enjoyed the earlier ones a lot. Especially Star Wars and Space with the addition of the gravity mechanics.

The immediacy and feedback is very well done in this version though, the picture in picture of the birds and pigs is great and the stuff flying out of the screen is a nice touch.

Maybe I'll give it another go, but the change seems to be one of ideology - you hit the thing or you don't, without any of the 'you hit the thing in just the right spot so collapses onto the other thing.

That's still there, but much less. 
This Week I Have Been Mostly Playing 
Fallout Shelter - decent builder (disclaimer, we did it)
Lumosity - Interesting non-game about mind training
Out There - Frustrating interactive fiction with a bad interface... but worth a look
Tap Titans - generic clicker, but better production values than most and some neat ideas thrown in 
Oh And 
Candy Box 2.

Not sure how I missed this one back in the day (but still played A Dark Room). But I can confirm that it is the pinnacle of games design and all other games are mere vague shadows of its greatness.

Quake is off to one side a bit. 
Mentioned Before 
but Hoplite is very very good for a million reasons. Simple and streamlined but fun and continues to be fun for quite a while, for me anyway.

Just got Legend of Grimrock for my phone too, that is quite enjoyabe.

I also got Operation Dracula which is a bullet hell style shoot em up. It's pretty rad but was overpriced - was the same $ as LOG!

I've been thinking about getting Fallout Shelter for a while now! Will definitely check it out now. 
Yes, it's awesome. Really hope he continues making games. I ended up unlocking most of the achievements but eventually gave up on the most complex ones.

LoG... I played it on PC and finished it... not sure I'd play it again. Does the mobile version bring new content or is it a port?

Fallout Shelter is free, which is a good price. It's a nice enough time sink for a while but may b overly casual mobile depending on your tastes. 
This is probably a foolish question, but I guess the fallout game has a lot of that waiting mechanic? 
It's essentially a builder game where you harvest resources and set your dwellers to do tasks like harvest, train or explore the wilderness.

Building is instant as long as you have the Caps and the monetization is limited to buying lunch boxes - no 'pay to rush' crap :D 
candybox2 is crack

Although somehow autosave turned itself off, which is a bit disheartening. 
You Might 
Just have to progress enough to bring back the load game menu. It's odd that even that is disabled at the start. 
Thanks for the recommendation Drew, this game is fantastic. Feels so familiar, but I don't think I've played anything just like it. Excellent strategy game, the tactics around the movement are really satisfying, it's almost chess-like at times, but with spears and demons so obviously better. 
Since I didn't contribute last time...

Alphabear by Spryfox is a pretty cool "make some words" game in the vein of Scrabble, Boggle, etc.

ijed: Thanks for the suggestions. Lumosity is cool -- I wish it was like 5$ and everything was unlocked right away

Tap Titans was way too monotonous. 
Tap Titans 
Not so much a recommendation as 'I was forced to play this'...

I think I deleted it after the above post. 
Ok, Here's A Good One 
Happy Wheels!

The game is fun enough, watching yourself get mashed into pulp, impaled, shot, blown up etc. but I'm now stuck on building levels in its fully functional level editor!

Doing inventive things with giant fans, spikes and bounce pads.

Traps should ideally humiliate as well as dismember. 
To Clarify 
I'm playing it on iOS, the original flash game is from 2010:

Doesn't look like there's an Android version yet. 
Cube Composer

Interesting browser game where you perform operations on multiple stacks of cubes to create the desired final result. I haven't played much yet because it is very awkward on my phone screen. Not sure yet if it ever gets really challenging. 
That's Cool 
Cool Game 
see post #98. 
Damn Ice Dragons 
^ Spammer, Kill It 
Good catch. That was a rare on-topic spam measage 
Avoid The Monsters

Aardappel's game has been taking up a lot of my of my phone gaming time lately. There's a few bugs (of which he's aware) but the core gameplay is fully functional and a lot of fun. 
I remember liking that when he first made it, nice and simple.

Has Aard done anything more on Lobster or made any other games do you know? I know he's working at Google now... but I've lost track of what he's up to now since I don't go on Facebook and that was how I knew what he was up to. 
As far as I know that's the only complete game. On the site there's links to a Minecraft style game and a shmup game but they seem to be just demos. 
Yeah, that's all the stuff he put up he released Lobster. 
Monument Valley 
Awesomely put together, but would like it to be harder. The very last level of forgotten shores starts to get interestingly challenging so here's hoping for more... 
^ham Icon 
at least on topic spam 
I dont think thats spam. Actual effort has gone int othat post. 
Excellent points. I like many of those words. 
Yes, on-topic spam is certainly a new development, but I think it's still spam based on the style of writing. 
I'm guessing spam bot ... JUST a hunch. 
I enjoyed your article and planning to rewrite it on my own blog.

high praise I guess 
Why Thank You 
I'd Like A Fun Mobile Game, I Currently Just Run GBA Emulators N Such 

Kind of a Hexgrid Tetris where you place groups of hexagons to create rows. 
The Sequence (puzzle Game) 
99 cents on both iOS and Google Play:

That's my jam yep. 
bought it on your recommendation and it's really fun. That comment on the twitter post that says it's like SpaceChem-lite is dead on, but I'm someone who would have preferred if SpaceChem was a bit easier so this is great 
XKCD: Hoverboard 
IOS Game Intro The Dim 
ChromeOS Games?? 
Anyone got any pro-tips?? I just got a Chromebook to have a super-portable tablet style thing (but with keyboard) when I'm away from proper PCs, and have had a look at the games but they mostly seem to be boring as fuck sim village shit or ugly as fuck retro arcade shit.... YAWN etc.

Ideally I'd like a single player light-weight (obviously designed for touchscreen / touchpad shizzle) RPG / RTS -ish game with kinda decent gfx. Offline capability would be perfect (but optimistic I guess).

Something from the warhammer type universe would be nice but there is precisely fuck all available on Chrome for that. I tried a dragon thing and it was boring village sim and I tried a pirate thing and it was boring village sim too.

Edit: - this looks like just the right sort of style and gfx quality in the riding around bits. The hex turn based combat looks meh as fuck and I dunno how much SP is feasible though. Will give it a look - just as an example. 
Leo's Red Carpet Rampage 
Track and field with acting bonus game. 
Is not the ChromeOS game I am looking for. 
I Make You No Promises 
And I tell you no lies.

Oh, I do both those things all the time. NM. 
I got my first mobile game recently, it is awesome:

I really hope CZG and Bal and Vondur and Daz are on this shizzle. 
Funnily Enough 
Someone already got me to download that.

I opened it once, then closed it.

I haven't deleted it yet though. 
So, I Did Some Investigating... 
Lol Shambler buys a mobile and is surprised 100% of the games available are shovelware garbage made in eastern european or asian sweatshops, and all clones of each other.

Mobile gaming is the festering, cancerous arse-polyp of the games industry, with no exceptions that I am aware of? 
I'm Playing One At The Minute 
Which is quite nice:

And not a Clash of Clones, or free to play in any particularly manipulative way.

Only one game mode, and the tribes are identical apart from different starting scenery and technology.

But pretty fun, undemanding stuff. 
Kinn, Almost, But Nowhere Near. 
Lol Shambler buys a Chromebook and is surprised when a small indie start-up like GOOGLE (who run the Android Apps store) somehow haven't managed to get any remotely interesting games or apps working in their little device

Talking about stuff like...

Incidentally I've just started dicking around with mobile apps and some of the - admittedly simple - ones of those are far better than 99% of the dross available for ChromeOS (Monunment Valley, Zen Koi, etc) 
XCOM enemy within was great.

Warhammer Quest was just as tedious and expensive (relatively) as the board game.

Didn't play the third one.

There are good games companies doing stuff on mobile, but they're rarely the supposed big dogs (ie. ones earning the most cash and cannabalising each other).

But for genuine hardcore gaming I think you're going to be disappointed. Not that the platform(s) can't support that type of game, just that the economy / ecology of developers isn't suited to it.

But I keep on playing stuff, hoping that a solid game will somehow appear. XCOM was one such case in my opinion, even if it did cause laptop sydrome (ie. phone hot enough to fry an egg on). 
THat's the thing. I don't want genuine hardcore gaming. I'm as PC Master Race as anyone. I want genuine good stylised, simple, well themed casual games - I've only just started dabbling in them and, well, okay, it's really a Chromebook / ChromeOS problem. I can't even play fucking neko atsume on it ;)

I wouldn't mind WHQ being tedious and expensive, I'd give it a try for the style, Warhammer is part of my geeking heritage.

About cost, I would happily have more games where you pay fucking upfront and get a decent game. XCom is �9 or something?? Fucking great, I'm sure you're getting a proper game for that!! 
I *CAN* play the WebQuake port, albeit shareware only and mouse look doesn't work... 
WHQ is just a cynical cash grab though. I only played through it out of spite. Although I think I then also bought one of the expansions when drunk :P

XCOM is the best one I've played to be honest.

I do remember Frozen Synapse on tablet:

Which was another Nueromancer styled game - violent and incredibly nerdy. There was a massive difficulty spike in the middle of the campaign mode though.

I see now that the original is $1USD on iOS and the new version prime is at $5.00.

Aren;t They All Cynical Cash Grabs Though?? 
Freemium / pay to win / pay to advance bullshit.

Straight up dishonesty, marketting shite to fucking morons under the guise of it being "free"... 
WHQ wasn't free to play, just incredibly shallow for the price tag.

Neither was XCOM, but that was basically the full game ported to mobile, which was deep as the mines of moria. 
Deep As Czg's Anus., 
Raging I can't get that one. Why the fuck did I get a chromebook again? Oh yeah cos it was small, chic and cute. Bit like being a fashion-following apple slag, except at 1/4 the price. 
Tbh I have a decent phone but most games aren't worth the time. I would rather browse Facebook or Twitter 
I don't spend a lot of time phone-gaming on my Android doohickey, but I've found some quality stuff. Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO, Hoplite, Spider 2, Super Hexagon, The Sequence, 80 Days, Monument Valley, A Good Snowman... off the top of my head. I even think that games like PvZ2 and Alphabear are quality despite their F2P trappings. 
Dunno about ChromeOS though.

Didn't Bastion and Don't Starve get shipped for that? Or am I thinking of something else?

(does a quick Google) hmm it looks like that version of Bastion no longer works. 
Mobile Games 
I also don't really play much on my android phone but the ones I did were entertaining.

Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO, My Kingdom for a Princess, LYNE, and Just Colors to name a few. I think all have some sort of in-app purchasing but I never found intrusive or anything of the like. 
There Are Also Games 
Which do have free 2 play, but are much more fun to play without using it. 
Ocus Puzzle

A kind of a jigsaw puzzle with no piece rotation. Starts off easy enough. 
Both Of Those Things Are Awesome 
This is the kind of review the mobile gaming scene needs. 
But Is It The One It Deserves? 
On Android, definitely. There's far too many crap making the good games hard to find.

Anyway, this is just one of the many problems with Android gaming. 
Small Retro FPS In Browser
"Fight your way through the Mayan Underworld in this retro First Person Shooter. The path leads you through lush jungles, eerie catacombs and high tech bases filled with dangerous creatures, traps, vital powerups and weapons." 
Come on baby we all know where it's at: 
Oh God, Run Escape 
My mid-school addiction.

Now excuse me while I cut down some yews. 
Hop Lite Demon Partisan Challenge 
Can anyone confirm whether incidental damage dealt to wizards/ demolitionists by bombs counts against you in the demon partisan challenge? 
I don't think so. But it's been a while :-) I seem to have all achievements except for speed run, pacifist and hoplite master. 
Is That Where 
You unlock wizard beam?

As I remember incidental damage doesn't count, unless you bash the bomb and it explodes / crushes / drowns the demon in lava.

So basically, don't upgrade bash, just get all the leap stuff and health stuff and avoid combat as much as possible. 
Some guy writes Flappy Bird code into Super Mario on the SNES by simply playing the game in a very specific way: 
The WikiHow Illustration Game But With Snakes

mouse to steer, left-click to sprint (sacrificing length.) Crash your head into another snake's body and you die. You can kill snakes bigger than you if you're lucky. 
Pretty Neat! 
Dam - looks ok. Lovely music. Wish i had some time to play it.

I'm nearly through Lara Croft GO. Sweet :) 
this thread title seems to be acting as a spam magnet 
Would You Like To Meet Hot Singles In Your Area? 
if so reply to this post with your credit card number and expiry date plz 
here's a non-spam post:

small puzzle game that starts slow but gets more complicated after the first group of levels. Haven't finished it yet so i don't know how complex it gets. 
That's pretty nice.

The start is kind of deceiving in a good way. 
It kind of stops just when it's gathering momentum. 
More Levels On Steam; Another Game By The Dev 
It's a demo, kind of. There is a version on Steam with different levels that's pretty cheap (.99 � here).

Another game, called Hook, by the same author is also on Steam.

And it too has a flash demo version on Kongregate.

These are fun little puzzlers. 
Hook broke me after a little while. Very challenging game (or very dumb player) 
Very addictive game, makes you feel a bit smarter after playing couple minutes. 
fucking perfect as everyone says. 
Had to look it up. Hmmm. Let's see...

- Retro graphics and sound taken to the absolute extreme (3-colour palette pixel art) - CHECK
- Randoml-sorry-PROCEDURALLY generated levels? CHECK
- "Unforgiving roguelike gameplay" where you are meant to "learn the game by dying repeatedly" - CHECK

It feels like I've played this game before I've even played it. 
It's A Fun Game 
But it certainly hits a lot of the points kinn makes 
Yo Yo Yo Hit Me With The Android Shizzle. 
My Chromebook can now use Android apps after a year of being cripple by ChromeOS's pitiful non-selection of rubbish apps. Woofuckinghoo.

So I need a photo editor (as close to Photoshop as poss), a video editor (as close to Windows Movie Maker as poss), and as many good looking strategy / RPG games as you lot can recommend. Isometric Diablo-clones and RTS-lites very welcome. Absolutely NO village sims nor retro-pixel BS THANKS 
Pok�mon Go 
Thz Guys Also F.U. 
Come on someone must have some ideas. Got Warhammer Quest, Icewind Dale, Shadowrun, Dawn Of Titans, Xenowork and WH40K Drop Assault to try but would still appreciate recommendations. 
Was bought but I have barely touched it 
Wassat Under? 
Didn't see it.....not sure it would be useful as although it's ideally suited I got plenty of da hulk on the PC Version. 
Warhammer Quest. 
Been liking this quite a bit. Nice graphics, very easily controllable, decent Warhammer theme, you pay for the game so you can actually play it without too much BS getting in the way, the tactics-lite are enjoyable. Seems just the sort of game that works perfectly on tablet.

I would prefer a rotatable 3D view for a better atmosphere, also more dramatic / well-themed dungeon designs would be good. Also seems a bit easy on medium but that's okay. 
My Kingdom For A Princess 
Last mobile game I remember actually completing. Fun resource allocating puzzle game that does not need in-game purchases to complete.

That's when Amazon had free apps of the day...bleh. 
Pogo Piggle 
Oh, there's a mobile game thread?

Well, try my Pogo Piggle games for Android!

There are 2 tappy games and 1 dice game.

I would try the Forest game first.

Just like my FvF Quake mod, my Pogo Piggle games are designed to make you hate life! 
Pogo The Clown 
Just tried the forest game. Graphics are... umm... let's not talk about the graphics. Gameplay-wise, I went up the second floor (yes, the first branch!) and... uninstalled immediately. Sorry, not for me. 
At Least You Made It To 1 
Tappy games aren't for everyone, heh. You probably would hate the Ice Cave game too, though it has completely different gameplay.

You might try the dice game though, "Pogo Piggle Can't Stop!" It's based on an old board game called Can't Stop.... 
Piggle Moshpit 
OK, so I tried the other 2 games... Graphics still hurt the eye somewhat but I understand it's not the point, so I won't dwell on that.

Ice Cave I couldn't play on my phone, as tapping, long or short, seemingly did nothing than raise a horizontal white line. I guess it has to do with the height of jumps but little piggle never jumped... :(

Can't Stop seems more fun. I'm not a fan of injecting chance in strategy-based gameplays but it can make for some wicked turns of events. Played only one match but I'll probably try it a bit more. 
Oh, And It's Cool To Have Had Some Use For This Icon... 
Hah, a pig icon! I didn't notice that.... Neat.

I don't really tell people HOW to play the games, especially the tappy games -- I intentionally didn't provide instructions (other than the visual tap/press hints at the start -- of course the dice game has a whole help screen, and a video! hah), because figuring out what you need to do is part of the sense of accomplishment (and it's not like it's all THAT hard to figure out -- it's just a matter of figuring out how to tap... or press). It sounds like you were very close to figuring out the Ice Cavern controls though....

The dice game does have the element of chance and pressing your luck, of course, but it's also about playing the odds strategically (it's very easy to get a 7, so that's almost always a safe bet, which is why that row of apples is the longest).

But thanks for trying my games, in any case! 
You're Welcome 
Hmmm... I might try Cavern again sometime, then.

The thing with chance is that it can totally fuck up a carefully planned strategy instantly, and when I "strategize" (is this a word?) I prefer to be in control. 
Any decent games for mobile that make use of a controller? Got a Steel Series bluetooth controller the other week. 
VR Games? 
Or a Quake port... 
Mukobile Games 
Try googling "list of mobile games for SteelSeries bluetooth controller". Returns plenty of results. 
Bluetooth Controllers 
Mostly the emulators (My Boy, Nostalgia NES, MD.emu, etc).

I also have a couple dual-stick space shooter games: PewPew and Particle Arcade Shooter.

And there's Wayward Souls.

It's kind of hard to find decent games that support controllers.... 
Sonic The Hedgehog Does For 3 Bucks 
and if I understood correctly, Sonic 2 is also included. 
"Of Tea"... 
Pogo Piggle Can't Stop... But I Can! 
Played some more of this game by Gunter. I thought it was kinda fun at first but quickly the luck factor became highly irritating: it prevents any strategizing. Some may like it but it's definitely not for me. Uninstalled. 
Ah well, that's the nature of dice and card games. There is some strategy, but luck is always big factor.

Thanks for trying my games anyway.

Here's a video of someone playing my games: (shaky low quality video warning)

Enjoy watching him suffer >:D

(And he started playing Can't Stop without reading the help screen, so he didn't know what he was doing at first.) 
Cthulhu Virtual Pet 
Personally not a fan of tamagochis so I haven't played this but I thought the concept of a Cthulhu tamagochi, complete with 8-bit monochromatic graphics, would be outlandish enough to be mentioned here, in case anyone's interested. 
Played this very short but free puzzle game yesterday on my Android phone (not sure if it exists for iPhones or WP) and found it pretty cool. 50 puzzles will keep you busy for one or two hours tops. The motto here is minimalistic design and original gameplay mechanics.

Most puzzles are very to moderately easy, though some are a bit of a headscratcher. Then again, I've never been very good at puzzles: I lack the patience for it. Which is probably why I enjoyed this game. Each of these 50 logic-based puzzles can be solved in a handful of seconds and if you get stuck, a gradual hint system can help you understand how to beat it.

I've been playing this (formerly titled Mage & Minions) mobile free-to-play Diablo-like over the weekend and found it pretty cool for a free game. It's not perfect but enjoyable enough without becoming a pay-to-win as you progress. Noticed some z-fighting visual glitches where bridges connect with terrain. Note that said terrain apparently uses a voxel engine, something I haven't seen since Outcast. Not sure about the game's replay value: unlike Diablo, the campaign maps aren't procedurally generated - yeah, I know procedural generation usually makes crappy maps but it was one of Diablo's strengths. 
Is that on Android? Might check it out now the ChromeOS can run 'droid apps. 
Cheers Dude, 
Got it already on my chromebook. Spent 5 minutes playing and the rest of the evening flicking between cohh and fifthelephant streams.... 
I did say it wasn't bad for a free-to-play. If you know of a better free Diablo-like on Android, please share. 
I've put about an hour into it and so far it's annoyingly easy. I feel like in Diablo and Torchlight and other games like that, there's actually *some* grinding and strategy needed to be able to progress, but I haven't encountered that at all yet in Eternium.

Still, it's a competent take on the genre and not a bad way to kill time while you shit / stand in line at the post office / wait for a bus 
Sorry I didn't mean it that way. It actually looks spot on for the sort of thing I was originally after for a mobile game, and I'm grateful for you pointing it out. It just happens that I never get that motivated for mobile stuff. I have about 10 games on my phone and 8 on my Chromebook, and the only one I've ever played is Warhammer Quest. I just get distracted by the interwebs instead. 
"free Diablo-like on Android, please share."

Try Darkstone.

It's a free port of a PC game from 1999. 
@Blitz Yeah, the first 7-or-so XP levels are a walk in the park, it gets tougher later on.

@Shambler I know the feeling, the internet can be a time blackhole. I've literally spent entire days doing nothing but surfing the web, didn't even stop while eating...

@Gunter Thanks, I'm gonna try it. 
This War Of Mine 
Watching Cohh stream the PC version. It looks very cool for that style of game (bleak side-scrolling post-apocalypse survival exploration game), and it seems to be available on Android, I imagine it would be spot on on a tablet: 
Also Eternium 
Been playing a bit more of this. It is very functional as an RPG-lite, and works on tablet very well.

The only problem it is very very easy, trivially so. Harder skills aren't unlocked until you've done the whole thing on Normal (=Easy). 
Okay so once you finish the main game and can then replay on heroic skill, it gets a bit tediously hard on bosses at least. I've gone from dying 3 times in the entire game to dying at least 3 times in each map.

Still it was well worth the money.... It would definitely be a LOT better as a PROPER FUCKING PAID GAME with: Better animations, themed monsters, more detailed maps, more non-linear exploration and proper RPG stats. The core design for a tablet game is fine but it clearly suffers as a in-app-purchase-bullshitathon. 
Also Got A Few More To Try: 
Total War Battles: Kingdoms
Dungeon Hunter 4
Clash Of Titans

All seem quite playable so far. I'm away from the main PC a bit more so some casual time-sinks are becoming useful... 
DH4 is pretty good. I've had fun couch coop with my little brothers-in-law on it. 
Total War Battles: Kingdoms 
Or whatever the fuck it's called.

It's hex-based.

Aside from that it looks really fucking nice for a mobile game, in all ways. Very consistent graphics, loads of details, nice effects. If it wasn't hexy it would be tolerable as normal PC game. Which is nice to sit and look at while you wait for a lot of shit to happen.

Gameplay is standard village sim with battles. There's definitely an optimum way to do things and manage resources which I have completely failed to do. Battles are lane-based and a bit tedious but over quickly enough.

Pretty soon you hit a game wall that forces you to either horde a fuckton of resources OR have to fight some fucking online duels. MASSIVE AMOUNT OF FUCK THAT SHIT HOMIE. Duel other players my septic ringer. So I've gone the slowwwww route. But that's okay I'm playing to chill out not for any sort of excitement.

It's the sort of game that works best if you log in semi-regularly to collect stuff, and then for a longer sesh (20 mins) to monitor things more. I think it's quite decent for all it's colossal flaws just because the world is nice to look at. 
On That Subject. Any Other Good Sim / Strat Games?? 
I am finding I am liking the town building / resource collecting aspect of TWBK far more than the actual battling. The world stuff fits in much better as a chillout zone mobile game - check your towns, collect your resources, move stuff around - obviously a big part of this is that it is a really nice, aesthetic world for a mobile bullshit game.

So anyone good any similar games?? With good GFX and a strong style?? 
Been Playing Mordheim Skirmish Recently. 
Turn-based blah etc. It functions very well and the money-grabbing isn't too intrusive at all. GFX are nice for a phone if a bit dark. Main problem is the maps are very repetitive, basically playing from a pool of about 8 maps most of which are identical in style and lighting, against usually the same type of enemy. Still it's a decent time-passer. 
Thanks for the TWBK recommendation, downloading now.

Since you mentioned Hex-based games, let me recommend my absolute favourite mobile game. It's a very shitty-looking turn based strategy game called Hoplite.

The gameplay is simple to pick up - you descend into a dungeon, on each level (which fits onto the screen) there are an increasing amount of enemies, and one shrine where you can improve your abilities - throw your spear further, jump more squares, and so on.

Simple as it seems, there's an incredible amount of depth. You can build extremely different characters that require a different approach and tactics. After a few hours playing it feels truly chess-like in how intuitively you find yourself planning moves ahead.

It's got two modes, one is the main "campaign" mode where you can descend to level 26 to "win", or go further for bonus points. The second is a challenge mode with hundred of challenges.

I got it for £2.99 on iPhone and it's given me an embarrassingly large number of hours of enjoyable gameplay. No DLC or in-app purchases, but if this developer ever releases anything again I will be all over it like a powerful blanket.


correction: actually its only level 16 you need to get to to win the standard game 
Hoplite is awesome. This is a fun little writeup of it:

I would also recommend Enyo for a similar thing. The deal with Enyo is that it has a LOT more potential monster/action interactions than Hoplite and the monster behaviors aren't quite as predictable, so you can get annoying surprises sometimes (until you have a lot of experience) and it will never has as much of a perfect clockwork puzzle feel as Hoplite does. Still I like it a lot and it's been my break-it-out-for-a-few-minutes phone game for a long time now.

(I likely have mentioned Hoplite and/or Enyo somewhere back in this thread already, but can't be arsed to check.) 
Good Write Up 
And downloading Enyo on your recommendation. If you've mentioned hoplite on here there's every chance that was the inspiration for me to get it in the first place!

I'd love to make a game in the Hoplite vein - i'd love to see that combat translated into a more open ended RPG. I know it'd be somewhat like giving chess a story, or making "chess 2: chess quest", but I kind of want it anyway. 
Battle Royale In The Browser is a 2d battle royale game you play via a web browser. Says it has squad play too.

Warning: the site autoplays music. There's a button in lower right to turn sound off and music volume control near it. 
Been AFK So Trying A Lot Of Mobile Shit... 
Neko Atsume - still the best thing ever.

My Oasis - fucking awful pointless tapping game masquerading as some peaceful meditative sim fuck the fucking fuck off.

Mordheim Warband Skirmish - still good for what it is but requires money to heal / resurrect injuries so gave up on my warband.

Monument Valley - still perfect as a mobile game, only started playing it properly recently.

Evo Explores - MV clone, nuff said.

Arcane Quest 3 - Warhammer Quest uber-clone with identical gameplay but full 3D rotatable dungeons. Not had many annoying micro-trans and works well, worth a look.

And now onto something proper....

Titan Quest - I do believe someone recommended me this as it was an early game by Grim Dawn devs. Anyway it's a proper ARPG - paid, thankfully, so you just buy a fucking play a game instead of spending half your time outwitting micro-transactions. It's a bit small on a phone screen (and won't work on my chromebook alas), and has awkward mobile controls, but so far pisses all over 99% of any other mobile bullshit. 
Arcane Quest 3
I think I played a bit of this one, or one of its predecessors. Not quite sold.

Monument Valley
On my to-play list for a loooooong time as well. I'll better try the PC version though.

Titan Quest
Sounds cool, thanks for the tip!

Threw an eye at Neko Atsume, looks dumb AF. Probably gonna try it. 
Neko Is The Fucking Business Don't Test. 
Seriously. It's hardly a game, but it is ACE.

Trying Monument Valley on PC seems simultaenously a waste of PC's potential, and a waste of a rare good mobile game....IMO. 
By the way, this place is called Browser/Mobile games

so what about browser games ? 
They Suck Even More HTH. 
Browser games have largely died I feel like... everyone moved to the iphone app store, and then everyone moved to steam and now every console has an app store for indie games. That's where small developers put their effort now.

And mobile games became mostly F2P / pay to win bullshit.

There are probably still some gems out there but it's getting rarer. 
F2P / Freemium / P2W / Paywall / Grindwall is simultaneously the mobile game industry modus operandi and the problem that makes it fundamentally shit.

There are some good free-ish ones tho. I'm back playing Eternium which is about as good as mobile-level RPG-lites get, and has no ads and no pay/grindwalls, you can get upgrades a lot quicker spending money and the game encourages you to do so whenever it can, but it doesn't force it by any means. 
Don't forget BUY CHEAP $TUFF spams you with WATCH DUMB 15s VIDEO ads all over the WE HAVE WHAT YOU WANT place.

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I swear, I'm about done with mobile games. Really PO-ed by the lot of them. The rare gems are getting rarer. 
Yup Proper Intolerant Of That Shite Too. 
I would so much rather drop a fiver initially and only pay for cosmetics / bonus content. 
Browser Is The Main Baddie In The Mario Games 

A platformer on a Möbius strip. 
Controls From Xash3d 
Idk if it is interesting for anybody but I have asked one of the Xash3d creators to help me with touch controls for my dp mod. And he added convenient controls from Xash3d.

I had a video in VK, but you can not watch it unless you are registered there, so here is just a screenshot from that video:

Also tried to ride a tank in airquake mod with those controls: 
Commander Keen!!!!!! 
Is really good. Dungeon crawler, cool art, lots of "figure it out on your own" gameplay quirks, very very addictive.


Snake + Tetris With The Same Inputs 
So ARPGs Might Be A Legit Thing... 
Not only have we got Diablo Immoral, but Grinding Gears have waded in and showed ActiBlizz how to do a mobile game announcement right:

1. Announce highly desired POE2 sequel.
2. Have good track record in doing freemium style game very well.
3. Slag off entire mobile gaming industry when announcing game:

The original Path of Exile is coming to mobile devices, developer Grinding Gear Games announced on Friday, but without the “bullshit trends” and “evil garbage” present in modern mobile games.

At Exilecon, Grinding Gear’s fan gathering, the studio revealed “an experimental version of Path of Exile for mobile devices” that the studio says is perfect for bite-sized action gameplay. “This is a complete Path of Exile game experience with no pay-to-win elements and is being developed in-house,” Grinding Gear Games said.

In the video it looks absolutely good on the small screen - just like Diablo Immoral does too. 
Flash Games Archive 
This is a pretty cool project.

Flashpoint is basically a downloadable archive of flash games, which are going to become unplayable in the browser as flash becomes unsupported.

I haven't tried it yet but I was really into flash games back in the golden era of the late 2000s, so it will be cool to have a more permanent/portable version of some of those games. 
Newgrounds? That's the place I had my Flash games fix. 
well that's cool, i didn't know that newgrounds had their own standalone player to solve the same problem. 
New Game From The Eyemaze Guy

Only 5 levels right now, and they are as obtuse-yet-charming as all the other eyemaze stuff 
Quiet Amazing! 
First mobilegame I play and it's so teasing! 
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