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Bro.wser/Mo.bile Ga.mes Thread
There's a Console Thread, a PC Thread, but where does the lowly browser gamer get a fix? This is where. Also, mobile games.

Discuss iPhone, Android, Flash, HTML5, Unity, etc. games here.
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Candy Box: 
Weird text-based quasi-RPG.

You may initially think this is non-interactive like ProgressQuest, but it does actually open up into a game. Just wait for your candies to accumulate, then a vendor will show up and sell you stuff, and you can go do some quests and start farming lollipops and pretty soon you'll be in too deep to quit. 
The division between PC and Console games was silly already, why fragment it even more? 
Good Thread. 
Don't play them but it's definitely useful to have a dedicated thread! 
Let's say I want to talk about a game that's simultaneously on XBox Live, Steam (PC) and iPhone.

Should I just roll a dice to choose which thread to put it in? 
you triple post 
Just Keep It To Urself Becuz No1 Cares! ;-3 
But really, that candies game is pretty cool.
Through vigorous cheating I've made it all the way to hell! 
Just Like In Real Life 
You stop fucking whining like a bitch just like Spriititi and just post about whatever you're playing on whatever you're playing on. Jeez get a grip gaylords. If I played any browser games I'd be waffling on about them here already. 
Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret Of Steel 
Guess most of people here have already played this, but this is one of my all time favorites.

This is a swf game that can be played on or offline. 
Lets Just Have One Unified Thread For Everthing: 
Just pick the platform you played on. If you keep playing the same game on three different platforms then MAKE UP YOUR BLOODY MIND, A.D.H.D. CRAZY PERSON FFS man. 
what about singleplayer vs multiplayer? 
Put It All In Stuff 
Here's Some 
Which I've probably already posted at one time or another. But now that we have a dedicated thread they should be easier to find.

Top Down Gameboy Thing:

Necronomicon Card Thing:

Not Even a Game Thing:

Garden Puzzle Thing:

Coding Thing:

Gap Puzzle Thing:

Jiggle Sushi Thing:

Sweet / Sour Puzzle Thing:

Physics Bricks Thing:

Zombie Swarm Maker Thing:

Zombie Car Thing:

Bison Launch Thing:

Statue Physics Thing:

Fcuking Platformer Thing:

Auditory Directional Thing:

Weird Head Thing:

Defender Construction Thing:

Puzzle Thing About Physics Balls:

Self-Cooperative Thing:

Turn Based Puzzle Thing:

Door Opening Thing:

Educational Thing:

I sort of filtered these, but they're in no particular order. Where one person or group has made many interesting or well made games I only listed the most interesting or well made.

I hate your productivity. 
Oh My God Fuck You 
Right Where It Hurts 
Tiny Tower! 
started early january and now on 95th floor, still going up =) 
I'm playing one of theirs as well, pocket airplanes. 
OverWorld Zero [roguelike]
simple/addictive rpg subgame playable on virtual handheld in System Shock2; I still play it using SS2 (even it is out now as a standalone), set low-res, turn-off sound, play 
Nice But Frustrating 
Candy Box 2 Is Out, Btw 
Forgot About This Thread 
Star command on tablet is a reasonable parralell to FTL for those that like that sort of thing. Much less polished but still recommendable.

Zombie road trip I can't seem to delete. Even though I've got the best stuff now I want to unlock the rest for the sake of flipping and head shooting.

Dark meadow is a decent enough infinity blade take. Bit lacking in depth in terms of gameplay though. Looks pretty and has a silent hill type storyline, though less deep. I suppose shallow is a good way to describe it, still interesting while it holds the attention though.

I was excited to see the where's my water update, version 2 whatever, but as soon as it obligated me to harass my friends in order to proceed I binned it.

Cookie clicker everyone in the office is distracted by. One producer did an excel to figure out the optimum buying strategy.

My lovecraftian grandmas freak people out with their penis bodies.

So... Back to candy box. I admit I couldn't get interested enough in it the first time around. 
Cookie Clicker 
Getting close to 2 billion CPS...

I like the achievement comments:

"You can stop now"
"You should really go to bed" 

basically a puzzle RPG, you plot a route through the dungeon trying to upgrade your guy enough that you can kill the dungeon god at the end. I haven't done it yet.

Useful tip: as long as you don't die, you can undo your steps and try a different route. 
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