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Quoth Trick Map -- Plasma
Small trick map, requires quoth. Last move was supposed to be a bit more exotic but I couldnt get one texture right (i rotated one of thearches upside down and whatever i tried the texture was screwed in the end i got it right in the ditor and then it greyed out in game, so i delted a part of the structure). Think i'll do another one focussing more on the quad.
You should include some screenshots with map releases so people can see the map before they download it. 
By Popular Demand And Request 
Was to tired last night and quite suprised to be awake already. Not that much to screenshot but here it is: 
How to jump to a button right of screenshot? I can't 
same link made the map slightly easier.

Press x to jump to the button! :P 
Press X To 
This Map... 
proves that I am actually rubbish at quake. I reckon I could do all these tricks in Quake 3 though. 
Suckiest Map Ever 
What a waste ! 
Will Check It Out 
even though I'm almost entirely certain that I don't have the skills to handle it! 
i geuss i should different skill settings then. Slightly harder to do on a trick map then on a regular map wher eyou just reduce the monster count 
No Way Jose 
entry for the hardest whatever 
..mmh, Not A Screenshot To Mouth-waterin For.. Nevertheless 
..I'll take a look :) 
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