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New Q1SP: Midnight Stalker
Download Link and screenshot. Alternative Version download link for play in vanilla GL engines.

A small midnight snack with a skill selection area at the beginning, some traps and a couple of secrets to keep you wandering around in circles.

The map was inspired by the architecture of E3M6 and features medieval style pickups, some new keys and a couple of powerup models. The textures are mostly from ID and the gameplay is vanilla Quake!

The map was tested with Fitz or MarkV engines and remember to RECORD A DEMO, I want to see how you play the map!
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Wil Try 
after dinner :) 
I Broke It!

So I found a way to get trapped... I used the magic of noclip to get out though. I think you open a shortcut teleporter a little too early, and I stumbled into it.

played on normal, 100% of kills, 7/10 secrets.

I really enjoyed the gameplay, especially the end battle. And there was a lot of great humor. The architecture and looks was of course amazing as well!

Great map sock! 
Since you made it an "episode" with the skil selection thing, but within the same map you would need to decompile the demos to watch them,correct me if im wrong 
i didn't break it... on second viewing, I found your 'testing only' button due to little fullbright jaggies I could see in Quakespasm 
But Anyway 
played on easy finished first try with one kil missing 7/10 secrets in 10 minutes and a little. Then i looked around for a route to run, but you closed down most shortcuts. It looks like a interconnected map with some route options but actualy its pretty linear. The second blue key opens a door 2 pixels away.i found a couple of traps to kil monsters (vore and shambler and later the spikes for final battle), but the first two already killed when i found them and it wasnt under pressure at all then, so that imo kinda made them unescesary, maybe no harder skill theyare more "needed". The spikes were complete usulesssince th efight waseasy, you got plenty of ammo for weapons wich do a lot mroe damage then the spikes with low RoF. having said that i geuss ishoudl try nightmare and judge again. 
Casual play at normal skill, recorded using quakespasm-0.85.9 on Linux: 
Scampie, that button was for testing the end battle only. When I watched your demo I could not understand how you saw it! I never did any testing with qs which why it is visible. It is real shame you carried on, the shambler/lift seq is a lot of fun done the right way round.
otp, nice demo, your final battle was epic. 
was slightly challenging but i still didnt find the traps realy usefull 100/101 6/10. I geuss one monster is in a secret, did you decompile scampies demo, or is there another way to view it? 
Since I Missed It 
Here's a hard mode demo! (and easy mode! watch that last) 
Great ! 
Very great map.

But what's wrong with OpenGL ? The large pixels on textures are so ugly ! The rendering sucks ! 
I didn't mention it before, but one of the things I like in this map is the way you give the illusion of new textures by using bits and pieces of larger ones. for example, in your screenshot, you make a 16 inch wide bright blue trim out of the 64x64 square ceiling texture.

It's something I see a lot in Doom maps and I love seeing it in Quake. 
Why ... 
doesnt anyone answer my question? If i watch back anyof the posted demos (or my own) i can only watch it until the porter after the skil selection, and then its finished, the onyl way i knwo to treat this is to use decompile to split up the demo in different parts (like how its done with marathon demos). Obviously non of you are doing this nor complaining that you cant watch them, so i must be missing out on something 
@Orbs, Sorry for your frustration with the demo's, but they work perfectly with the Mark V engine. You can pause, rewind and fast forward easily. The Mark V engine allows you to record at anytime, I am not sure why you would use anything else!

@necros, I had no choice because one of the big restrictions for the map is, no new textures so I had to get inventive with existing one's.

@Barnak, the gl texturemode is being set with the quake.rc file inside of the pak file. Extract the pak file and edit the quake.rc file. I assumed everyone would want to view the old way, personally I find opengl blurry and it makes the game look worse. :/

@Scampie, like your hard demo, easy was funny! :) The YA is just a jump, no button, no trick, no rocket jump. I usually make all my secrets button operated but Than said I should do other types, so this is why there are "hop skip jump" secrets! 
was stil using old fitz. 
Am I Right That... 
you can't get 10/10 secrets since the first one is in the start part? 
@Orbs, the 10 secrets are all in the main map, the bit at the start is no secret, it was just something I did for fun. Like the traps to kill the monsters, they are just for fun, nothing essential. 
With The Gl_texturemode 
just put gl_texturemode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR" in your autoexec.cfg if you want it the other way.

sock, I know you prefer it the pixelly way but I dont think this is a setting that should be forced on the user.

Anyway, just finished playing it, twice in fact because its actually a pretty perfect map. I love all the various bits of cool brushwork (doorways, ceiling, the grate/fence things etc) and the smooth texturing but the gameplay in this map is seriously well thought out. I initially thought monster AI must have been tweaked because I was having a lot more trouble than usual but it's just down to clever placement if no AI tweaks were done. Got 83/84 kills and 6/10 secrets (which is very high for me).

Possibly my favorite release of the year so far, makes me itch to play your stealth mod but I know I need more than 20 min to play through that so it will have to be put aside for now. 
just assumed it was one :P 
just one thing, I didnt really like the new health and ammo models, just didnt look right to me, not sure what was off but I they felt a bit cartoony maybe. 
Easy Run 
didnt find all secrets yet ( i think i found 7) and didnt care enough to look hard for them + i tought this was a funny route: 
One More Thing 
For casual play i kinda didnt like the fact that you first get red armour then need to waste it if you want to get the (2nd) lightninggun, but maybe i missed another secret there 
GL Rendering 
@nitin, thanks for the GL tip. It's working.

@sock, yes the GL rendering is blurry, but I think it's good anyway. You should give the user a choice, since we can usually set the rendering style in the preferences settings. 
Excellent Map 

I first tried nightmare but found it a bit hard, and after a couple of false starts, got a nice run going...

...until I tried to be clever by backing away from a button quickly after pressing it and getting squished :(

I continued up until the end and died once in the final battle (not the shamblers before that though!) because I was being very careless, then managed to finish with no problems.

7/10 100/101 (grr). Didn't check the time, but I think it was about 20-30 minutes.

Challenging gameplay that never felt unfair, nice secrets that are fun to search for (you often see a clue and know there is a button nearby) and really fantastic visuals throughout.

RE: the yellow armour - I got it the first time in my demo, then failed a bunch of times after getting squished by the lift door afterwards. Seems you just need to either jump perfectly at the edge or do a strafe jump to get a bit more distance. 
Demo And Some Quick Thoughts

Recorded in Mark V, will record more demos in this from now on - have had serious slowdown issues with MV in the past for some reason which put me off it, but seems to work great now...


As everyone (-Orbs for some reason) says, fucking amazing map. Good job, thank you. Great gameplay set ups, great architecture, great atmosphere.
One thing to point out -- usually in your maps, or maps by other great mappers, the architecture is done in a way that I can't comprehend. In this map its all very comprehensible, so to speak. I feel like I could construct the details in each room. And yet, of course, more than the sum of its parts. Nice to see.
I think I might have gotten stuck near the LG - not sure exactly what happened there, have a look in the demo.
Than - haven't watched your demo, but I think I did the same thing with the backfiring cleverness...
re GA - I need to work on my skills there. tough jump.

Now to go back and replay! 
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