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New Q1SP: Terracity
Hello! This is my first released Quake map. I've been a long time closet Quake mapper and I finally feel like I have a worthy enough map to share. And you can expect two HUGE ( emphasis on large) maps to be coming sometime in the next couple months.

Terracity is designed to be fully cooperative with coop. There are a few spawning and teleportation tricks that let you get back to the mayhem ASAP and help your friends. I was inspired by negke's Red Slammer (aka mappi) so special thanks to negke!

I hope you all like it!

Check it out over on Quaddicted:
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A level inspired by moi!! <3

I played this earlier not expecting you to make a news post, so I didn't record a demo. But it would have been a smooth one: skill 1, 30 mins, all monsters, 4/7 secrets, no deaths.

Nice map overall; I agree it could've used some more polish as many areas or parts thereof are quite plain, but for a first release it's definitely impressive. I liked how it opened up, quite surprising actually. I played your other map before, which I didn't like, and upon loading this one and looking up, I expected it to be a similar level, basically one vertical room. But then it turned out to be a lot larger.

The tomb-like area was my favorite part of the map. It looks pretty cool with the candles. I didn't realize at first that you have to shoot the altar and thought I was supposed to run past the monsters for the Quad (who, by that time, were already dead), so I was going to leave the area but then thought "this can't be all" and it finally clicked. The ensuing quad knight carnage was a lot of fun.

I think the gameplay would've benefitted from more monster variety. The gremlin seems like an odd addition individually and in the context of the theme. The large open areas almost seem to demand and expanded set of flying monsters.
Special attention to coop is neat, although it clashes with the normal single player, because the overabundance of ammo takes out most of the challenge. Simply killtarget the extra coop items on mapstart next time.

Don't exclusively test on Darkplaces, especially versions that have the sv_gameplayfixes enabled by default. In this case, it keeps a bunch of items inside the map which normally fall out. Also eww, the circular room is boxed.. :) 
"...Also Eww, The Circular Room Is Boxed.. :) " 
Haha...old worldcraft hates curves sometimes! So I cheat with some of the curvy sections.

Thanks for all the comments guys. I assure you my next WIP is already loads better for all the criticisms you have given me. Also, I think it has much better pacing than this one, but that remains to be seen. 
I'm not a big fan of the terracotta theme, but this map just might make me reconsider! 
Replayed, Brain Dump Of Thoughts: 
1. Obvious that the 3 main areas are all quite seperate and glued together, more coherency would help.

2. The jumping platform things are good - not too hard and no bad punishment for missing. Adds a little jumping skill without being frustrating.

3. The curved hallway with the knights in the arches and loads of candles is a cool design touch.

4. The quad + knights is an action setpiece of absolute beauty. So many gibs.

5. The little blue room could have done with some spawn in.

6. The main water room is really quite cool, but maybe a bit too much dead space in it.

7. It's generally very easy with all the ammo but is also good fun throughout.

8. The use of long vertical distances, high ledges, and Ogres is often good.

9. There is no 9.

10. Go map, this shows lots of cool potential. 
Thanks for the crits...

@#10:I'm on it. Current WIP at 70%. Was 55% last week, rough estimate. 
Nice Map 
There was plenty of space to dance around the hordes in and things in general showed a lot of potential for future epic-ness.

My demos:

There's two because I broke for lunch. 
Thanks Qmaster 
Hey, I really enjoyed this! Thanks for the new map, Qmaster. I played on hard and got all but a few of the enemies (maybe 5 or 6 left) but didn't find most of the secrets. I'll have to look a bit harder next time I play it.

At this point I'm sure I'm just echoing some of the above posts but I should probably make some comments (going from memory, I played it about a week ago):

+ Proper old school feel with a few modern touches.
+ Plenty of monsters to smash!
+ Some good arenas and ambushes, always fair though since there was room to move and cover
+ Plenty of ammo and weapons, no it may not be the most balanced map ever but hey, it's fun to blast through everything. This is Quake after all.

- Some areas looked overly repetetive or bland. Could have used a bit more architectural detail, more varied textures (or both).
- Blue room was nice but far too small, would have been nice to explore this further or omit it entirely since it felt out of place.
- Got stuck in a teleport loop or something (mentioned above), the only way out of it was to noclip and return to the map!
- Got confused for a while because I didn't realise I had to ding the blue altar. I wandered around the whole map 5 times before I figured it out. 
Very Cool Map! 
Wasn't a fan of the jumping stuff the rest was great! VIDEO: 
What the fucking fuckomy is "cooop" pronounced "cupe"????


Chicken Co-op 
Coup D´┐Żetat. 
English Like Wot She Is Writ 
Surely, that's co-op d'etat (yeah, but don't call me Shirley) 
Jibs Or Gibbs? 
That is all. (Hah, I realise I said gibs in the video, lol) 
The Coup... 
G Ibs. 
for her pleasure 
Gibs You Gits. 
Gibs with a hard G or go and get fucked jelly-bellies! 
Fun Gameplay 
liked second part of the map more than the first vertical room, took me several minutes to figure out I have to shoot the altar though. as others mentioned blue room was nice + too much ammo (played single, may work well in coop, dunno) 
3 Years! 
how did you even find this post? 
RE Shamblernaut 
the map has got high quaddicted rating so I played it 
Man it doesn't seem like three years.

I remember this being a neat debut release. I guess the "two HUGE maps" didn't pan out though. :-) Life gets in the way... 
Ya the two HUGE maps are still in the works. Crap has it been 3 years!?! The one map is currently swallowed by it's own awesomeness into am uncompileable nightmare (I'm exaggerating somewhat. The map compiles but I get garbage for a pointfile, showing leaks in the middle of brush faces.)

The other map has gone through so many revisions, its ridiculous. But ya, life and all that.

Thanks again, this one was a fun one. 
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