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Another Three For ..::LvL
An interesting three map have made it into this ..::LvL update.

* Scummymap by Scummy
* The Ancient Place by Kaustic
* My Real Home ++ Super Edition by Rust7

Videos and a panorama for all.

Sorry for the delay and small size of this update, I've been extremely busy and then just as a break came up, I got very sick :[

..::LvL -
First two look quite nice :) 
I'm sorry to say none of them looks overly impressive this time. :(

I think these maps could do with some details as they seem rather barren, but maybe this is just a function of deathmatch maps. 
I dunno, scummymap is very classic quake 3. I like that.
And The Ancient Place reminds me quite a lot of the Egyptian theme in UT2004.

They both look good IMO, well trimmed, good detail and well themed. They could use a little more Z-axis but other than that looks good. 
Scummy seems almost like a cliche of Quake3 maps. That visual style feels like it should be used for bold open spaces, but many authors go for poky atriums with low ceilings.

Ancient place does indeed look like something else - I'm reminded of a grab bag of custom maps for various games.

I should probably stop complaining and make a q3 map, but I get bored shooting at bots and everyone I know to play against is much better than me... 
like they're not terrible maps or anything, it's just that there have been so many other q3 maps that offer so much more. 
A load of different ones come to mind... Might have to restart the office LAN despite getting my arse handed to me by the pros. 
Not every map has to be groundbreaking IMO, look at "A past and future secret", not really groundbreaking but it had a lot of classic feel that was very much appreciated by everyone who played it. :) 
Can't speak to that map as I haven't played it yet (i'm super behind on q1 maps this year :( ) but in general terms I agree with you that no map has to be ground breaking to be good.

but at the same time, it has to have something interesting about it.
One of my favourite q3 maps is auhdm3. auhsan used typical q3block textures but lit it with predominantly green lights which completely changes the aesthetic and makes it stand out. i wouldn't say it's ground breaking, but it looks different and cool. 
Some Maps; 
Aeon's timeless
Charon Timeless classic
Justonefix the long way home
Smallpileofgibs lonely planet
Thunda degree of power

Nothing against the q3 mappers here, these are just the ones that stick in the mind from back in the day.

The long way home is probably my favourite; an excellent balance of visuals and gameplay. 
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