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New Q1 SP Quoth: "Mainframe Mayhem"
Another base map, this time polished till my fingers bled! Be sure to have Quoth installed!

See the textfile for further information about setting it up correctly, and who contributed to this release.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Download (updated version 2)

And your demos are always very appreciated!
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I made a final final zip so we can finally add this to Quaddicted. ok? I edited the readme. 
I Think We Need Another Revision. 
I just want to see spirit pissed off. 
Is That The Really The Fixed Version? 
Filesize seems to big, maybe i�m just overly anxious bout it. 
i took the original zip, replaced the bsp and lit, added praise of myself to the readme and zipped it. 
Ok, praise yourself. 
Can't Get Into Gold Key Room 
OK, I admit it, I am stuck. I can't get into the Gold Key room. Can anyone please just spell it out for me? Thanks! 
up the lift, and right above the actual
gk room, a tear in the floor reveals.. 
If This Were Facebook 
(y) (y) (y) (y) (y)

thank god it's not facebook. 
You owned that one. 
Come Do A Rubicon Map! 
Still Can't Get Into Gold Key Room, But I Think It's My Fault 
Thanks, other Mike. I poked around the area and couldn't see a tear in the floor. Eventually noclipped down through it, and from there I COULD see the tear looking upwards! A very strange glitch. And the elevator that gets you out of the Gold Key room also didn't work properly for me, presumably because by noclipping in I'd failed to trigger an event that kicks it into action.

I don't really understand what went wrong here, but it could conceivably be because I'm running without Quoth -- I didn't realise until after I'd started playing that it was supposed to be a Quoth map.

I guess I'll just start again under Quoth and see if it's better behaved then.

Thanks again. 
Readmes are there for a reason.. 
So What The Current Version 
is it bug free? 
YES, Restart Using Quoth! 
Your failed trigger event Mike T is that when you kill a "Sentinel"(Quoth monster), below where you see into the gold key room, it causes an explosion that creates the path(crack) for you to access the gold key room, from above it!

At least that's how I remember it. It worth the replay anyway. 
Thanks, all. I'll start again under Quoth. 
Mike T 
Yes, start again!
This map is all about the quoth mod, playing it without it? You missed half of the map, man... 
Hail To The Map Fixer 
thanks for the fixed version. i tested it once again yesterday and everything worked as intended. i played on hard and dificulity was well balanced imho. i'm not a big fan od q2 tech/base level desing, but that setting works well in q1+quoth. keep them coming! 
Late As Fuck 
Just played this and it was awesome! Got all the secrets and all the kills. Some seriously sick architecture and I found the gameplay rather smooth in this one. Keep it up! 
This one offers slightly better gameplay than your previous maps IMHO. Loved the general atmosphere and the accompanying wind sound. Keep up the good work mfx.

QuakeSpasm 0.85.8 -- skill2 | 23m | 114/114k | 5/9s
Better Late Than Never 
Great map with a well-thought out layout and excellent detailing - except for the rocks maybe which seem quite flat especially on the top parts. Could have used some rounding off. I like the various subtle touches, e.g. the tech bits and platforms, broken parts, the lava effect. Nice exit portal.

The warning tape in its current form doesn't really fit with the environment. It's very bright and yellow, and of course the biohazard symbol doesn't make sense. Not sure why they would fence off lava pits with simple tape in the first place. Or was the idea that the pits only just appeared with the earthquakes?

Gameplay was okay, even a bit too easy on hard skill. Though I'm glad the map (at least in this third? version) wasn't Quoth abuse. Good secrets, the nails and lightning gun came in handy. I died once, squished by some damn lift!

What I didn't like so much was the way the monsters spawn in. In most cases they miraculously appear right around the corner or behind doors in areas you've just been to a second ago. It feels unrealistic und illogical. The repopulation itself makes sense and adds to the gameplay, but it would have been better with a proper rationale.

By and large, another great release. Demo 
Thanks for the demos negke, and the commentary is very appreciated and will be considered in future projects.

Don�t know how the intermission camera got so borked, in test versions it worked(Obligatory excuse can be addded here).

Thanks again for your time, and don�t mind my drunken rants:) 
During demo playback, the intermission view is pretty much always broken, but for the person playing the map it's fine.

What I meant is the location and the angle of the intermission camera. It's shows an incredibly boring scene (a corridor in the exit area, not even the portal) while the map offers several much better vistas. Remember, you can have up to four intermission entities and the game will pick one at random, so it's a good idea to use the highlights of a map for the intermission.

Btw. Preach: it appears timelimit is disabled in Quoth SP... why? 
Re: Intermission 
There was one in the SNG secret part which offered a quite nice vista, but it disappeared somehow..
Nice to have 4 of them, didnt knew that!
Culled Code 
Btw. Preach: it appears timelimit is disabled in Quoth SP... why?

It made a lot of sense to cordon off the bit of code in that was checking the fraglimit in single player, it was essentially polling every frame using an expensive builtin function, which is time better spent on other things. The timelimit code is adjacent and there didn't seem to be any reason to keep that in single-player. Any hacky use of it can be achieved through other, cleaner means as far as I could see... 
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