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MapConv - Tool For Building Levels Using Hammer
I had written a little application a few years back for converting v220 format maps to older games, and after coming across it again recently, decided to give things an update. It was mainly written for my own projects, but seems like something that could be useful to others as well.

Its primary purpose is to allow for level building using Valve's Hammer Editor by converting a maps format to that of Quake1, Quake2, Quake3, and variant engine types. It also has the ability to run compilers with user specified arguments on the converted file, and then launch it in its respective game (keeping the process of building levels with Hammer as simple as clicking a button). Check out the documentation for a full writeup of what else it can do.

Also released with this tool are updated versions of the HexenII and Quake1 FDGs, and full in-editor model support for each (over 300 models, including all point entities). Useful even without MapConv.

MapConv and the other downloads are available here:
Very Cool 
Is it okay if I steal the FGDs for TrenchBroom? 
I hope it works.....

We've needed this for a while :) 
Smoke, but no cigar.

Worldcraft 3.3 -> 'Export to .map' -> load in TB:

Take the above .map file and MapConv -> load in TB:

What Worldcraft fgd (and Quake BSP) look like:

Definitely a step in the right direction :)

Needs work :/ 
Is it okay if I steal the FGDs for TrenchBroom?

Go right ahead! In both cases I started with FDGs by autolycus, and then went entity by entity through them. The majority of the changes were to the HexenII FDG as quite a few things were missing.

I hope it works.....

With any luck. I've used it quite a few times myself, so hopefully everything still works. ;) Let me know if you come across any problems. 
Smoke, but no cigar.

Any chance some of those rotations being lost are on brushes where they had not been set manually? (For example, rotated/flipped with texture lock on) 
Very high chance.

Would be nice to be able to handle that though. 
The brushes in the grid on the bottom of that last shot look terrifying.
I like what I've seen of this thing though!
I vote for a proper update screenshot! 
Ill Probably Post Some More When Its Lit 
It's big map, and I haven't done a lot recently.
It's got quite a lot of work still to do :/ 
Very high chance.
Would be nice to be able to handle that though.

That's sadly a limitation which has been in place for a while now. Earlier versions had an option to try and interpret these cases, but between two of us attempting to get it working, it never panned out very well. Must be possible however as I remember there being a version of qBSP intended to handle these situations.

A manual rotation in Worldcraft/Hammer might simply appear as '90' in the map file, while one done using texture lock appears as something more akin to '[ 4.21468e-008 -1 0 64 ] [ -1 -4.21468e-008 0 2.6974e-006 ]'. 
I mean this stuff is all beyond me. Interestingly, TxQBSP, TreeQBSP and TyrQBSP all manage to build Quake 1 BSP maps, using the 220 .map texture alignments.

I mean I guess that you can go:

.map -> compiler -> .bsp


.220map -> compiler -> .bsp

but you can't go:

.220map -> algorithmFromCompiler -> .bspTexInfo -> .map

Good Effort BTW 
I was impressed. It's just been a problem I've had, in the form of .rmf(Hammer/WC) to .map with old skool texture alignment, then I could use Radiant, BSP Editor, Trenchbroom etc to edit my Worldcraft maps.

So see a solution that at least preserves SOME of the alignments is a step forwards for me :) 
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