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Closest Game To Quake....since Quake??
Stolen from {Kona) as it was too good a topic to languish amongst Rage whining:

"Actually, what would you guys consider to be the closest game to Quake post 1996? Unreal is the obvious choice, but apart from that, I can't think of anything.

Definitely not the bright and zany Serious Sam or Painkiller with it's completely random levels and amateur enemies.

Nothing else has combined the hellish monsters, fast gameplay, and mix of fantasy/alien/horror/hell themes. "
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Spiney Speaks The Truth 
also, another thing that Doom, Quake, Unreal and Daikatana all did was mix near-future scifi with more medieval/supernatural settings and enemies; this seems extremely unusual today, probably because companies just want to design one aesthetic/set of assets and keep to that. 
Another Big One 
The dev team worked more for the fun of it.

Rather than just being wage slaves going through the motions. 
They were already minted from Doom... 
I'd say Daikatana just tried to be 4 distinct games at once. 
Another Thing 
Predominantly (sometimes exclusively) humanoid/biped enemies in modern games has a lot to do with the expense of animating to today's level of sophistication and that it's much easier to just go with mocapped bipeds for everything, than having a load of different creatures with all sorts of varied body plans and forms of locomotion. 
I forgot Daikatana.

TBH, bugs, sidekicks, bullshit aside, that is one of the closest in feel. 
And As I Said Before. 
If Romero had stayed on id and they'd managed to mix Q3A engine and polish with DKT SP and diversity, you would have had a great game, and possibly the closest thing as per topic title. Instead we got two half games :S 
More like four weak shooters of humble size and one cybersport discipline. 
Besides the fact it's short, it reminds me most of the combat of quake. More frantic, stronger monsters a threat, weaker ones not so much except in numbers. I don't care for the vehicle or RPG side of stuff, but the combat feels definitely old school. Weapons are varied enough like Quake to make them all useful. It's got some decent vertical sections in to too. The combat was just to short.

DNF would be another one, to me. I actually didn't mind the two weapon limit in that one, but you've got a nice set of environments, weapons with some kick and AWESOME boss battles (which Rage only has one good boss battle imho).

Painkiller reminds me more of Commando/Rambo/Kanari(?) Warriors, those kind of games. Same with Serious Sam. I like them, but I find them nothing like Quake. 
Let's Make It A Func Project 
and watch it crash and burn due to infighting :P 
+1 Func_Project 
Yes a project to make a sequel to quake would be awesome. There never was a sequel, after all. That strogg crap doesn't count. Arena...what no monsters? Strogg crap again. . . Nope, never been a sequel to quake. No, not even a spiritual successor (would be lame anyways).

Movies have taken the liberty of reusing names before; it's time to make Quake 2. There never has been a Quake 2. The time for a sequel is ripe. 
Let's Call It... 
Why Don't We Just Say 
That all of the quake maps made in the last 18 years have been the sequel? (Maybe just the good ones?)

Then we've saved ourselves a lot of time and disappointment. I mean, a lot of them are very quakey and do capture the essential essence of what makes quake, quake. 
Name Me ONE Quakeish Quake Map 
Just ONE! I Dare you! 
That's Right, Fucker. 
[sfx: deafening silence] 
It not only captures the essential Quake gameplay, but it also provides a shrewd insight into the social structure of the community that sprung up around the game. It's meta-quake at its finest. 
I always thought Numb Nimbus was a very Quakrish Quake level, but perhaps I'm wrong. 
Very Good. 
GG WP Kinn & CZG. 
Just ONE! I Dare you!

Idle Thumbs 
That's right CZG, get your thumb out of your arse and load up some Quake Maps! There are plenty that capture the essence of Quake!

Just ONE! I Dare you!
I vote Honey as a classic example of what Quake is all about, huge vertical gameplay, brilliantly setup ambushes and atmosphere so thick, you could cut it with a knife! 
Honey's Quite Obscure 
I bet czg hasn't played it yet so yeah, worth checking out. 
Not Quite Quake 2... 
but I am very very very slowly working on a quake ep... I almost have 3 maps made!!

Seriously though, it's taking fucking ages to make this. 
..."Taking Ages" 
Yeah no kidding. I never knew this map of mine would take so long. The coding is at least finished for... ahh shoot I prolly just jinxed myself.

Hint for those of that are the least bit curious: my map is a quake castle. 
<3 Quake Castle 
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