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Q1SP Authors We Most Want To Return (regardless Of Logic)
Well, here's mine, in no particular order:
Steve Rescoe
John Romero
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func has been a daily (or at least weekly when I got real busy) read for me for the past 10 years...I never went away!

I would like to make a small SP map sometime soon though :) 
The Lost Mines: Part 2 
*dick Licking Noises* Mfx *more Dick Licking Noises* Mfx *sounds Of Di 
5 Star Post 
MFX just released a map, he is about to release another one, but we still want him to "return." Awesome. 
Ehm... 5 Star Post Notwithstanding... 
Any care to share some info on Zwiffle?

I tried to ask (see #19) but no one seems to be up to it... Did something bad happen to him?
Being less active in the Quake community I kinda lost track of him, but we used to exchange salutes on our (common) birthday...

I'd appreciate if someone care to shed some light. If you want to do so privately, shoot me a mail thesilent96_at_gmail_dot_com. 
Was on Daz's stream chat the other night IIRC. 
should return and post 55 should be the title of his return map. 
Whew! Thanks Shambler!!! 
...much better now! 
Has Mfx Come Back Yet. 
He's Being A Tease. 
Also Nice Post Icon 
Has Czg Come Back Yet? 
Fuck Me That Shot Looks Good. 
Nice map CZG, keep it going. 
Skybox ? 
u use 3D Skybox with Quake engine... its possible that ? or its just a brush work ? 
Yeah Totally 
skyboxes go in:
{id1, or mod}/gfx/env/XXX{ft/up/dn/lf/rt/bk}.tga

In the worldspawn, add:

"sky" "XXX"

or usually there's a "sky" console command for testing. 
Oh Nvm 
didn't see "3d skybox".. no, not available in quake afaik. 
woah momma, that's a nice moody screenshot 
It's Not A 3d Skybox 
but looks like it because of fog and distant brushwork. 
Well I Feel Unloved 
But maybe if I vote for myself I'll finish the intensely fiddly hewn rock brushes that are just the start of an enormous base level I started making 3 years ago and gave up on.

Also you play an enforcer. 
Andrew 'than' Palmer

<3 his maps and secret areas density. 
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