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Speedmap Pack 175 - Koohoo's Castle
Creepily awesome maps by Cocerello, Digs, DOOMer, Fifthelephant, Scampie and Sock.


Please note that one map requires SoA and another requires DoE.
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Really Hard To Know What 
the issue was. All we need are a few batch files that can launch the different maps correctly. Would have thought that is simple.

By the way, I have been frequenting this forum and for a few years using the id "dooomer". I am not one of the authors of this SM pack. Just FYI. 
Just Played Socks Map 
Pretty cool :) .. almost stepping on Tronyn's toes.

Yah - packaging all these together was a bit of a balls-up. 
DaZ And Spirit 
Thanks for your demos, and congratulations for being the first ones in noticing the caved-in cave. One cookie for you. Don't fight over it.

* DaZ: congrats on being the first one that fell for the teleported ogre combat. It was quite a good demo to watch. I am glad that you passed through the first map very well and had fun despite the fact that Sock's ammo boxes are very hard to spot and you missed some of them.
The greatest problem was that playing the second with the start map makes it almost impossible due to the lack of weapons, that, and as far as i saw, you couldn't see sock's ammo and health models in that last room. That second map is for playing after the first, as you probably noticed. With the version without sock's mod that it is now on the first post it should work fine.

* Spirit: i have to thank you also for having the patience to rename the maps and delete the the mod so they work fine and for playing them till the end.
you found the secret of the last room!

First demo: About the way to go to the entrance and the combat at it, yes, that is intended. I have put both (the cave and that one) as a choice of non obvious ways to get there. I had planned to have a third route, but time run out.
Also, I would pay to see your face when you saw the hell_knight dissapearing in front of you.
About the extremely dark comment, i understand it if you were writing it while on the sides in the interior part, but in the exterior, for me is too bright. Maps are always tested at gamma 0.3 to avoid this kind of things happening, or at least so they aren't too obviously bad.It is also true that i test them at night ... have to work on the issue of darkness.
Seconddemo: good to see you using the other way and that you passed it even though this
time you forgot to get the NG from the bridge. Nice fights at the entrance and with the shamblers.
Secondmap: i see that you saw the strategy ery quickly: avoid everything and attack first the shamblers. Interesting. Also, thanks to you i'm glad i put the Quad there, i wasn't sure about it. Lastly, the shalraths at the last part aren't supposed to be down there, they have to be at the platforms, like one of them were. Have to check that, it was OK all the times i tested it.

Coce's and Digs' could easily be full releases in my opinion, really impressive.

Hehe ... now i have an excuse if i turn it into a full release and it doesn't get well accepted. <sarcasm off> 
Stop Whining 
I Didn't 
If i were, i wouldn't have rewritten the entire post twice to sound as concise and objective as possible, while commenting on Daz and Spirit's present. If my efforts were in vain, there isn't anything else that i can do. I was completely honest when i wrote #51, so please, don't disturb old graves more than i did when i thanked the two of them. 
awesome pack... sm175_5th was best for me...

thaks guys for this awesome pack!

All first demos! 
ahhh forget to say, where is sock map... :| 
First of all, thanks for the demos. They were interesting to watch, you were the one that played it the closest to how i played them. Congratulations on being the first to find the LG. By the way, with normal jumps you can get to it too. I never expect the player to use trick jumps, as i myself am bad with them.

Second, the weapons for the second map are in the first one. The maps aren't standalones. You have more info on the text files. Ah, and the MH is an alternate way. 
Socks Map 
Was removed at his request. Drama etc innit. Sure you can get it somewhere though ;) 
No Respect 
As no one (especially looking at you AAS) seems to give a flying fuck about my wishes and keep posting links to my unfinished speed map without my permission.

So here is an official link from me that everyone can download/mirror! 
thanks for officially releasing it, the start vista alone is amazing!

I take it this means that you wont be doing any more to this map though as you initially planned? 
It�s An Awesome Speedmap 
indeed. I love it as it is actually.
Just my 2 cents. 
just let this speedmap pack die off. I'd rather no one ever play my map than hear this drama again. I now regret I even made this map. 
Scampie NO 
Don't regret, maps are very good! my thanks to all that give there time for us :)

didn't know about drama and I really dont want to know!

here it goes my first demo on socks map! 
Just remember there are folks who aren't posting drama who still like the maps. :-) 
I would also rather nobody play Scampie's map again than hear this drama! 
just let this speedmap pack die off. I'd rather no one ever play my map than hear this drama again.

There is nothing wrong with the maps in the pack, infact my favourites are by scampie/digs. If me trying to fix the pack so that everyone's maps are presented correctly is drama then indeed I am to blame! :(

I used replacement item models which affected other peoples maps, it was decided I would remove my stuff from the pack and release a working pack instead. Various arsehats from this forum don't like this and keep posting links to the old pack file. 
The pack as you released it was fine IMO. I think the Jam's are a much better idea though, much more consistent with a better focus on what should be created (for example sticking to vanilla stuff etc).

Hell, I'd say the drama that ensued has helped create a better idea of what people want from a community project like a Jam. 
Well Said, Sock 
i coincide with you on the favorites too, even though i think yours is better done.

Don't regret, maps are very good!

And Trinca, well said too. That should be the most important thing, we all regret things about what we did in this thread, but that should NEVER stop us from mapping. 
Good God 
how is that a speedmap? Granted, there are two small instances of z-fighting type errors so its obviously not typical sock perfection but the main set piece is stunning to look at (great fog colour and coloured lighting once again) and gameplay is very polished and fun. 
True nitin a map to replay for sure. 
Catching Up 
This pack is the first in my huge backlog of maps to play - both mapjams still to play

Fifth: Really impressive scale for a speedmap, loved the use of many spotlights to create interesting lighting. I kept misjudging jumps and falls due to the grand scale though! I found both keys before their respective doors, but other than that and too long hunting for the underwater buttons progression was fine.

I found the secret, and since it was right at the very beginning of the level I didn't have to explore after 20 seconds, which is a bit of a shame, but also an unfair criticism of a speedmap - I guess it's a useful idea for regular maps to hold back at least one secret until the end. Gameplay was never unfair and I didn't even mind the spawns, as there was acres of room to dodge them, plus opportunities to use them against other enemies effectively.

Cocerello: This map on the other hand really annoyed me with spawns, frequently trapping me with them in spaces that were not only cramped, but underwater to boot. The first map had again an imposing, large scale exterior, but the dark lighting was a bit of a shame as much of it couldn't be seen. Darkness also caused problems on the latter map, with monsters on high which were invisible and an exit gate that was pitch black open and closed.

I don't know if balance was better on the mission pack versions, but I played on vanilla and constantly felt under-equipped for the battles. On the first map this made me veer between worry that I'd taken a shortcut past all the weapons, and moments where I felt real tension. On the second map it was just frustrating, it took about a dozen attempts to beat, epitomised by the attempt where I first beat wave 1, and was immediately dropped into lava for my troubled. It was a shame to find it such a slog, because the design of the final arena which expanded out, then expanded out again was really cool. The balance just needed to be adjusted.

Digs: Really loved all the chunky architecture across the walls and ceiling, solid designs throughout. Flow through the level was a bit confusing at first - having a very early teleporter which takes you to a new part of the level is disorientating (although using it to escape voreballs with no other cover was cool). But the way the level looped around, taking you past the gold key, then the gold key door, then back round again once the key was unlocked worked well for me (although I wasn't sure what the button that unlocked the gold key did at the time), and how the level finally joined up was neat.

Combat-wise this map was never unfair - I had a shortage of ammo near the 6 ogres but I think that fighting past them to grab the ammo was the idea there. The big climax of the map seemed to come in the horde combat shortly after those ogres, which was fun, and then everything else seemed more tame. I guess had it not been a speedmap we might have seen a bit finale before the end.

Doomer: shorter and slightly boxier than the previous maps, but much more in the speedmap tradition. I liked the green room with the ogres best, seemed more colourful and lush than Quake can usually achieve. I also liked the series of fakeouts with the switched-on lights before the shotgun ambush, and although the end combat wasn't too dangerous, weighing up the rocket launcher against the other low powered weapons was an interesting choice. I'm sure someone has already recommended different textures for shootable and push buttons...

Scampie: A really well polished map, coming out of the cave the lovely sky and the coloured lighting to match just popped, and the rest of the map had a great sense of place. The ending was pretty weird and abstract, but I guess that was the point. It kind of reminded me of those paintballing arenas where realistic design takes a backseat to making interesting terrain to hide behind and shoot over, and that suited the combat.

The rest of the map was well paced, and for the most part I was ok for ammo - I ran out of shotgun shells early, but with a surplus of nails that was no problem. The shambler after the three keys sucked up my last nails and shells, but partly because he was guarding the route to the packs on the ledge in the lower hub area. The best ambush in the map came from the broken pillar room - I first visited before I'd found the key buttons under the hub, with the dungeon key already under my belt. After using that key I came triumphantly back for the second and got caught completely off-guard...

Not played sock's map yet, as that's now gone into another thread... 
but I played on vanilla and constantly felt under-equipped for the battles. On the first map this made me veer between worry that I'd taken a shortcut past all the weapons, and moments where I felt real tension

Maybe, i don't know without a demo. The first map lacks of a SNG and RL, the rest of the weapons are placed there, with the LG as a secret, and must be carried on to the second map.

If you want to be sure of how the map is, watch Spirit's demos from post #39. He got and killed everything except the LG and a ring of invisibility, and finished the two maps, so it is a good reference to check them. 
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