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Speedmap Pack 175 - Koohoo's Castle
Creepily awesome maps by Cocerello, Digs, DOOMer, Fifthelephant, Scampie and Sock.


Please note that one map requires SoA and another requires DoE.
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I think you made a mistake, there are pak files in this. 
Sock did his that way, his reason is...

I included a pak file because it has a skybox and I wanted to make sure people setup wateralpha. Why no one has implemented a worldspawn key for wateralpha in modern quake clients is crazy.  
Here's My Demos

Great maps all round, really like the ambience of the monolithic Koohoo bricks and always have.

Maybe I'll actually release something with it one day :P

Sock's is awesome but overdoes the fog a bit. Not enough to turn it down, but it was distracting.

Scampies had nice gameplay as well.

Thanks to everyone who did maps, there's more comments in the demos. 
Unpack sock's and remove the cfg. 
There Is Unseen Maps In The Pack, Ijed 
I announced in the speedmap thread that i was fixing mine and making a continuation, but got overboard and made 4 half maps too, apart from the continuation, check the pack and the text files for details.

you can try the fixed one too (sm175_coceaa) (not that you have an option if you want to play the continuation (sm175_coceb)), depending on how you play it, the gameplay can change a lot, so it can be enjoyable for you.

About the demos, thank you for taking the time, they were fun to watch. The part about the nail ammo, it is intended that way as a reward for good jumping and curiosity in the form of early ammo. 
If Anone Plays Sm175_coceadoe ... 
... and you see TWO items on the room on the other side of the SK door, please tell me. I put there a item_random_powerup, but it doesn't show up and i don't know why, and it is well placed.

Going to play the maps now. 
New Zip File 
@Cocerello, I assumed you would move everything into a new PAK file and let people install it in a new directory. Pak files an awesome way to prevent everything from trashing their ID folder with tons of resources.

Let me quickly create a start/skill map and create a new PAK file for you. Be back in a couple of hours with a new download link.

@ijed, the fog density and setup is completely dependent on what engine you use. Every quake client has a different way to display fog. I recommend to play my map with Fitz, the fog is a lot more subtle. 
I did use fitz (so the demos would be in 666 format) but I also have a really big window behind me here and the blackouts are open...


Cocerello, I'll have a run through your extra map tomorrow. 
How About No. 
I keep every speedmap (except those that really need it) in their own directory and would prefer that. 
i keep speedmaps in id1/maps/ and I prefer it that way. 
speedmaps should go in /id1/maps/ as standard, and things non-standard should've been packaged separately. I think that leads to the least confusion for users. Quake community is used to that sort of thing, and only creating new directories and such when major mods/maps are done.

I've only played sock's and dig's maps so far, and they are great! I will post thoughts and demos later when I finish playing them all. 
What i did was keeping it as was given, and respect the choices the mapper did.
The fact that i hadn't checked the contents at that time is an error from my part, as your text file doesn't say which files are with it, and most people won't know at first who is that .pak files' proprietary.
I thought of giving your files its own folder, but them i would had to do the same for every mapper to put them all on the same stand and that would be problematic to navigate for a speedmap pack and wouldn't look speedmap-like.

If you are going to add something, it is better if you repack yourself the entire pack and let Metlslime or a moderator substitute it at the first post, so we avoid having several fragmented versions.
In that case, the appropiate person should delete it from Quaketastic or Sock should give the new repack something to remind that it is a new version. 
OK, thanks.

I recommend you sm175_coceasoa for the ''a'' map and sm175_cocebdoe for the ''b'' map.

Firstrun demos for you all are on the way. 
New Pack 
Let me quickly create a start/skill map and create a new PAK file for you. Be back in a couple of hours with a new download link.

Download link 
please update the new thread link to sock's link! 
Updated Link 
Sock Bar Entrance 
That start map is great ! Adds a lot to the full pack.

Thanks Sock !

I would have placed just a few monsters in there (dogs ?), just for the fun. Here, doggy, have a bone ! 

this pack was awesome, some big maps, some small maps, and high general quality.

sock's map is obviously his normal high quality, but besides his I think 5th's might be my favorite. the huge scale (which cocerello also had going for him) and crazy horde combat was fun!

I did enjoy dig's map as well, the layout felt like some kind of weird knot, and I liked it's non-linear gameplay.

doomer's was short and sweet

cocerello: i had a tough time on your first map, and it was really dark :( and then I think I was supposed to play the second one with the weapons from the first? sad times. I do like the scale of your maps though! 
Why are the text files now hidden in the pak? I hate this release with all my heart. I guess speedmaps can't even be properly supported at Quaddicted and even less in the Injector. You guys are too creative... :( 
I Think That Too 
People usually don't look at the text files, even though they will regret it later, but even less people look at the insides of the .pak files, and even less people have a program to look inside them.

About the start map, it is very good and more Vondur like than the rest of the maps, but you forgot to check the fact that my second map is a continuation of the first, and people get confused like what happened with the poor Scampie. The way you did it, almost no one will notice my SoA and DoE maps, they will think that what is put in the first post is a misunderstanding or something. Also, is there a nightmare mode? Maybe i missed it.

To finish. Is there a way to only deactivate the crosshair? In games with huge hitboxes and no sniping weapon, having a crosshair makes it slower to aim, and it is a pain. If you want to put it into your map is OK but for mine i prefer if there isn't.

I guess speedmaps can't even be properly supported at Quaddicted and even less in the Injector.

Why? I'm curious 
We would have to track for every single file inside the zip and then inside the pak files what dependencies they have and what command line parameters they require (no wateralpha in worldspawn really sucks and I wish the current engine developers would add it). I once made some plans for that but it would require a ton of work to build and configure which I lack the skills for. 
Don't let me de-motivate anyone please, it fucking rocks that you guys map and that you use speedmaps to let creativity flow! 
I am SO looking forward to playing this, seems like the most interesting speedmap session in a long time and also reminds me of SM32 in terms of theme. Still haven't played the new Sock or MFX maps; lol how can you guys make new full maps then speedmaps and the whole time I've mapped like 5 shitty hours. God damn it. Something _will_ happen with Drake this summer. 
you forgot to check the fact that my second map is a continuation of the first. The way you did it, almost no one will notice my SoA and DoE maps. Also, is there a nightmare mode? Maybe i missed it.

In order to play SoE or DoE you need a new command line, they cannot be played from the start map with the rest of the maps. I did not get the impression the maps were linked, sorry my mistake. Yes there is a nightmare skill, top level, do some jumping.

I hate this release with all my heart.
Why do I bother to make maps for people like you!

Fuck this, I cannot be bothered with the attitude of people in this thread, I am out of here. Good luck with future speedmaps! 
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