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HL2:EP2 Rabbit Hole
I released a hl2:ep2 mod today. Rabbit Hole starts on the surface of usual hl2 city but then the player gets down to the catacombs under the city where things become surreal and weird.


You can download it from ModDB Page or from Dropbox direct link

btw the release date of Rabbit Hole is 10th anniversary of Menkalinan map which was released 2004/07/15.
I remember beta testing this like 2? years ago :D

Glad you released it! I will certainly have a look! 
This Looks Interesting 
trying it out now. 
I remember testing it a while ago too. this was a very cool map, and quite unique for HL2. Very quakey at times. 
Now Do A Map Jam 
As a palette cleanser 
Looks Good 
have downloaded. 
Pretty Good 
Only on 2nd level but pretty good so far. Puzzles a bit tricky 
Nice episode. The endig was pretty unexpected.

I have only one complaint - exit to an airway from a combine research room is not that clear (or it's me not that clever), spent about 5 minutes searching where to go next, even returned back to a zombie horde :/

����� ������! 
Kinda nice and some unusual architecture and gameplay for HL2 in the catacombs part. Generally looks good - as far as sewers/catacombs can, anyway. Does get a little repetitive, but it's still fine considering the length. Would have wished for more city bits, like a return to the surface for instance.

In my view, there are far too many zombies, I didn't really like the constant horde fighting and additional respawning. The latter isn't a bad thing in priciple, but should have been toned down here.
I, too, had some problems finding the vent to proceed, the one in the lavatory. The gravity bits are a neat idea, though I found the jumping to be very awkward and finicky, so I ended up noclipping back up onto the bridge. No idea what's going on in that end fight - lucky it ended when it did; could have been even sooner, because it isn't clear what to do and the ghost zombies are quite annoying. Didn't really get the gist of the story... I'm just going to file it under weird.

Demos, hopefully complete. 
Quite Good Map 
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