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False Dawn Quake 4 Single Player Mod Released
Just spotted this over at Rock Paper Shotgun whilst looking through Quakecon news:

"After missing its plan to launch during QCon 2013, Quake IV single-player mod False Dawn has launched alongside this year�s fragging festivities. It brings a new story with 90-120 minutes of non-linear Strogg-shooting and a few tweaks to good old Q4."

Screenshots look pretty decent, and Quake 4's SP was mostly quite fun, so it might be worth checking out.
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Best make it a year, just in case. 


Yes - non-linear games have corridors

Yes - non-linear shooter levels have corridors

Yes - I gave examples of both

Can we finish now please? 
I Smell A Flamewar In This Thread. 
It's just passing gas.

This looks like an interesting mod. Also has sikkpin's name on it, so. 
"I'm sure you can do an interesting looking corridor, but it will still play like any other corridor, and it's definitely not the most interesting gameplay. "

Then you lack imagination.

See you in a year! 
So what say you all ... Corridor Map Jam? 
"hm, suddenly 26 posts in this thread, maybe some people reinstalled Quake4 and gave this a thorough look"

"nope, another stupid fucking flamewar"

can we please stop trying to win dickwaving contests with people new to func? 
... maybe some people reinstalled Quake4..."

Let me stop you right there... 
yeah, i never uninstalled it.

I never installed it!

Maybe I should, Lunaran sent me this great book "Quake4 mods for Dummies" (yes, really) 
I never installed it!

Maybe I should, Lunaran sent me this great book "Quake4 mods for Dummies" (yes, really) 
Someone Release A Map 
So bored people stop with offtopic and flamewars. 
Better, 8 Maps Released On Friday 
I feel I need to chime in here because I actually did play the mod.

It's not linear, in fact you are given three choices where to go from the start in a hub like room, each area after completing it leads you back to said hub, before finally making your way to the final arena.

As for the mod itself, I enjoyed it. The gameplay was what you expect from Quake 4, fast paced with plenty of enemies attacking you at once, and this mod sure does do a good job of that. It's fun and challenging, but certainly not impossible. It had a nice diverse selection of enemies, along with some clever traps scattered throughout. The level design was fantastic, as you might expect.

The voice acting is bleh, but its a mod so that's okay. The plot was pretty basic, but it did have quite a surprise ending that I didn't see coming.

Whether you liked having them with you or not (I did) there are no marines to help fight along side you. It's just you and the strogg.

This is one of the best mods for Quake 4, and if you at the very least enjoyed Quake 4 like I did, this is reason enough to re-install it for a good time. 
Friday Is Too Late 
Two days of bored people. It is better to aspire to zero.

Be always ambitious, as long it doesnt kill you. 
Sorry About All The Corridors... 
I didn't realize that having so many corridors in a primarily interior level would kick up such a stink. I'll keep that in mind for my next project.

In the description I used 'Guided Non-Linear' more or less just to sound flashy. The level is essentially a hub that has 3 linear levels branching off from it. You just get to pick the order in which you complete them which also affects the enemy encounters and other elements in the remaining areas.

I'm glad to hear a couple people played and enjoyed the level though :) 
Looks wicked man, I may dig out my disc yet ;)

Nothing wrong with corridors, corridors are the building blocks of levels :D 
When you map with corridors, you're mapping with Hitler. 
You Serious? 
I vow to never map another corridor in my life! 
Serious. But you have to be careful because Hitler is awful at lighting so you need to redo a lot of his work. 
Doesn't Epic have 'Lighting Artists'? Lots of the big studios seem to be having them these days 
I've played Base Quake 4 at medium, should I play this mod on Easy? 
I don't think so. In my opinion the mod is only a bit harder than the original Quake 4.
Really loved to play it. This mod is absolutely awesome. :) 
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