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New Textures In Quakespasm
I'm using Quakespasm, and I would like to use some higher resolution textures just for a few items :

armor, items (weapons, ammo, health,...) and the floating light orange sphere. And maybe a few wall buttons.

I've found several high res textures for Quake but I don't know how to use them for QS. Take note that I don't want to use ALL the textures made for Quake1, like the walls, doors, etc (they look terribly wrong in Quake !). I just want to use the textures for a few small items.

There are two textures folders inside the id1 directory that QS appears to recognize :

id1/gfx/env (skyboxes only ?) and id1/textures

How should I settup the new textures ? If I want to use the file called "s_light.spr_0.tga" (floating spherical orange light), where should I put it and what should be its proper name, so QS could use it ?
Moderators : Damn Title 
Moderators, please change the title of this thread to "New textures in Quakespasm".

I know that QS can use **some** high res textures, but not for anything in Quake. I want to know which objects CAN use new textures, in QS.

Currently, I can change the textures for the ammo and health boxes, but I would like to retexture the weapons and that ugly floating orange light sphere (if possible in QS).

And why the user can't edit his own posts on this forum ? 
Quakespasm doesn't support external replacements for sprites (like s_light.spr_0.tga) or .mdl models (.mdl).

What it does support external replacement textures for are textures in .bsp files.

Gameobjects that are .bsp files (and thus support texture replacement in QS): health boxes, ammo boxes, exploding boxes, etc.

Game objects that are .mdl files (and can't be reskinned with external tga textures in QS): guns, armour, quad damage/pent/ring, etc.

I'd suggest trying darkplaces if you want to use these sprite / mdl external skins, it works well on mac os: 
Asked And Answered: 
And why the user can't edit his own posts on this forum ?

Because users can't even be trusted to use the Discussion Threads section for proper discussions rather than simple GA / Mapping Help thread questions, let alone with editing their own posts. 
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