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Q1SP: GravelPit For Quoth

This is my first Q1SP map, and as you saw this is a recreation of TF2's Gravelpit. It needs Quoth and a Quake client that supports colored lightning and skyboxes.

Download link:
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*"all the time makes the gameplay more boring" 

7 woefull attempts to complete at Skill 3
d0.dem - d6.dem 
Don't know TF2, opened some Command Tower but no idea where to find it. 
There's another building behind the last tower ;) 
My Eyes 
For a first time map, this was really good. I don't play TF2 so I had no idea what to expect in this map, but I enjoyed it. It was quite challenging but not impossible. My only quarrel, is the colored lighting. Colored is not a bad thing, but you really oversaturated them. You definitely want to consider toning them down ALOT for other releases.

I foresee great maps from you in the near future :)

First run demo, hard skill, played in Quakespasm: 
Nice map, though i got quite lost somehow..
Tone down the colored lights, and make more maps!

Quakespasm demo 
Coloured lights added to the very thematic map. I loved them, and they helped in direction finding. 
What's with all you guys playing on hard skill on your first try ;) 
Very fun and challenging map. I played on hard and managed to finish the map without dying at all but there were a few very tough spots near the end. Unlike in most maps on hard, I actually had to scavenge previous sections for ammo (which is a good thing). I was a bit lost a few times but never seriously so as there always seemed to be new routes ahead. Anyway, design wasn't bad but very boxy (kinda like my first and so far only Quake map, Distractions) and I wasn't too fond of the colored lighting either. I also noticed many graphical glitches in FitzQuake. Still, I'd put the map slightly above average in terms of design, it just needs more polishing (being boxy is not a flaw in itself).

Here's a demo (close to 20 minutes on hard): 
Carmack Secret Owns.. 
Tho could be textured better. 
The edges were textured so to reproduce those whacky mirror images 
$ file RAR archive data, v1d, os: Win32

Fucking winrar...

I repacked it as actual zip file, 
Thanks For Hosting It On Quaddicted! 
I Hate It When This Happens

Initialized the game via Quake Injector. 
That's what happens when mappers release maps with differently named zip files and the editors forget about the Injector. Works now, sorry. 
It Works Now 
Thank you very much Spirit. I am able to play it now. 
It's all nonickname's glory. 
Finally played it again and found the ending this time. Very nice! It's a base map so I can't like it too much, also the open layout was not for me. The gameplay was well designed and some setpieces were really good. I liked the dirty windows and quake2ish architecture in some places. Looking forward to your next maps!


Technical stuff: Some ogres were stuck in their places. You don't need to package the pts file, that is just used when VISing. 
You Vis With A .pointfile? 
Prt is for vising, pts is the leak file 
Great Map THANKS 
Died Near The End 
As has been said

lighting is garish and texturing is all over the place. The architexture is crude but endearing.
The gameplay is fucking amazing, there is a strong sense of cohesion despite the clashing texture sets.
I'd never played the tf original, as the demo I'll upload... eventually... will prove.

Thanks for this map, looking forward to future maps, and to replaying this one 
Derpy Demo 
Looks Sweet Man! 
.01 and a bunch of places where i lost it but time for bed :) 
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