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Is complete. It features maps by myself, MFX and Hrimfaxi. It's based off Rubicon2 and includes a few new enemies and features.

Download links: quaddicted / dropbox

Here's the link to the required engine (quakespasm svn r980):
I'm sure more engines will support this pack with time.

UPDATE 1: Devkit is now available here

UPDATE 2: Patch (bsp + lit):

Full Patched Download:

Fixed Bugs:
HOMS through walkways at odd angles
Zfighting inside door frames
Unmarked / broken secrets
Crash on easy skill
Items falling out of level

New Stuff:
Added coop starts (untested)
Added dirtmapping
Added brushes to better divide the visleafs (performance)
Added some dynamic helper signs to aid navigation
Various miscellaneous tweaks and gameplay fixes
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thanks for the screenies.

Also news post updated. 
Download Not Working ? 
When I press the download button, nothing happens. WTF !? 
Keep in mind Barnak is using a non-Intel Mac Mini and no modern browser is available for him to use. 
Non-Intel ? 
It's a 2010 mini, so definitely Intel. And it rocks with Snow Leopard ! 
32-bit Intel? 
I'm sure the patch will get mirrored to quaddicted or quaketastic before long.

Barnak, try using Firefox or Chrome on OSX 10.6, not Safari (which is out of date and probably unsafe). 
Way Ahead Of You, Eric 
If folks are in the business of updating the OP, you could remove the link to the special-snowflake devbuild of Quakespasm and just say "use Quakespasm version 0.90.0 or later". 
Set =1 To Download. WTF !? 
I'm able to download the pack by turning the URL from =0 to =1.

At least, make that download button to play a fart sound when you press it. 
FSAA In Quakespasm 
I'm experiencing a video problem with both versions of Rubicon3 when FSAA (antialiasing) is ON, in the latest version of Quakespasm OS X.

Rubicon3 is the only Quake pack/mod/map which is giving me video garbages when FSAA is ON.

This is sad, since FSAA is nice to my eyes, and I need to turn it OFF just to play Rubicon. Why is there a problem with FSAA and this mod ? 
A screenshot for the Quakespasm would be the considerate thing to do wouldn't it?

Or shall they just guess what your screen looks like ... 
I was about to ask for a screenshot but I can reproduce it on my OSX 10.6 system, a HOM effect, but some parts of the world draw?
It affects id1 start.bsp too though, so it's not specific to RRP.
Seems to be related to the waterwarp, setting "r_oldwater 1" works around the problem here. 
What are the differences with the oldwater settings ?

And what is specific to Rubicon3's water, that is different from the other water settings, in AD for example ? Rubicon is the only Mod that gives me screen shit when FSAA is ON.

The screen shit looks like transparent walls, with a very luminous background (sky box), that blinks when I move the view around. The game becomes unplayable with this. 
It affects how the waving animation on the surface of liquids is drawn.. "r_oldwater 0" is the better quality way, but it can cause problems with buggy OpenGL drivers. "r_oldwater 1" is more compatible but looks more angular.

There's nothing specific about RRP, but maybe the quake.rc forces "r_oldwater 1" which triggers the bug for you. 
Argh, I meant "r_oldwater 0" the last time.
Anyway - assuming you are having the same issue as me, setting it to "1" should work around the issue for now. I'll see if there's any straightforward way to work around it in the engine. 
"new water" in fitzquake/quakespasm uses the framebuffer as a scratchpad to draw the waterwarp, then copies that into a texture, then draws the scene for real. Perhaps there's some driver/hardware issue that makes copying framebuffer to texture give bad results. "Old water" uses the glquake method, which is safe but ugly.

Ideally it would all be replaced with a fragment shader :) 
It's a little crazy that FSAA has to be on for Barnak's issue to manifest itself.

@ericw --- gl clear happens AFTER warp textures are updated --- metlslime probably figured better to do it before clearing buffer. Perhaps gl_clear before and after would solve issue if FSAA is on?

(You wrote a dev note saying some Intels need the buffer always cleared. Barnak's computer is saying "Hello!") 
Seriously!? How Did I Miss This? 
Holy balls, guys! These maps are insane!

First off, the start map is extremely atmospheric and cool looking. Finding the Nightmare entrance is not super hard, but it's fun to explore the map. I played on Normal, but I like to find the nightmare entrance anyway :D

Hrimfaxi's map was the first I played, and really set the tone for a huge base map with tons of fun gameplay and loads to find while exploring. I just played like 3 more hours of Quake after that, so forgive me if I forget any particular setups; All I remember is that it was good.

MFX's map was incredible, with that base exterior at the start being an ominous hint to the scale of the level.

Ijed... holy shit! Your map took me 90 minutes to finish, and that was to gegt 14/31 secrets and kill around 640 of the SEVEN-HUNDRED-AND-TWENTY-FOUR enemies on NORMAL FUCKING SKILL. What the fuck!? It was awesome though, and I was surprised that I didn't get lost much during that time. The only time I got lost was at the end of the level when the countdown was going - I was going all over the place, and even rocket jumped up a fallen telecoms tower thinking it might be the way out. Figured the correct route with a few seconds to spare. As with the others, the map was great looking with tons of fun combats. The start of the map was also a fun change of pace, and it was great to finally get my body back :D The final 30 minutes when I had the rocket launcher, lightning gun and a ton of ammo was lots of fun too!

I love what you guys did to improve some of the enemies. The spawn in particular were way more usable and less annoying than in standard Quake. The added aggression of dogs and fish (well, more dogs than fish) really made them a threat to the player, although I wasn't in love with the rather frequent spawning of dogs in nearby rooms that would just suddenly bite me out of nowhere.

With regard to the other new enemies, the flame guys are complete bastards. Hate them, but it does make killing them all the more satisfying. The dual chainsaw ogres were a good replacement for fiends, and the tweaks to regular ogre aiming makes them better able to fight back in these multi-tiered arenas. The robot enemies were a bit ineffective compared to the Vore and Shambler in regular Quake, however.

That's all I guess. Thanks for the 3+ hours of gameplay you gave us, and congrats on making such an awesome set of maps. 
How Cool Is It 
watching Than go all ecstatic catching up on these amazing maps? 
Dropbox Link Broken For V103 
Can anyone re-upload the patched version

Is seems the Dropbox links no longer work. 
You can get the base pack plus the patch from Quaddicted, which should get you the same end result. Look for a link to the patch in the description: 
There's also a link to the full patched version on that very page (under "Additional Links" on the left) 
Thanks Johnny Law and chedap, I appreciate the help. 
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