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Citadel is a faithful remake of the original game System Shock created in 1994 by Looking Glass Studios. This marks the 20th Anniversary of System Shock's release on September 22, 1994 of the floppy disk version. The game is set in the cyberpunk and not too distant future of 2072. You, the hacker, find yourself waking up on board Citadel Station facing an artificial intelligence that has gone rogue taking over the entire space station. The purpose of this recreation is to present the story of the original to a wider audience, provide an enjoyable experience to a new generation of hackers, and keep true to the original style and mood so that those who have played the original game will have a nostalgic experience. Citadel will also include support for cooperative play, deathmatch, and possibly other game modes such as capture-the-demodulator or firefight. After release all assets, tools, editors, and source code will be available so that new levels or mods can be created.

Check out the pics:

Citadel is created in the DarkPlaces engine.
Levels are currently created in Jackhammer (beta).

The game is currently about 1/3 of the way completed. There is a lot left to accomplish and I would prefer not to do this by myself. The most needed person for the team would be an animator, though anyone with Quake mapping skill is welcomed to request to join.

The release date is anticipated to be December 23, 2014.

Further reading:
This looks great! Post this on too, you might find coders there. 
Good Luck 
Pretty Cool 
Hope you won't into legal problems for using so much stuff from the original game, though. How is the cyberspace going to be implemented? 
Hmmm, no offence but it doesn't look all that different to the original game. I think to bring SS to a modern audience, it needs to look more modern. Which means rebuilding all the levels and all new textures, but maybe that's a bit bigger project than the developer was intending? 
That was my thought. I can appreciate trying to stay true to the original, but from someone who hasn't played the original, the levels just don't look all that compelling. 
Are the levels faithfully recreated from scratch or somehow converted into map/bsp format? I thought it was the latter. Touching up on them would be nice, but given the scale of the game and the size of the mod team, it likely wouldn't be feasible at this point. 
I agree, it probably is way outside the scope to remake the maps. Still, it was my initial reaction on first glance. 
i actually think that a faithful duplication has value, if you can't run the original on modern machines / OSes.

Also HD remakes are hard to get right because everyone has a different opinion about what looks "correct."

Two remakes i remember thinking worked well are: 1. Another World (also allowed you to toggle HD on/off in realtime while playing) and 2. Super Mario 64 on the DS (kept the original polycount, but replaced some of the uglier textures with subtly better ones. 
Level work is done, all recreated by hand. Duplicate of the original so far. Phew. Modelling is the fun part now though. 
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