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Map Jam 3 - Zerst�rer Theme - Released - Hype Level: "CZG Lubed"
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over several weeks, using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 29th October 2014
Theme - Zerst�rer inspired maps

Note: Your entries have to be made for the Zerst�rer codebase. You're not obliged to use any of the extra content, but the map has to be 100% functional when played under the Zer mod.

Guidelines for Map Jam
Texture WAD files
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I'm Not Sure About Making A Map For This... 
...But it's an interesting jam idea. 
How About 
Zer progs?

I Guess Maybe It's A Big Ask For Mappers To Learn New Progs 
I Want To Map For This So Badly 
So I will 
Hm, still put off by the Zer turtlemap pack... Though efdat's map was nice.

Be sure to also check out the DM levels for inspiration. Good luck, everyone. 
Just Checking... 
...will these levels be Zerstorer dependant? 
Be sure to also check out the DM levels for inspiration.

This is very important! zerdm3 in particular.

Zer progs?
...will these levels be Zerstorer dependant?

I didn't plan on doing that since the first jam wasn't Honey dependant. The original Zer progs are pretty old by now, with all their lo-fi sounds and 1997 skins. (And they're buggy in some places.) If enough entrants hassle me about wanting to use Zer then it's fair game. 
Use The Progs! 
Warts and all... 
If enough entrants hassle me about wanting to use Zer then it's fair game. 
Chainsaw Or Riot! 
after seeing the Zer screenshots Daz tweeted I couldn't help but go map.

also +1 for the zer progs. There are too many tempting things in it like the gib fountain and the chainsaw! 
Those Daz shots are brilliant. 
Looking Forward To The Z7 Inspired Maps! 
(not really) 
This Is As Great As It Was When First Suggested. 
Firstly it is a strong but open-ended theme that allows players to adhere to a clear Zer atmosphere whilst expressing a lot of design creativity.

Secondly it is a nice compliment to the other themes (watery dungeon / arcane temple), being quite different in atmosphere.

Whether progs are used or not I think it has at least as great a potential as the previous jams so I hope lots of mappers take part :) 
Especially Negke. 
This is one where I can see your fucked up creativity working really well :P 
Hype Level Off The Charts For Zer Jam 

I think the way Zer works as a theme is similar to how Honey worked: a small subset of the original id textures that got expanded into its own thing. It's much more accessible as a theme, compared to ikwhite and its arcane shapes. 
zer without its own progs.dat would be a real shame 
To Those Interested In The Progs 
How would you feel about a custom jam3 version? Stuff like replacing the broken mega enforcer with the LunSP1 version, more flexible breakables, etc.

No new monsters or weapons obviously. 
Either original Zer progs or ID1. No 'custom custom stuff', so to speak. 
Looking forward to the stuff that will come from this. :D 
Had completely different enforcer types, not the shielded ones. 
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