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Map Jam 3 - Zerst�rer Theme - Released - Hype Level: "CZG Lubed"
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over several weeks, using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 29th October 2014
Theme - Zerst�rer inspired maps

Note: Your entries have to be made for the Zerst�rer codebase. You're not obliged to use any of the extra content, but the map has to be 100% functional when played under the Zer mod.

Guidelines for Map Jam
Texture WAD files
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Well, my lighting is done, and the map is completable (Plumb did a run through it last night before the lighting went in, seemed to like it). Going to correct a trigger texture that insists on rendering, maybe add one more very small fight in to thicken up the environment, and call it complete. I might go to bed at a normal time tonight. 
"I might go to bed at a normal time tonight. "

Whoah, whoah ... around here we call that valuable polish time. :P 
My Vote 
do what you can in time frame
release a final polished standalone post-jam if the impulse is still there 
My Vote 
Go map Drew 
I Wish! Haven't Had Time 
To even open wc since the last speedmap 
He might have been telling someone else to go map you. Like, you, as a BSP. That could be the theme of the next session.

We're going to need all of your medical records. 
Who The Fuck Speedmaps In 2014 Lol 
How Come Willem Is Now WarrenM? 
For the record I pulled out some old scraps and worked into them quite a bit, several evenings, but it's not going to be ready. On the bright side, I'll probably release a mini episode eventually, with a huge map I've been working on for a while (3 years or so), something I could do with my unreleased Jam2 scrap, and this :) 
He finally won his battle with his Dark Half and has recontained it into his being. For now.

I dunno, maybe people kept calling him William Marshall because of it. 
I just grew tired of the nickname. There didn't seem to be any point. So I switched to my real name... 
Should go back to being Taskmaster 
Map Submitted 
BSP, map, txt all zipped up comes to 666K. Doesn't get much more Zer than that.

Also, holy fucking shit I made a Quake map. With an exit even.

I hope it isn't too horrible for everyone else. It is _very_ rough around the edges. And the middle. And the margins. I cut a lot of corners and features, to make sure I completed it. And that is what is important to me. I got it to a playable state. 
GRATS Scar3crow 
final compiling going on right now. Need to write a readme then I'm submitting and going to bed :D 
Half-finished Version Sent Off 
Yeah I didn't finish. Almost no monsters, horrible brushwork errors, texture misalignments galore, totally unvised. Sent it anyway.

Off to work. If there's an extension, I'll continue working on it tomorrow until work beckons again. If not, apologies to everyone who plays it. 
Congratulations Scar3crow. Glad this jam gave you the impetus to start. 
I've only now realised that the email I've set up failed to redirect everything to my main inbox. Turns out there's been a flurry of emails behind my back!

I've received maps from:

scar3crow (woop mapping debut!)

I plan to release the pack on Friday evening my time, which is in about 36 hours. I'll do my best to give everybody all the feedback necessary in that time.

If I don't, well, that means that plans have changed. My social life has been particularly distracting this whole past month. ;-)

Huge thanks to everybody who submitted, or wanted to submit (don't give up all hope yet)! 
I will be sending in a late entry Thursday (later today). 
Mine Is Coming Too, 6 Hours To Vis To Go... 
660 Elapsed 
Aww yisss.... 
I can only hope my map is half as well received as my submitting it was, thanks everyone! =) 
If scar3crow can start mapping in 2014, so does Shambler! 
.....says #funcfusion's most talented QUITTER :P 
Holy Shit These Maps 
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