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Map Jam 3 - Zerst�rer Theme - Released - Hype Level: "CZG Lubed"
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over several weeks, using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 29th October 2014
Theme - Zerst�rer inspired maps

Note: Your entries have to be made for the Zerst�rer codebase. You're not obliged to use any of the extra content, but the map has to be 100% functional when played under the Zer mod.

Guidelines for Map Jam
Texture WAD files
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Well, I guess you're stuck with zer metal then.

On another front, I could have sworn that Zerstorer had forcefields in it, but looking through the FGD, I'm not seeing any such thing.

I saw an entity called 'misc_particle_stream'. Is this what they used for the rain in zer1m3? I tried using it in my map, but did not have much success. I guess it needs a target? 
Um, Nevermind... 
Apparently, I am illiterate. There's a 'func_rain'. Still no forcefields though... 
Turns out Zer has the hipnotic rotation code.

Necros, go jam! 
Apparently. The devkit says:

It appears when triggered, like event_lightning. This entity is one end of the stream, target another entity as the other end-point. 
Thanks OTP 
Checked it out myself today, and played around with it a little. I was hoping I was going to be able to use the particle streams to simulate forcefields, but that is definitely not going to happen after seeing the entity in action. Oh well. 
All This Talk Of Zer... I revisited Bunker last night. Yum! I hope someone is going to lay some brushes with that set and some modern sensibilities. 
I'm Certainly Trying some extent. 
I'm Certainly Trying some extent. 
So I've Abandoned My First Attempt... 
Due to frustration. Second attempt in progress. Zer metal. Metl, the viscera planetoid is all yours. 
The fgd seems to be missing trigger_strip (removes all ammo and weapons except Axe and Chainsaw). 
Zer as a theme is such a good concept (I actually said "Oh shit, son!" aloud when I saw the title... I don't use that phrase) that it is actually tempting me to try my hand at this one. I might even get a fully textured cube for it. I'll call it "The Murderbox Filled with Blood. Your Blood. Because you die." 
a map jam is a perfect opportunity to flex those mapping muscles :) 
...and that title needs to be affixed to a map. 
The Murderbox Filled With Blood. Your Blood. Because you die. has begun production. Don't expect much. Other than maybe death. Yours. Because you die. 
I Like Over-the-top Evil 
Seems appropriate to the Zerstorer theme. Sounds like a whole map full of spike-wall traps like the one in e1m6. 
That would be more along the lines of manson1 or 2 by Brandon "KillMe" James. 
So I Finished One Room.... 
This calls for a screenshot! A crappy editor one, nonetheless. At this rate, jam3_ionous will have four rooms upon final release. Oh well. 
Holy Fuck! 
Great Style. 
This Is Zer Alright 
Looking Great Ionous! 
finish it! 
...a long way from Periwinkle Paranoia :) 
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