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Q1 SP - The Hell That's Coming
Castle type map with some horde like game play in spots. This is also the latest version of my ongoing Quake mod.

This should work with any extended engine. It exceeds a limit or two, but doesn't go so far as to need BSP2.

[your_quake.exe] +game THTC

And load the map from the console with:

map thehellthatscoming

Oh, and it's best to play this with wateralpha at 1.0

Thanks! Hopefully I didn't screw anything up...

[ Alternative download with an extra 14 meg of screenshots that you can view above and will see anyway when you play the map: ]
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Here I Am 
Please repackage this. Right now people need to manually move the readme unless they want it to overwrite existing file in their Quake directory or have it overwritten by similarly badly packaged releases later on. In the same step, please remove the screenshots. Also lowercasing all filenames would be a nice gesture to people with case-sensitive filesystems, be it Linux or Android or advanced MacOS users. 
Wait, disregard that readme.txt comment. I thought it was outside the mod dir. 
Wait What Someone Replaced The Link In The First Post 
Was that you or someone else? 
Someone else did it. Which is great, thanks whoever did that! 
I Played This... 
I used FQ085 and the skybox didn't load, not that it caused any problems.

I died a couple of times in the big fight, probably just through lack of practice. Also, I came across a shambler who had his back to me and I emptied most of my nailgun into him before he awoke.

Nevertheless, this was great fun and really took me back to when I first played Quake: more polished than then,but for me, really old-school.

Replayed It Two More Times 
I like the map, but it's too linear, too easy. Not enough monsters and secrets (they are too easy to find. I Found them all without cheating). There's only one path possible and it's very short. Can't get lost (even in the underwater catacomb).

After playing the map three times, I feel that I want more ! 
Quake In Its Purest Form 
What this map accomplishes, is the dark, wet and claustrophobic feel that is Quake, and it does it beautifully. Nothing more needs to be said, go play this map :) And make more!

I recorded a second skill 2 playthrough demo, because I died the first time by discharging underwater without realizing I picked up a thunderbolt. That was just utterly cruel on you're part. So the second time, I knew where the traps and ambushes were, and better understood the ogres grenade behavior. Needless to say, it went much smoother.

Recorded in Quakespasm 
and i forgot to mention. Fix the fish deathframe to non solid.
Yeah, that was annoying to watch people suffer through... will be fixed for next map, thx! 
I liked it. Nice to see the old textures now and then. Good lighting. 
Enjoyed this one. Ran a little short on ammo, and got peeved when after seeing "You survived" and a Shambler materialised on my 3 health arse. But some great old style atmosphere and interesting gameplay. 
Nice map, good straightforward style, a little 'short'. Too dark, though!

Gameplay is very easy due to a surplus of ammo. I died to fiend super jumps three times, at first it seemed to be caused by the terrain in the caves, but then in the GK room it almost felt as if you've been tinkering with the code?
Bit of a shame the map is so linear, it feels like it could have been somewhat more interconnected, e.g. the courtyard and the exit on the other side. Would have made the level feel larger. The dungeon part is nice, classic style, though a little too bright (heh) and the non-solid death frames on the rotfish are annoying - similar to the underwater area in my cistern map, except I didn't really notice, because my dev progs have that fixed. Why did they do that in the first place?

Couple of rogue spaces behind geometry and there's an item falling out of the map. Some of the secret triggers are either slightly too small or too large. Some sloppy lighting that leaves certain faces completely black. There's something messed up in the knights' death animation, the final frame appears before the falling part.

This map doesn't exceed any limits, no idea why you would say that.

Demo (protocol 666 - sorry, forgot to change) 
No Demo Here 
Enjoyed it, very nice consistent detail. Extremely linear, but not in a dull way. Nice to have an arena battle midway through instead of at the end.

The knight's death animation irked me as well, but I only really noticed it in the first few fights, after that, too much was going on for me to notice such.

The secrets were nice in that they rewarded being inquisitive, though it seems like there could've been more interesting placement (the final megahealth one seemed silly, as did the green armor at the beginning - which I literally backed into). I kept seeing spots where I'd investigate to look for indications of a secret, because I wanted there to be one so I would have a means to go and check the area out. Alas, that was not the case.

I really didn't care for the placement of the lightning gun secret - not because of the discharge risk, but that you only encounter a few ogres afterwards before you find the non-secret one. This made the secret feel like it didn't actually matter in terms of gameplay.

An inverse case of this is the Red Armor which was cool to find, and was very, very useful - made it a bit easy even, Yellow might have been a more balanced choice.

I shafted the final shambler from the base of the stairs, he never turned around.

The player heads on spikes would've been cooler if they were angled toward the walkway, as a warning. I knew what they were, but it could have easily just been plain ol gibs, since the face was towards the sky.

All in all though, a fun time. Thanks for making it, there were some very nice details!

100/100 kills, 6/6 secrets, skill 2 
I forgot to mention, the space you swim through right at the end of the water segment, I managed to get stuck on and it took me a few seconds to get out. Took a bit of drowning damage there which was rather frustrating, as I had been very diligent with my breathing before, only to have my feet and head get caught on the environment. 
Looks Interesting 
Going to play this one, an easy (from what i read in here) and short one looks like it will be the best one to play till i regain all of my health back.

The rest of 2014's maps will have to wait a bit more. 
Demo With Comments 
Played on skill 1, forgot to put skill 3. All secrets found. Recorded in protocol 666.

Overall, very solid and a good one. Hoping to see your next one.

Aside from what has been said where i agree, i have to add that i loved the cliff part, the z aim was a nice change and fit the brushwork, the side areas were a good breather and felt natural, the secrets were rewarding even though they made the map even easier, liked the ambush at the first room of the building as it surprises you from the front as from behind without teleporters or closets, giving options to the player, and loved the setup to open the RA secret.

On the other side, some enemies were harmless (ogres too far away to hit the player), easy even without counting the excess ammo, underwater part needs another texture for the walls, that one makes it look like if it were another map, and possibly a bit more spacious. 
Nice Little Map, The Lighting Was Lovely. 
I found the gameplay a bit tough since I could not quite figure out the slight monster tweaks. At least not fast enough.

Someone else mentioned it reminded them of Unreal, parts of it reminded me of Shadar Logoth from WoT:) 
To open with an obvious but hopefully constructive piece of criticism, I felt there was too much of shooting-dudes-coming-at-you-down-a-narrow-hallway.

However! Lobbing grenades through windows at dumb zombies is one of my favorite things. Also the progression down into the arena fight, then further down into the water area, was very fun and Quake-y. I like maps that are brave enough to give the player some swimming to do. (As long as they manage to make it interesting.) The solid fishy corpses were a bit of a problem there, but otherwise thumbs up on that. 
Nice map, nine visual and fun gameplay, just hated the water part :p

Maby is just me, but was boring... anyway there it goes my first demo with death in the water...

I recorded some demos of this back when this was released and completely forgot to upload them.

Merry Christmas!

Great map, loved the unique (i.e. not another Fodrian library) take on Knave. I wish there was a way to revisit the tiny courtyard (was this the original plan, judging by the exit placement?) Hope to see more soon. 
I Did It! 
Great map, great amosphere... I didn't liked the underwater catacomb place, should have deserved more air area... nevermind...
Keep it up ! 
nice details and texturing in shot4 
god damn this is a sweet looking map... it's nice to know that if I get the urge to start playing again, I have badass maps like this to look forward to. 
Some questions so I post my video of this :

1) The tool you made to export a mesh -> brushes (iirc). Is it available to the public?

2) Is there an update to the map to fix the final Shambler not aggroing? I seem to remember a fix being issued but can't find a link anywhere.

1. It's not. I always meant to clean it up and release it but it fell off my radar ...

2. No. It's something to do with my mod. I never got around to fixing. He'll aggro if you get closer to him. I think. :P 
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