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Sledge Editor
So I am having problem with this Editor.

First of all, I know its in Alpha and lots of bugs and stuff but I really like how it looks and how smooth it is. The problem I have is I can't get the Quake textures to work. Half Life 1 I can map for just fine but no matter what I try, the Quake textures won't show up in the editor.

Anyone have some light on this?
Sledge wasn't developed with Quake support in mind, so I wouldn't recommend trying to use it for Quake even if you eventually did manage to get the textures to work.

In any case, you're better off asking here, where the developer is actively participating in the discussion. 
If You Want Something Similar... 
...Try Jackhammer. It has support for both quake and half life. 
Okay then. I'll just have to wait until its at least out of alpha I guess. I'll use Jackhammer in the meantime 
Did they also add painterly mode and film grain? 
sometimes it can be difficult to tell if an idea is good or not though... i know sleepwalkr can tell you i've made some bad suggestions for trenchbroom that he was quick to recognize. :D 
And Vice Versa ;-) 
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