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Q3DM - Feel The Way You Hate
This is my entry to the MapCore Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest. Be sure to check out the other maps which are much better than mine in the contest forum!

A somewhat rushed map, but it came out decent. 3-6 players FFA. Please enjoy! I'll likely make a Q1DM version in the near future, but don't quote me on that!

Download | Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4 | Shot 5
Looks Not Poop 
Not spectacular but definitely nails the Q3 vibe. Only complaint I have is the pipe texture looks poop. All else looks not poop. 
Why Did You Make A Q3 Map Instead Of Mapping For Q1??? 
I hate you! 
What Zwiffle Said. 
Looks very solid and nicely designed. 
This Is A Neat Little Map Scampie 
good gameplay.

But like I said in the mapcore thread, gwdm2 or phantq3dm6 should take home the prize. 
Oh, I am nearly certain of that as well. Those maps are great! 
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