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Map Jam 4 - Low-Gravity Runic - EXTENDED Deadline: 25th January 2015
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a period of weeks using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

NEW Deadline - 25th January 2015
Theme - Low-gravity Runic maps / Ziggurat Vertigo inspired maps

Note: Your entries must work with a gravity value of 100 (the one used in e1m8). You can use the console command sv_gravity for that. The final pack will have a custom progs.dat that will take care of that.

Guidelines for Map Jam Texture Wad
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Very Nice. 
Love the spikey anus door in shot 2 
Bloody Too... 
This map could get me playing Quake again.

(I do realise that this is 'so what' statement, but from me, it's a compliment) 
Well, let's do a call right quick. How many people are going to submit maps? 
Skiffy ! 
I want this map v-e-r-y badly !

Looks impressive !

Please, take your time, BUT pleeease finish it ! 
I Am 
I Will Not Be.... 
Sorry. Mapper's block (at least on this map...) 
...dripping with atmosfear from the look of it. If gameplay matches this will be a delight. 
Call Me In.. 
I so wanted to make something in this theme... but once again I didn't manage. Shame. Hope there's going to be some nice maps still - skiffy's looks very cool from the screenshots. 
No Worries It Will Be Finished This Year... :) 
Its still early after all. 
Noob Question 
"changelevel to start map" means what? e1m1? 
Start.bsp is the default skill and episode selection point in Quake. It has some special properties normally found in progs.dat located in ID1\PAK1.pak

For this "Jam" there is supposed to be a start map (although I'm not too sure if that's happening) so that a player can go from level to level, not keeping the weapons\ammo\armour or whatever from the previous one.

Anyway, just make your level exit trigger go to start (not start.bsp) or start2 (which bypasses the skill selection keeping whatever you chose at first as the default) and that's it. In my opinion that's where all individual maps should point to at the exit (the alternative is usually to point back at itself). 
Map Sent 
I did run into some brush pop in errors after vissing, but i think i could fix them. This theme was fun! Thanks for organizing it. 
Sent My Entry 
to skacky's account. 
and his gmail account... I hope you liek spam! 
So far I've received Rapowke's and Fifth's entries. You have until today 23:59 to send them. 
I Check This Thread Every Day 
these days, but when is the new deadline? 
The pack should be released this weekend. 
Thanks Skacky 
looking forward to the release over weekend. 
i cant wait :') 
If I had known that it was delayed I would have spent yesterday adding more stuff ! 
Words 5th 
just words 
Above Post Is Of Motivational Nature 
please dont get me wrong 5th. 
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