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Map Jam 4 - Low-Gravity Runic - EXTENDED Deadline: 25th January 2015
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a period of weeks using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

NEW Deadline - 25th January 2015
Theme - Low-gravity Runic maps / Ziggurat Vertigo inspired maps

Note: Your entries must work with a gravity value of 100 (the one used in e1m8). You can use the console command sv_gravity for that. The final pack will have a custom progs.dat that will take care of that.

Guidelines for Map Jam Texture Wad
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All maps should be full of spawn, fiends, rottweilers and trigger_monster_push (did I get that right?) :D

Remember that voreballs and smabler lightning can be a bitch in low gravity. Quad+pent RJs on the other hand... 
Fun Fact 
There will be a start map this time. 
There should be a start map jam, where you try to make a unified start map for all of the map jams, incorporating their themes and styles. 
Making a new start map for the standard id episodes could easily be a jam. 
Start Maps... 
I love large and nice looking start maps, when the atmosphere is strong.

Is there a way to design some "universal" start maps that could be used for any maps ? If it's possible with Quake1, the start map could be linked to a simple text file that the user could edit, to change the map links.

The start map could offer gates to, say, 10 maps (with the usual difficulty settings). If a jam includes only 6 maps (for example), then the last 4 gates could be linked to some default Quake1 maps...

Or even a start map to select random maps ? ;-)

A maze of gates could be fun too.

Moving and flipping gates from hell, "randomly" rotating so the user can't tell which map he will select could be part of the fun too. 
If There Is A Start Map ... 
how about posting an screenshot of it, or at least to the portal/door/... and its surroundings, so the beginning of the maps can be adapted to resemble it and make a nice transition. 
That would be counter productive. Go nuts with the theme. Your map just has to be Runic in appearance and feature low gravity. 
I'll Do, Don't Worry 
I tend to be the one that goes nuts with the maps the most.

I know what you are implying with that, but the theme going completely nuts shouldn't interfere with a transition in the first room or wall, at least in theory, and would give more coherence to the pack.

Aside from that, just a screenshot would give the one that makes the start map the freedom to change it to fit more maps or to redesign it, or just to make it if he can't till January. 
And You 
Stop Screaming ;-) 
I did in GA... 
Oh Cool! 
I'm in. 
Without Sock Items Please 
if I wanted to replace content, I would do so myself... 
Well, it says:

"Vanilla gameplay only, no MOD support (Quoth, SoA, DoE)"

I assume the progs will change the gravity and the wateralpha and maybe fix the fish. :P 
Yes, that's pretty much all. 
No Ministry Of Defence Support? 
Otp, Translation, Please 
As i suppose that GA doesn't mean green armour in there. 
GA = general abuse, I think otp means this: 
Precisely That. 
Easier Than I Thought 
Like always. 
In Other News 
otp still screams in Green Armor.

Also for whatever reason my mind just read otp as odb, and thus interpreted it as "ol' turdy pastor". So, there is that. 
Kinda working on a little something. no idea if I'll finish it though... 
Go Fifth Go!! 
Many weeks left. Much mappage! 
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