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2014 The Year Of Quake Sp?
Well I vote for it :)

Seems to be a pretty awesome year for custom maps. A few things that have stood out:

1. Community packs - with an unusual amount of support and dedicate for Jams and other such packs. Coordinating mappers seems to be like herding cats so it's great people have rallied together for cool map themes.
2. New mappers coming through with some seriously good mapping - and some retired mappers coming out of the woodwork with the odd gem. Nice to see fresh inspiration and people taking up the Quake mapping baton.
3. The variety of excellence created - from cutting edge maps pushing the very boundaries of Quake itself, like RRP, to great maps showing just what can still be done with standard textures and monsters (and a bit of help from a skybox etc), like RetroJams.

All of these show just how good Quake SP maps and mapping can be, 18 years on. Even recently I replayed a few of the years releases and I was struck by just how great there were.

Personal shoutouts to: Sock, Skacky, MFX, the Jams, Zendar, and RRP. Big up everyone else too!
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Seems Like A Cool Thing To Celebrate, Might Update My Blog... 
in my review of Zendar I said someone had finally topped Marcher, and then later that Jam2_MFX reached Zendar standards, so I totally agree with post 1, except that I don't necessarily think that the only way to go is down, but those two are definitely the pinnacle so far (haven't yet played RRP and some others, been very busy and have maps to finish). 
Just Realised 
that I haven't actually played Rubicon Rumble Pack properly yet. 
jam3_mfx. To be honest, I've played plenty of maps since then that I preferred over marcher. Your bsp2 map, Tronyn, I liked more than marcher. 
Metal Monstrosity
Various Map Jams -esp Zerstorer
RRP-like MFX's secret maze
the hell thats coming 
I think most of the maps would not exist without the new tools and engines that were/are being developed. So my thanks go to rebb, ericw, sleepwalkr, baker, steven, szo, spike...
And to all mappers of course:) 
Yes, 2014 was a great year for maps AND for tools. Amazing... 
But then, it's just another example of how the sudden appearance of a charismatic leader (sock) can make people do things they normally wouldn't do (go map). Sociology, bitches! 

That is all.

For 2015 I want necros and czg releases plus all the jam awesomeness to continue from sock, mfx, skacky et al. 
and glassman needs to come back. 
Binary Heroes 
It is always easy to pick mappers or artists for contributing to a community effort because they produce stuff that is so visual and instantly entertaining. I personally think it is the coders (Tyrann, Ericw, Preach, Sleepwalkr) behind the scenes that really desire our thanks.

If it was not for TYRUTILS by Kevin Shanahan I would have given up on Quake SP a long time ago. With his compiler I can create crazy complex stuff in days and then easily check it out in game within minutes. Quake is alive because of the 2014 toolset.

I hope more coders get involved with the community because that will ultimately lead to more art/game content. 
I Wish I Could Code 
because there's a lot that could yet be done with Quake, plus I would love to see a bit more expanding on things like Quoth and Drake.
Also I wish Capnbubs would come out the woodwork and update the rest of the Quake models, the work he did so far is incredible and broken models like the standard Knight really annoy the hell out of me now. 
2014 was a very good year.

Thanks to all the mappers who gave us so much fun ! 
Fifth, I'm going to release my new knight probably this weekend. I sat on it for a while intending to add some bonus anims but I'm clearly never going to do that ever at all ever, so there's no reason to delay. Except a matching new h_knight.mdl. That I'm totally doing this weekend.

I noticed the other day that lunsp1 will be 10 years ago this coming June. lunsp2 is not gonna make it. (blame kerbal space program.) 
But On The Other Hand. 
Jam2_Lun was pretty damn sweet and a really cool interpretation of the style :) 
Jam2_lun was my favourite after MFX's map. I think it looks real sexy and somehow manages to remind me a hell of a lot of Doom. I think the extra little textures made for that map really add a lot to the ikwhite theme, I have something in mind with those textures but it's going on the backburner right at this minute. 
Lun 'somehow managed to remind' someone of Doom with his E2M1 remake. Well done! 
I don't pretend to be an expert on Doom. ;)
I usually play the first episode of Doom 1 or I play Doom 2 and that's generally it (although the xbox 360 exclusive Doom 2 episode is also amazing and I've played that a few times on local co-op now) 
Most of the levels in the Xbox360 Doom2 episode were designed by our friend Richard Heath, AKA Charon 
heart symbol 
Just replayed E2M1 and I don't see the resemblance at all with Luns map.

Also that's a cool factoid about the Doom 2 ep. Since I own doom for the 360 I decided to hunt around to see if it's available on the PC and it is, though I wont point you to teh warez. Playing on PC is definitely the best way forward, and you get the mod support too. 
it's only partial because I didn't finish, and I modified the layout to compensate.

You really don't recognize the slime river with the sinking bridge? 
Trenchbroom And Quake Spasm! 
Those 2.... got me interesting in doing maps for Quake1. And the lovely map jams! and DAZ and Quakeguy Tumbler page. And that is how I wandered in here with so many helpful folks! So yea Func has helped a ton too in that regard.

Cheers to everyone! 
10 Years Is A Hell Of A Long Time To Spend Not Making Quake Maps 
Turns out Marcher was released exactly 10 years ago!

If I was visited 10 years ago by a future me who told the younger me that it would be the last map I'd release for (at least) 10 years, not only would the younger me give himself a good flogging in shame and disgust, but he'd probably get a good kicking from the future me too. I fucking suck.

Seems Like A Cool Thing To Celebrate, Might Update My Blog

Thanks Fifth, I had a look and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little bit teary-eyed. :}

I hate picking winners because there is so much goodness to choose from, and I tend towards collaboration over competition - but I will agree that 2014 has been an exceptionally awesome year for quakery. 
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