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Map Jam 4 - "Low Gravity Runic" Theme Pack Released
Two fiendish low gravity Runic maps by FifthElephant and Rapowke. Congratulations to Rapowke who released his first Quake map!

Discussion Thread
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Looks pretty, but man releasing on a Monday =/
I hope I can get to this tomorrow, otherwise I'll probably have to wait until Friday to play :( 
Holy Shit !!! 
The left screenshot looks awesome....

And I concur with Zwiffle: shame on you !! Releasing a Monday is a bad idea. I have to desperately wait till Saturday evening to play the pack.. (as I am on business trip in the US for the complete week)... damn ! 
Sorry And Have Fun 
So many stupid texture errors and stuff, but i wish you lots of fun with it. 

Just seen your map on DaZ's stream and I loved the way it started by falling through the whole level. Really awesome! 
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