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Map Jam 4 - "Low Gravity Runic" Theme Pack Released
Two fiendish low gravity Runic maps by FifthElephant and Rapowke. Congratulations to Rapowke who released his first Quake map!

Discussion Thread
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Watched Daz play. Nice work, Fifth! Your map looked sick. 
Fifth's was very cool. Quite bonkers that it is essentially a map within a box but still has a classy style. The layout confused me a bit but that's fine. A longer map in this style would be great.

Rapowke, could have done with more/any testing and maybe a less ambitious scale. I did like the style of the underground bit tho, but god-moded through it. 
Both Nicely Done 
Rapowke, congrats on your first Quake map release. While there were HOM issues throughout, the gameplay was just fine, as was some of the details, such as the jutted blocky walls. I'd say you are starting out with a good reputation with that map.

First run demos, hard skill, recorded in Quakespasm. 
I Love The Rapowke Map. It's Pure Essence Of 1997. 
I Tried Wearing That On A Date Once 
just a little on the neck and wrists

she said cu l8r boi 
Thanks Guys 
I really appreciate it. 
I'm Not A Fan Of Low Grav Gameplay 
but still liked fifth's map for its non-linearity. Looks nice too.

Rapowke's map, ambitious, especially for a first map, but overall definitely felt like a first map and not my cup of tea. 
Have No Time To Play Quake 
But I look forward to these maps! 
I'm Just A Lazy Fuck 
But will download, play, piss and moan sometime soon.

Don't wait for noone though - keep mapping. 
Runs (flights) 
both pretty straightforward, `
on fifth's getting the the skriewk on the ogre saved 2 secs
on rapowke's there might be some room for awesome mid air boosting stuff you make a fulltime study of it 
Make Them Click! 
Lol Orbs... 
I knew about the air control at the beginning but I did try to add spikes and stuff to stop people circling to the exit early at the end, but you still managed it. I could have added a clip brush but I thought that might have been overkill :P 
This Thread Needs More Feedback! 
fifth: Solid! Loved the plates popping up though that might have been a bug.

krabummsel: Pretty broken geometry in requiem, lots of HOMs? I missed the GK lift or something, noclipped up then. 
Oh And It Was Fun 
Plates popping up? 
Nice one! 
Loving The Speedruns 
and thanks Spirit 
Clips are a mappers cheat! I never regarded a map having shortcuts as a mappers mistake. A map is somethign wich provide a challenge, preferably multiple challenges for many different plays. A good shortcut should ofcourse not be overobvious or very easy and in balance with how much it would actualy shortcut. Preferably the hardest route is the most beautifull and quickest then again you don't realy want to plan these routes imo. Figuring out the routes is for me the most fun i regard every new map as a little puzzle, sometimes when "solved" i'm like aargh now i got to pull this off aswell :P 
Quite enjoyed your map Fifth, even though I wasn't overly keen on it after I first played it, I really appreciated it on my second playthrough. Were a few suprising gameplay elements on my first go as I think e1m8 is the only other low-grav map I've played before this (as far as I can recall), and the voreballs really caught me off guard as I couldn't easily jump around corners to avoid them as I'd usually do. Would love to see more low-grav maps to see how they can further mix up standard Quake gameplay elements like this. Also loved the openness of the map, made for some interesting approaches to both the layout and combat encounters, much helped by the low gravity of course. Visuals were nice too, especially the skybox and floating lava. No demo unfortunately, but I played on skill 3 and got all kills/secrets.

Rapowke: didn't finish it, was a bit put off from the get-go by the rendering errors and the huge, empty, box-like architecture. Played for a bit but felt like a typical first map, sorry. Don't let me discourage you though, it's great to see new people entering the Q1SP mapping scene and I'm looking forward to see more from you. 
Rapowke should definitely keep making maps. 
I plan to revisit the map and add more gameplay and encounters to it. Wasn't 100% satisfied with it really. 
Finally Played It 
What others said.

fifth map is so far the best of two: solid architecture and good bloody fog ambience

Rapowke: shame on you: there are to much HOMs in the map. The map shouldhave deserved much more polishing... anyway: nice try, and don't give up please ;) 
Shame On You 
Don't give up 
that didn't get inrony of the post :P 
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