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Mapping Contest 2015
Dear Quakers and fellow Mappers!

On Feb 15th we'll be holding our 10th Mapping Contest hosted by Q2Cafe at This is the big 10 so we're planning something memorable. Currently we have 13 mappers signed up, coming from different backgrounds, games, and using a range of unique editors. With the map format being largely interchangeable you don't need to be exclusively into one flavor of Quake (i.e. Q2) to join. Everyone loves a good challenge, so we thought we could interest some of you in a little Competitive Event of a different kind! This one involves making maps for a change, to see how you'll do against our lineup. We're looking for capable challengers to claim the top title, and become the mapping champs. We're also looking for people to help rate and judge the maps, so if that's more up your alley we'd also love to have you!

There's no pressure to construct superb works of art, unless of course you want to, so we'd like to extend our invitation and welcome any new mappers and beginners alike, to hopefully expose them to some creative spirit and learning opportunities within this fun filled event!

The past events were all smash hits that rewarded the community with awesome new maps, as well as learning challenges, and we don't see that changing this time. We're looking for new talent as well as Pros, either way all sorts of contributions are welcome. Most importantly this contest is about the fun experience and group activity that will enrich and expand our playing field. We would hate for any capable mappers to miss out on this exciting event, which will surely stimulate everyone's imagination for years to come! And just imagine what you can make with the right tools and tiny spark of ingenuity. All entries are welcome, big or small, they will all help make this Mapping Contest a success. We currently have 6 Judges standing by to help rate your creations. The Contest starts on Feb 15th and ends midway through March. You'll all get at least a month to create something awesome, so we hope many of you can represent. So if you don't mind some competitive spirit, please stop by Q2Cafe and join the Contest:

Null (aka Level Lord)
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Not To Be Confused With 
"the" levellord, I presume? 
*the* levelord is spelled levelord with 2 L's rather than 3 
Levelord, according to what I see on Facebook, is happily living out his days as a rural Russian. I don't think he does much level design these days. 
Vondur, according to what I see on Facebook, is happily living out his days as a rural Russian. I don't think he does much level design these days. 
i live in evil megapolis known as moscow, still i don't do much level design these days. 
If anything ever happens to you, just know that I think you're one neat Russki. 
Vondur=THE Levelord 
Nope I don't live in Russia :)
Are you the levelord from 3DRealms/Ritual? 
Attention all Mappers!

There are now less than 3 days left before the start of the Contest, so don't miss it! We currently have 17 mappers and 6 Judges signed up! But we'd love to see more people from this community representing as well!
If you're a player with a bit of taste, you can be a judge. If you can use Radiant, Quark or Trenchbroom we'd love to see what you can do with it. We've got a few Q1 and Q3 mappers signed up as well so it's really anyone's game! We want challengers from different backgrounds and skill levels to try and claim the title!

Here's a little preview to help make up your mind how much fun it can be:

Screenshots of our past contests:

Mappers Sign Up Here:

Judges Sign Up Here:

See you there :) 
Last Day To Join The Biggest Q2 Mapping Event In History! 
Hello again fellow Mappers and Quakers!

We're currently at 22 mappers and 7 judges all fired up and ready to go. We'd love to have you join our fun filled event!

Just to let you know, today is the last day to sign up for this contest. This is hands down our biggest Contest ever! Things are about to get real interesting for all those involved. If you're still hesitating, it might help to know that we're also accepting previously unseen and unsubmitted work. So if you have an old gem or two lying around that you think you can polish off in a month, this is a great opportunity to submit it and get it rated by our Judges!

So don't delay, Join today! Last chance :)

Mappers Sign Up Here:

Judges Sign Up Here:

Our Current List of Mappers, some of whom you might recognize :)

m (aka Maric)
Text Fish

See you there ;) 
Deadline Extended 
Quoting from Null:


I'm going to extend the deadline till March 20th to give everyone more time.
Still, try to finish as soon as possible because we'll not be adding any more time after that.

This gives you just 5 extra days to work on your maps, so use this time wisely. Please don't treat this only as extra assurance to just kick back and relax, because you might still run out of time if you're not careful
Also, try to test compile your most recent version at least 2 days prior to this deadline, so you aren't stuck with some weird compile errors later. Keep this bsp just in case. This way you'll know that once the time comes you'll actually be in the position to submit something on time.

So now there isn't excuses to submit the maps, or you Fifth submitting a second one ;)

More info on: 
March 20th !!?? 
Excellent choice: this is my birthday :) 
Mine too 
I do have another Q2 map that I played with. Doubt I will work on it, not sure yet. 
Results Announced And Maps Released 
A bit late to announce, but the scores of the competition and the maps themselves have been published.

The scores:

The maps:

Have as much fun as we had when making them, and please reward the mappers with some feedback. 
Bestow me with your praise, for my map should have at least got like 4th place or something... you know... in my humble non-bias opinion.

Though I did forget to put any sound entities in the map and therefore it's like being in a sound deprivation chamber. But aside from that it's perfect in every conceivable way. 
Are There Screenshots Anywhere? 
and these are all dm maps right? 
Not for now, at least officially. Null will make threads for each map with screenshots to drop comments, but for now the aren't ready. But if ou are eager to see them, Jaydolan posted some random screenshots on Facebook.

And for the second question, yes, all of them are Deathmatch maps that work with the original engine. 
Individual Threads And Screenshots Published 
Mmm, they're all so Quake2-y! Just looking at those screenshots I can hear the zipper-noise of respawning in Q2. It'll be a nice excuse to go back into that for a bit... what's the current recommended MP setup, just whatever tastyspleen currently provides? 
/me Pats Fifthelephant On The Head 
good boy, good boy ... is that the praise you were searching for?

On the more serious side, i also think that your map should have ranked higher, but the lack of sounds blundered your scores a lot, and also the fact that it is a remake in ID textures, and originality was a category in the ratings, were the main reasons.
I can see how you are worried about that: as that map is perfect as you say, you won't be making a better one ever, as theres nothing higher than perfection.

By the way, i wrote a review and suggestions for your map, and for the other 19 (no favoritisms here). Take a good look, i expect it to help you. Tell me later in there what you think, i am up for any mapping talks.

* Johnny Law, what are you asking about by DM setup? Engines? game mode/options? brightness settings? servers? But you'll probably get a better answer at Quake 2 Cafe's IRC channel in here or at Tastypleen. 
Just wondering about the current state-of-the-art engine or package for fiddling around with Q2 multiplayer and bots. Like if someone asked about playing Quake singleplayer custom maps, around here most of us would recommend QuakeSpasm as the thing most likely to broadly work. Or for Q3 multiplayer, ioquake3. Etc.

For Q2 I've messed around in the past with Yamagi, KMQ2, R1Q2, and I think some older version of the tastyspleen starter kit. I probably will just go see what tastyspleen has these days if there's no other recommendation. 
My map wasn't a remake although as I was working on it I was starting to see a lot of parallels with Deck16. I just continued to work on it regardless of the similarities. It wasn't intentional, it just evolved into what it is.

I definitely made a mistake on the sounds. I think with Quake a lot of the work is done for you in the sound dept as flame torches and the skybox automatically add ambience (plus monster noises and grunts etc).

As for textures I'm 100% sure how the texture system works. I think I wouldn't make a castle map for Q2 or anything like that anyway because of the game design, I like my Quake 2 to look like Quake 2.

And lastly, my maps better than yours so ner ner ner ner *sticks out tongue* 
I Have More Complicated Brushwork, I Am First At That In The Contest 
On the serious side, then, i nailed it: you like DM-Deck a lot, so much that you unintentionally try to remake it in your maps, as it is similar to it i cannot not call it that.

What i missed the most from Quake in my case was the lack of models for sourced lights, hence i ended relying on light textures too much, almost completely, ending with some light issues. Given the fact that it is easy to use any model in any entity in Quake 2, i just have to import them from other Id videogames for next maps. 
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