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Zerst�rer Crash
I'm replaying Zerst�rer and it's still very cool IMO, but I've run into a crash issue during the True Love Awaits level. When the monsters spawn it seems to overload the engine. I'm using Darkplaces for my Zer game. Anyone who knows if there's anything I can do about it? Would it be solved by restarting Zer with FitzQuake Mark V?
I'll guess I'll find out as I've restarted it with FitzQuake. 
DP ain't exactly known for maintaining compatibility with existing mods/maps. 
If You Have A DP Save Before The Crash 
might be worth uploading it somewhere so LordHavoc or someone else could have a look. 
Right, here is the save from just before all hell breaks loose and the game crashes:

I had no such issues when doing the same map with FitzQuake Mark V just now.

Wonderful level BTW. 
And it's True Love Waits rather than Awaits. 
The Best Level In Zer Mod 
fite me irl if you disagree ;) 
I agree DaZ, so no worries from me. :)

Now I have another issue. When trying to exit Bunker for the last map, the game crashes with the following console message: "HOST_ERROR: SKY TEXTURE SKYBLACK MUST BE 256X256 BUT IS 16 BY 16" Google draws a blank when searching for it. Anyone who knows what this is about and if it's possible to fix? 
Looks like it was a hard error to have a sky texture not be 256x128 in a previous version of Fitz MarkV, but Baker changed it to a warning in the most recent build:

So upgrading to that should fix it, otherwise try Quakespasm. 
That was kind of confusing, the link in the top post of that thread is an older version, I meant to point to the Oct 10 2014 build which is the most recent release. here is the direct link: 
Thanks ericw, that was quick - and it worked fine! Nice ending to the Zerst�rer episode as well.

Marin "Kandyman" Gazzari, who did several of the maps, including True Love Waits, is definitely in my Olympus of Quake mappers. Seems he worked on Half-Life: Opposing Force, but not sure what happened to him after that. 
Thanks for the tip about Quakespasm btw. I like it a lot. 
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