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RetroJam3 Released!
The third Retro Jam is available! The theme was "Vertical Metal/Runic". This pack contains two devilish Runic maps ripe for carnage, made in a few days by FifthElephant and skacky.

Download / Screenshot
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You Forgot The Trigger_hurt 
I was going to have a rune at the beginning and then when you went through either door you got dropped into a hellish room filled with spawns via a 2nd playerstart.

But I am drained with all the mapping. 
Oh wait... ffs.. I know what you mean 
Fixed Version Of The Start Map... 
Enjoy your demise as you fall to the void. 
Wow ! 
Now, THAT's a start map !

Feels perfectly in harmony with both maps.

Now, that pack is complete. Thanks a lot !

(I'll also try to play the start map using the DMSP mod, to add one thousands monstrers in it... in nightmare mode!) 
Wouldnt The Start Map 
just have a spawn point though? 
Not Dmsp compatible tbh 
Was just kidding with the DMSP on the start map.

Could be fun, however, to trigger some random monster waves on a start map, after hiting some secret button somewhere.

I still believe that start maps are underused. Start maps with lots traps and puzzles to solves, before selecting a skill and a map gate.

Like Indiana Jones in that Inca temple, walk on the wrong tile (while running to a gate) and get a smash on the face !

Or solve a puzzle of some sort to activate the hidden gates... 
Fuck No. 
You're looking for Tomb Raider. 
Quake Is Better Than Tomb Raider 
There's a mod called doom raider. You should check it out 
Modern Quake Could Use More Of The Classic Traps And Puzzles 
Monster-free map jam. Come on! 
Someone needs to do a puzzle based mod with a set of logic entities (and/or, gating, etc) and a nicely controllable mover system. Using the stock set is ... challenging. 
E1m3 Jam 
In style, not necessarily theme. I'm thinking the traps, false traps, and ambushes. 
Use Extras R4 
Both very nice maps and fun to play. Have some demos made, but i might want to improve them still (especialy the run on fifth is realy hard for me to do how i want it to) 
Secret Number 7? 
i seen a coupel posts with people getting 7 skacky secrets, did anyone find the last? (i had 6 to) 
I Got 7 
However I could not find the proper way in, so I just RJed in (bloody area). 
Start Map In The "official" Distribution ? 
I'm wondering if the start map published above is now part of the official distribution of the RetroJam3 archive.

If not, don't forget to include it, since it's an awesome start map. 
Where The Heck Is The DLC??!?!` 
I paid good money for that shizzle! 
My map has been complete for a week and a half, still waiting for the others. 
This is so good it's scary.

Great job everyone. 
Finally Played This 
fifth's was definitely too hard and hated the teleporting enemies behind me, looks wise was ok.

skacky's looked nice and played ok, bit too much grind gameplay overall though. 
Puzzle Based Mod 
+1 vote.

My requests: puzzle jam and victorian jam. 
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