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RetroJam3 Released!
The third Retro Jam is available! The theme was "Vertical Metal/Runic". This pack contains two devilish Runic maps ripe for carnage, made in a few days by FifthElephant and skacky.

Download / Screenshot
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Awesome Maps! 
A handful of demos

Utterly loved how <vertical|insane> <skacky|Fifth>'s map was. Nearly got 100%, too, but one secret eluded me. 
These need to be advertised better ... I was barely aware this was going on. 
Dirac's Brackets... 
Hey onetruething, are you trying to calculate some scalar products ?

If |vertical> = |insane> are normalized eigenstates of Quake, then :

<vertical|insane> = 1,


<skacky|Fifth> = 0 since |skacky> and |Fifth> are two orthogonal states !

Wow ! 
Two superb maps. Thanks guys, these are real Quake maps !

Sadly, the start sucks. This pack need a decent start map with a metal style to fit the maps. 
Aww Yea 
just played skaky's map, here's first run

cool map! proper oldskool vibe :) 
This was a suprise. I would have participated in it if I knew about it.

Awesome maps. Runic never gets old. 
first fail attempt to beat fifth's map. too much random monsters make this map rather deadly.

ps. if chrome says that my site is dangerous, ignore it, click button 'details' and then 'visit the site' link. 
I messed up and didn't record demos so you will have to make do with teh tube of you's

Retrojam3_fifth : It had an over reliance on teleported enemies which made combat difficult to anticipate and plan for. It can be ok in small doses but in this map it felt like every fight was a teleport fest.

Some nice designs in areas, reminded me a lot of your jam4 map (less red :D). Final combat was pretty cool. Found all secrets because I am a boss!

retrojam3_skacky : holy look up/down batman. Crazy verticality which was amazing to see. Fun combat for the most part and a lovely quad run mid way through. I think I found 3 or 4 out of 7 secrets. I ended up trying to shoot all the yellow light fittings after finding the secret in one of them :)

I loved the final arena. It was really fun using the other enemies in the area as shields against the vore balls. Top stuff from the French man! 
thanks for the vid. I watched SlapMap's vid too (he posted on twitter I think).

I definitely felt the time constraints on this one, I wanted some big gameplay ideas going in and I didn't want the map to feel too half arsed in that respect. I set up a bunch of set piece fights knowing I was going to end up teleporting a lot of monsters. It doesn't help that the map is open-plan so if I had monsters on patrol or in set places I know that I may have ended up with either too few enemies or a room which will aggro all at once.

The map feels way too linear, the open go-anywhere-gameplay in my jam 4 map was definitely a strong point. Also I didn't have time to do proper secrets either.

All in all I am happy with what I did in the time I did it but I will admit that it could have been a much better map if I had play-tested or made some different decisions. 
> made in a few days
insane, it took an hour for me to make few boxes, connect them and put monsters there :/

Fifth's looks and feels right but is too narrow in a sense of path planning to my taste, and monsters spawning in front of player don't make things better.

Skacky's map is a meaty impressive masterpiece, with nice balance between the old boxy maps and new detailed as shit ones.

(Sorry Fifth, only second run, I forgot to make a demo after install rush.) 
Great Work! 
Amazing what you guys did in a weekend + a day or two.

Bad, reckless skill 3 demos, but I had fun with them, will probably return for another more thorough playthrough on skill 1 or 2.

Fifth, I like the touch in yours of the mega that spawns the shambler! 
Guys, can you please STOP INCLUDING THAT FUCKING QUAKE.RC in jam packs??? Also, why are the texts hidden inside the pak?!

skacky is a massive dick for being able to make such a big, intricate and detailed map in just three days. It looks great and was quite fun, though would have needed some better signposting around the windtunnel bit - suddenly the (admittedly high-quality) sameyness makes it confusing to know how to progress if one misses the cue. Good secrets. Too sock'ish with the altars...

Fifth's map has a nice style, but I didn't find the gameplay to be much fun for the most part. An over-reliance on teleports and arena setups, and most importantly a severe lack of ammo. The quad fight was great, though.

1st Play Of Skackys Map

Have fun dude. Loved the map, really epic. 
Start Map... 
I replayed the maps, and guys, please, add a fucking start map.

And both maps should be linked : once you finish a map, it should load the second one. Having to load a map from the console just sucks.

You mappers are neglecting the start maps. They are adding a lot to the Quake experience and atmosphere, especially if they do have some puzzles to solve, secrets and mysteries, traps, etc.

Start maps are like preliminaries in sex ! You guys are going directly to the Quake penetration, without preparation. WTF !

Skacky's map is really amazing. That's the style of Quake maps that I love ! So out of this world. 
Eh, it's a weekend "jam". Cut them some slack. :-) 
Not for the quake.rc though, not for the quake.rc. 
"Eh, it's a weekend "jam". Cut them some slack. :-) "

Seriously. Be grateful you get anything. :) 
Start Map. 
Yeah, because start maps really make the other maps worthwhile. The gameplay, the flow, the harmony, the visceral excitement of choosing a skill setting. Truly the epitome of thrilling Quake action. I really don't know how we've survived all those decades of dismal Quake custom maps that would have been brilliant if only they'd had a fucking start map tagged on the front of them.

Barnak you are a moron. Please be quiet before you embarass yourself even more. 
Or, you know, take over making the start maps for these map jams. Sounds like a job you're passionate about. :) 
Start Maps = Theme For The Next Map Jam! 
Oh, I LIKE that idea ... that would be fun.

Has to link to the original id episodes and function as a proper start map, including the entrance to shub's lair. 
Announcing RetroJam 3 DLC! 
We are very glad to receive such overwhelmingly positive response from our community and thrilled to announce the upcoming [u][b]Q1 RetroJam 3 DLC![/u][/b]
The epic conclusion is imminent.
The DLC will include highly demanded popular features and addidions:

- start map
- text files outside of .pak
- and the most thrilling addition: absence of quake.rc!
- and much much more!*

Q1RetroJam3 DLC will be available to all non-premium members starting first week of May 2015.
We�ve worked hard to ensure you�ll have a blast in the new Q1RetroJam3 DLC. Pre-oreder now to unlock an extra tarbaby!

Follow us on twitter, steam, myspace and quaddicted. Retweet hashtag #Q1RetroJam3 and #Q1Retrojam3DLC for a chance to take a sneak peak at an exclusive screenshot of the new start map!

* this feature is subject to change 
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