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Quake Map Jam 666 : Fire And Brimstone
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over several weeks, using a certain theme and/or texture set. Check the readme file in the zip below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Theme - Fire and Brimstone
Deadline - 16th August 2015

Texture Wad - There are texture wads for this jam that include many theme related textures. It is not required to use these textures in your level, they are provided for inspiration and convenience only! Check this texture repository
for more wads :

Compile Tools - It is recommended that you use EricW's updated Quake compiler suite as they add much new functionality to lighting and visibility. Texture lighting in particular should be very useful for this jam!
Download EricW's tools :
Download worldcraft / Jackhammer fgd for these tools> :

Make it for Fitzquake / Quakespasm, bitches. You know the score.

Theme reference images:

It is a good idea to find reference images that you like so you can follow them and avoid staring at a blank editor wondering what to make!

Download the Map Jam 666 zip :

Also, a reminder : Water Alpha will be set to "1" for this jam! (Not transparent) because lava. Keep this in mind when building your maps!

Feel free to post wip images of your level in this thread! Good luck and GO MAP!

And finally, a list of designers that are streaming their level designs : (Ionous) (Daz)

Post below if you are streaming and I can get the list updated!
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Aww Yea 
Starting my Ice Castle now! 
Archive Link 
Thank you Daz!

Since Quaddicted is not available right now, here is an archive link to use in the meantime for the texture wads. 
"* The map can be any quality level (speed, turtle, full detail)"

What's speed, turtle and "full detail"? 
What Game Type? 
Must be a regular SP map, no multiplayer, no mods? 
So ... it's unclear. There ARE WADs for this or their aren't? I'm thinking not but ... 

typically the jams are vanilla quake.

Speed map = 24 hour map
turtle map = speed map but a bit longer to make (id software quality)
full detail = intense detail, mfx/sock/tronyn/skacky etc 
there's some wads above in the OP. I think it's a loose theme, those are suggested. As long as it follows the fire and brimstone theme (some of the reference shots are base themed) 
historical note: "speed map" used to be 1-2 hours 
There ARE WADs for this or their aren't?

There are two wads in the download for you to use. You don't have to use them, and you can use other textures of your own choosing as well!

Must be a regular SP map, no multiplayer, no mods?

Single player, vanilla Quake! 
Speed map was 1 hour, then extended to 100 mins. Then extended to as long as you wanted, since that's how long people were taking anyway. 
A Bit More Info 
I vid a video about it too 
Turtle map was 1 week. 
I stand well and truly corrected then...

I wouldn't be able to make a decent map in an hour that's for sure. 
Going To Start Broadcasting Soon...

Mapping and Black Metal. 
I'll likely do a few small informal streams ... maybe. :) 
That selection of inspiration images is fucking brilliant.

Anyone who does this: i will marry them. 
I wouldn't be able to make a decent map in an hour that's for sure.

Nobody could. That's why it was extended :) 
Fence Textures? 
What about them?

Or better: what's the target engine? 
I should have added something about that to the main post, but I think it is generally assumed that most people use FitzQuake / Quakespasm these days.

I would test all the maps in Quakespasm as that has the most up to date features. 
Also, don't forget ...

If you're so inclined. :) 
Nobody could. That's why it was extended :)

Actually, the switch to 100 minutes came when everyone wanted to do more single player maps. 1 hour deathmatch maps weren't so bad to make, but we added the extra 40 minutes so that single player maps could reasonably be done.


Back on topic, I'm planning to do a Rubicon Industrial base on a Lava world. 
I miss those speedmaps, people were experimenting much more, probably because the time investment was so little. 
Is it good if I make a modern city with red sky on its first part and then having its second part filled with lava and brimstone?

Or should I just make a map just like the second part? 
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