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Modern Downtown/city Maps For Q1/Q2?
Anyone know some good modern/futuristic city/downtown custom maps for Quake 1 and Quake 2 (can be either SP or MP, but preferably SP)?

I've been trying to make a downtown map in Trenchbroom now for both games, but now matter how I set up the brushes as buildings and streets, they just end up like Doom 2's Downtown level instead which looks nothing like a downtown.
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That looks more like a techbase than a city. 
There used to be a TF map that was based in a downtown city scene, but I 100% forget the name. Used to be pretty popular on the QW servers� 
That was the town2 and town4 maps. There was also the fragtown series.

If you want to see brush based modern structures, get the CoD4 SDK (I think Raven hosts it), they include a sample map or three and most of those are in cities. 
nah scar3crow it wasn't town2 or town4 ... TBH it may have actually been a CTF map. It was a downtown city street at night time, and was sort of an "L" shape if I recall correctly. Whatever, though - based on the timeframe it probably wasn't very detailed anyways. Most maps from back then are pretty primitive by today's standards haha 
Also, filter the map list on Quaddicted for "city" or "realism" and you should find a few that more or less fit the theme. 
It's 162 Actually 
Malice features some futuristic city levels. 
Malice 'cities' 
Mostly in the cutscenes, but they are the most primitive cities that you can imagine. YUCK! 
Let's see about that: 
Strangely enough the Kingpin and rtGnosis textures work quite well. 
what the heck is that?? that looks awesome! i'd love to see zombies running around in there.... 
Also, filter the map list on Quaddicted for "city" or "realism" and you should find a few that more or less fit the theme.

Yeah, like one of these two, maybe? 
Map Jam Theme 7: Victorian City 
Victorian Quake 
Interesting idea.

I've often thought that a setting similar to Dishonored would be an excellent backdrop for a modern re-mix of Quake.

I was just looking through the Kingpin textures wad the other day. There's a lot of potentially good stuff in it, but for some reason these textures are rarely used. 
Victorian Quake 
I wanted to do a Bloodborney Quake map at one point. 
Oh Lord, almost lost this topic. Yes, I have it!! Gonna do it! As soon as jam 6 is over. Jam 7 should be Victorian Quake! 
Wasn't Honey Pretty Much Like That? 
I am hoping for a necrappyos tribute jam some day
dicity looks great, almost what I am looking for. Looks so detailed and beautiful.

Victorian isn't exactly what I'd call modern or futuristic tho.

Also, I noticed in these maps on Quaddicted, why are there none that have skyscrapers, like in downtown NYC? The buildings in these maps seem to reach a certain height only. The big city featured in Malice's cutscenes are what I'm looking for. 
Not Futuristic :) 
We (I) were (was) just hijacking your thread. 
why are there none that have skyscrapers

You're welcome. 
Some I Had Made In The Past In A City Style 
That seems cool as beans. Release? 
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