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Modern Downtown/city Maps For Q1/Q2?
Anyone know some good modern/futuristic city/downtown custom maps for Quake 1 and Quake 2 (can be either SP or MP, but preferably SP)?

I've been trying to make a downtown map in Trenchbroom now for both games, but now matter how I set up the brushes as buildings and streets, they just end up like Doom 2's Downtown level instead which looks nothing like a downtown.
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Not Futuristic :) 
We (I) were (was) just hijacking your thread. 
why are there none that have skyscrapers

You're welcome. 
Some I Had Made In The Past In A City Style 
That seems cool as beans. Release? 
They are released as part of a mod I made...

They are inside the maps folder as qr_alley and qr_lost - the latter one is incomplete.
Also contained are some other maps I made (I am a sucker for Kingpin textures)

Not really city related, but hey it's the TR manor!!! My version made from memory though (except for the maze and the freezer) 
Cities in Quake tend to look weird. The player is a dwarf who can run incredibly fast.

As soon as you start putting in human sized things it goes sideways.

The trick to making a city work would be distorting the proportions to support quake and avoiding things that remind the player of their own size.

A lamp post that towers overhead could work, but a fire hydrant at waist height wouldn't.

Or maybe that's nonsense and smaller elements just need to be properly made on a 2x2 grid. 
Human sized doors are usually odd - they remind the player how short they are... 
Yep, agreed. That's why abstract environments work best in Quake. Realistic dimensions look goofy. 
I once tried to make an 8 sided cylinder with a domed end, a lot like a fire hydrant. I don't remember how big, but definitely 16 units or smaller across, maybe only 8, on a grid of 1. Could not make it work, it always came out highly distorted when seen in the game.

That was many years ago, maybe it would work better now. I remember the last Quake map I released, at a little over 450 lights the light maps started to become corrupted, so some things have gotten better. 
Waht About Your Well Of Wishes Rick? 
As long as you don't see other people, when it's just the first person POV and the environment, it's not that hard to fool player's eyes. 
When you walk up to a door and the handle hits you in the forehead, it's hard to fool the player. 
cylinder with a domed end, a lot like a 
Wish 13 
Got burnt out on mapping last summer and took a year break. Just got back on it a couple of weeks ago. I think this is the last screen I uploaded.

It hasn't changed much. I've fixed all but one of the major problems it had and it mostly just needs a little polish at this point. I'm seriously considering doing something for map jam6, but after that I will finish up Wish 13 for sure. If you want to look, there are a few more screens at, just look for ones that start off with "wish". They aren't recent though, some things have changed. 
Nice, i know some of the shots already, still good to hear you work on it! 
The Dopefish 
awaits you there.

Wanna play. 
You're just not being deceitful enough. Lower the handle. 
I wish you luck. Godspeed. 
Checked out qr_alley, it's small but really nice.

I could see something like this working really well in Q1SP, inherent scale issues notwithstanding. PikaCommando, I would say definitely download it and have a look; it seems to fit your requirements to a T.

And +1 for #15! 
Reminds me Fragtown DM series :) 
Proportions - You Can Have The Best Of Both Worlds Actually 
Realistically proportioned architecture for the main playable spaces sucks arse, for both combat and navigation. However...I've found that more realistically scaled side-rooms and other nooks and crannies can be tucked away off the beaten track within a larger main structure and it can work pretty well.

E.g. make a big-arse quake-esque fantasy castle, but you can always refine the chunky macro structure in places with some small storage rooms, sleeping quarters, jail cells etc. to add flavour and more interest. 
There is one not mentioned here I think, its got a sewer system, and a warehouse, and a room with computer monitors running.

Its DISDM4, City of Sin. 
could probably make some interesting mirror's edge-esque maps with some clean textures. 
For One Of My Map In My Mod I'll Take Inspiration From This One

Sure it's Daikatana but considering it's the only game that comes close to replicating Q1's movement I think it's worth mentionning. 
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