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Mapping For Daikatana?
I hear IonRadiant is the official and only map editor for Daiktana so far. However, I also hear it was even worse than the game itself because of troublesome setup process.

Is there an alternative to Ion Radiant? When can Trenchbroom or Jackhammer support Daikatana since it's a Q2 engine game as well?
Shambler Should Know Everything About This. 
I Know Naaaaarthing. 
Some hackers are doing full SP episode for Daikatana

So... perhaps they know how to setup mapping tools for DK. I dunno, you could ask them. 
Hogsy on InsideQC might know, he's working on OpenKatana and posts updates there. Let me know if you want to register an account. 
TB2 supports daiakatna in the form of an fgd file 
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