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Map Jam 6 : Fire And Brimstone Released!
Screenshot Collage :
Download (75mb) :
Shout out in PC Gamer mag:

Note : I heavily recommend the Quakespasm engine for this particular release. A level in the pack uses the 2BSP map format and another level will crash Fitzquake . Quakespasm is the only engine that had zero issues during testing!
Download Quakespasm :

Map jam 6 : Fire and Brimstone is a single player Quake level pack featuring 13 new fiendish single player levels for your enjoyment!

Thank you very much to all the mappers who took part in this event :

Adib Murad
EricW & Tronyn

Good luck and have fun! Remember to record a demo of yourself playing each level for the first time to help the mappers learn what worked and where people got stuck in their maps! (Optional of course)

Important Notice: <Daz> you should start a new game if you still have all your weapons and ammo when going back to the start map <3 ,3 sorry
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Hell Yeah 
dayum that's a lot of maps :o 
Workday will take forever before I run home. 
Awesome, been so looking forward to this pack.
Thanks to all mappers and Daz for getting it together! 
13 Maps? 
OSSUM! Congrats to all the participants :) 
Mega-hype ... nice! Love to see that many people jamming. 
Weeeee Bugs 
So apparently some people's inventory is not resetting when going back to the start map. I have no explanation for this as it works fine here and this is the first I've heard of this :P

So, if you still have your guns & ammo when returning to the start map. Just start a new game. Nothing lost, and you preserve balance of authors maps.

I'll look into this see about a patch... 
Yeah, it seems you not only need to go to '/maps/start.bsp' when changing levels, you also need to have collected a rune at some point (set serverflags) for Quake to reset your weapons and ammo. So dumb :(

You can give yourself a rune with impulse 11 and that will make your weapons reset when you get to the start map!

...or just load all the maps individually from the console like most people do ;D 
Played the first 2 levels so far. I suck at finding secrets.

Adib: Your level was neat, but some of the platforming was a bit weird sometimes.

Breez: Awesome level, really nice atmosphere, even if there was not a whole lot of fire and brimstone. It felt like some Lovecraftian library. Good stuff. 
This fixes the weapons not resetting when you re-renter the start map bug.

Simply replace the start.bsp in the maps/ folder with the one in the archive and gogogo :)

Sorry for the inconvenience :( 
If you release a fixed version, name it for continuity. 
Zomg That Was A Irc-quick Response 
Irc-quick Response 
<negke> ok daz, your fix sucks 
Hotfix no longer required. The main download has been updated with the fix. Thanks Negke! 
First 3 Maps Played 
Adib Murad - nice vertical with good idea of broking seals. though there's major design flaw, if you missed stones in the final room map becomes unpassable as u won't be able to return there.

Breezeep - proper map with nice atmosphere and balance.

Daz - nice underground evile. though not rly clear what to to after clearing final battle, so had to ask around ;)

first dems 
DaZ: Awesome map overall, though one can tell that you kinda ran out of time a bit with the stuff towards the yellow key door.

Also noticed some bugs, and things that do not look great. You got a whole bunch of skip texture into void stuff. For example at the stepping stones in front of the yellow armour secret. Also in the caves at the top of the lava falls. I think there were some other places.

The leaning stone in front of the entrance of the little building at the top (where the Mario secret is) is illusionary. Any reason for that? And I got an awesome demo of how one can fall out of your map at the very start. This worked for me every time.

I also got some vis problems in some places where stuff in the distance would show the void. Can that be fixed with commandline settings or somehow otherwise? 
DaZ, Also... 
you get bonuspoints for your end of level camera. Best perspective ever :D 
holy shit this map... I am blown away. 
Err... Vondur? 
I think your demo on my map freezes at the first few seconds of the demo. I don't know if it's something else. 
Yeah, strangely enough the level had no void on a -fast vis but errors occured once I full vised it :( I did find a few areas where collison was incorrect, but I didn't know there was one right at the start!? That sucks :(

The top area was a bit of a rush job, lots of c'n'p geo and "just throw a damn light in there so they can see" lighting ;)

I quite enjoy the final fight though. let me know what you thought. The other oversight is that its not clear that you pick up a SK after the fight and there is no clear way off the rooftop which seemed to confuse Vondur a bit :D We live and learn :) 
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