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Quoth SP - Escape From Your Cell!
This is the second Quake map I've completed.

This level is prison-themed, small sized and, well, you gotta escape!
This one was done months ago, while trying to be more familiar with mapping in general, hence why the map feels "blocky".

This map requires a quake client that supports colored lighting.


Nice To See A New Release! 
Yet to try it, but the screenshot seems to be down at the moment? 
Wierd, It Works Fine For Me 
Here's an alt link though: 
Nice Little Map 
Decent combat, alright layout, kinda flat lighting, liked the trap.
Found 0 secrets, noclipped to find them after I finished and they are almost not marked at all. :-( 
I could be very wrong, but I am guessing Spirit would be happier if you called the bsp something other than "escape.bsp", as there's already a file called "escape.bsp": 
Too Late, Release Is Release. Zip Name Matters Most 
Good map, not a fan of base maps though so not for me. 
This tinypic host is redirecting me to:

Which gives me 404. I'm guessing "pt" depends on where you are in the world. I changed "pt" for "www" and it works:

Dooomer is probably portuguese or brazilian like me. 
Thats the easiest jail break ever.
Fun second effort. But no secrets for me, just a chicken run after i got low on ammo. Nice colours/textures. 
Fun Stuff 
Short but sweet map, I recommend replaying on nightmare to anyone who breezed through on normal, there are skill settings and quite a few tight spots, even when you know how the level goes. Nice sparing use of the Quoth bestiary to mix variety into the standard line-up, and the monster jump in the spiral staircase room worked well several times.

I like the "solidness" to the structures like the ending bridge when viewed from the surrounding room, and the computers in there. They were chunky in a way that really suits Quake. The trap that others mentioned was neat too; it broke up the combat, was satisfying to "solve" by jumping from ledge to ledge and had a nice touch in how the blast shield was incorporated when it activated and in shutting it down. The actual end was a bit abrupt, not because the map was short so much as you didn't get to ride the elevator!

One technical note for Daya, I notice you've got a bunch of monster closets outside the map for monsters to teleport from. While there's nothing wrong with that, Quoth offers a lower effort way to add teleporting monsters:

Oh, and while I have your attention Daya, can I check it's alright to package the map up and add it to the maps on 
I blabled a lot about gameplay, but now I know more about monsters, here you are: the crowd at the bigger room (they key + armor room) just needed the "ambush" flag on, so they don't just go straight to you like cattle to slaughter from a vantage point (the stairs). 
Go Ahead Preach ;) 
Room with db shotgun... ;) Found one secret :D
Walkthroug: h 
^^^^ Link Correction... ^^^^ 
Zip Includes Screenshot.... 
...will not play. GG. 
Wow, Rude. 
Okay first (well, second) release; nothing spectacular, though a couple of neat things like the exploding terminal and the laser barrier. Silly secrets as they are completely unmarked and random. Demo 
Similar comments to my comments on the beta. Decent build quality, boxy design, busy textures. Ur manhattan map shows much stronger design capability.

However the gameplay is much beefed up since the beta, I enjoyed it. I liked the use of Quoth enemies, enough to spice it up but not too many. Ending was easy but fun. 
Only now I noticed there was a new version, duh...

You solved that crazy crowd at the bigger room and improved gameplay a lot. I think it's perfect now. 
Nice map Daya, died very chirldish but had fun, made it at second run, but final part could have more power and speed with Quad or SNG.

First demo in attachment

Very nice for a second try, keep it up! 
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