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Your Worst Nightmares Come True. Retro Jam 4: Episode 4!
4 days to create a spooky halloween episode 4 map.

But what constitutes an "episode 4" map?

- Dark and creepy!
- Traps!
- Cool map names!
- The player outside their comfort zone!
- Spawns everywhere!
- Powerups everywhere!

None of the above is required, so if you want to make something completely different, then shame on you, but go ahead! The below, however, is a requirement:

- at least one exit
- original BSP limits
- original detail level

A recommended but not obligatory wad: Duh!

I will be accepting your finished maps at retrojam4()gmail()com until October 31st.
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I Found It! 
I may try to make a map for this. Just need to take a look at E4 again for inspiration.

� and to hold my urges to try implementing gameplay mechanics that are too complicated. 
I've already created half my map... I reckon I will be done tomorrow. 
I've already created half a room... 
102 Brushes Down 
316 Brushes 76 Ents 
Didn't expect it to get this spooky here. 
Almost Done! 
528 Brushes 
Will I be finished tomorrow? Who the fuck knows. Maybe not. I'm sure I could con someone into finishing it for me... 
How About This? 
No Colored Lights Pleez 
Only ~2 Hours Tonight :( 
Such short notice!! Sorry for the leak bleed + sloppy sky lighting. 
Looks nice.

My map is going to be completely indoor, dark and blue-white brick mostly. I'll post some screenshots later. 
Nice Zwiff 
looks like you captured the E4 vibe well. I dont think I have captured it perfectly with mine but it does feel like something you might find in the classic game. 
694 Brushes 
I'm almost done with mine. 
666 or GTFO. 
I'll make it 999 and you can play upside down. 
Here's My Effort

I'd say its about 60-70% done. I haven't added any monsters yet. I repurposed a section from my episode that I was making since I'm uncertain as to whether it will ever be released, also it fits nicer in this map than the one it was in originally.
Geometry is mostly done. In true Sandy style I have kept it simple. Lighting probably needs tweaking, I don't think even he made his maps this dark.
I haven't done any item or enemy placement yet. I don't think it will take too long. I played through Episode 4 yesterday to get a feel for his maps. I'd say one thing I haven't really achieved is the really long corridors. I can't bring myself to waste that much space on nothing. However I am hoping it will have a Sandy flavour ;) 
Can't Wait 
looks proper id stuff Fifth 
That Looks Great 
That Is 
Also, I know that purple in my screenshot is horrible, but are you serious about "no colored lights"? So I should really aim for iD stuff? 
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