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Your Worst Nightmares Come True. Retro Jam 4: Episode 4!
4 days to create a spooky halloween episode 4 map.

But what constitutes an "episode 4" map?

- Dark and creepy!
- Traps!
- Cool map names!
- The player outside their comfort zone!
- Spawns everywhere!
- Powerups everywhere!

None of the above is required, so if you want to make something completely different, then shame on you, but go ahead! The below, however, is a requirement:

- at least one exit
- original BSP limits
- original detail level

A recommended but not obligatory wad: Duh!

I will be accepting your finished maps at retrojam4()gmail()com until October 31st.
I'm In, But 
"original detail level"? Bleh. You wish. 
Can I get an extension? 
Zwiffle wins. Fatality. 
- Cool map names!
- The player outside their comfort zone!
- Spawns everywhere!
- Powerups everywhere!

I'm psyched :D

I don't even know what "original detail level" means these days.

I do think Warren should convert his UE4 test area to Quake and submit that, with spawns and quads of course. 
r_speeds 450? 
- original detail level
that sucks.

- Dark and creepy!
- Traps!
- Cool map names!
- The player outside their comfort zone!
- Spawns everywhere!
- Powerups everywhere!

that rocks.

4 days jam in the middle of workweek. hmmm.... I'll try it, but I'm not sure I'll succeed at it. 
R_speeds 4 Figures Minimum. 
Four days on top of work, family, class, other responsibilities? Prepare yourself for my masterpiece: Loaded Radiant, Looked At It, Did Other Things! 
Cool Name Bro. 
We have a 2nd place winner after Zwiffle. 
"R_speeds 4 Figures Minimum."

It'll be like Speed. Someone make a mod ... if r_speeds drop below 1000, spawn 15 tar babies around the players location. 
Detailed open maps are overdone and boring. 
4 Whole Days? 
I guess I'll have to pass. 
Episode 4... make sure you use the least used textures in the game and that you minimise how much room-over-room gameplay as possible... and if it IS room-over-room make sure that the entire floor falls down into a pit of spawns/vores/shamblers/fiends 
"Your Worst Knightmares Come True"

Now THERE'S a theme ... 
4 Days 
It's like "7 days" but instead of getting your face eaten by a ghostly Japanese girl, you get buggered by a gang of Spawns jumping out of a square CSG-carve alcove with poorly aligned texturing. 
- Dark and creepy!
- Traps!
- Cool map names!
- The player outside their comfort zone!
- Spawns everywhere!

I'll just re-texture cartographer's nightmare with E4 textures...

but not really. 
I never speedmapped in my life, so I think it's too late for Haloween.

But I need a jam to map for. A goal. Someone fix me guidelines and a timeframe, please. 
4 days is very lenient for a retrojam. The others didn't last that long. 
Ah, so a retrojam is not the same as a mapjam... 
No, you toss geometry jam out of your rectum. 
Yeah, this is basically 'speedmap' by another name with a very very lax time rule.


Not sure I'll make anything, poor timing for me. Gotta focus on the map I am already working on so I can feel better about slacking off this weekend... 
Now seriously, I'm yet to learn how to throw a map in four days. Have to watch some of your casts. 
"Detailed open maps are overdone and boring."

Fuck off, hippie. 
Shut Up, Prenzlhipster 
I Live In X-Hain! 
You and your preconceptions. Its fine hippie, i expected no less.

Btw im joking and i love you! 
I Found It! 
I may try to make a map for this. Just need to take a look at E4 again for inspiration.

� and to hold my urges to try implementing gameplay mechanics that are too complicated. 
I've already created half my map... I reckon I will be done tomorrow. 
I've already created half a room... 
102 Brushes Down 
316 Brushes 76 Ents 
Didn't expect it to get this spooky here. 
Almost Done! 
528 Brushes 
Will I be finished tomorrow? Who the fuck knows. Maybe not. I'm sure I could con someone into finishing it for me... 
How About This? 
No Colored Lights Pleez 
Only ~2 Hours Tonight :( 
Such short notice!! Sorry for the leak bleed + sloppy sky lighting. 
Looks nice.

My map is going to be completely indoor, dark and blue-white brick mostly. I'll post some screenshots later. 
Nice Zwiff 
looks like you captured the E4 vibe well. I dont think I have captured it perfectly with mine but it does feel like something you might find in the classic game. 
694 Brushes 
I'm almost done with mine. 
666 or GTFO. 
I'll make it 999 and you can play upside down. 
Here's My Effort

I'd say its about 60-70% done. I haven't added any monsters yet. I repurposed a section from my episode that I was making since I'm uncertain as to whether it will ever be released, also it fits nicer in this map than the one it was in originally.
Geometry is mostly done. In true Sandy style I have kept it simple. Lighting probably needs tweaking, I don't think even he made his maps this dark.
I haven't done any item or enemy placement yet. I don't think it will take too long. I played through Episode 4 yesterday to get a feel for his maps. I'd say one thing I haven't really achieved is the really long corridors. I can't bring myself to waste that much space on nothing. However I am hoping it will have a Sandy flavour ;) 
Can't Wait 
looks proper id stuff Fifth 
That Looks Great 
That Is 
Also, I know that purple in my screenshot is horrible, but are you serious about "no colored lights"? So I should really aim for iD stuff? 
Sandy Petersen is the guy who did all the maps for E4 except E4M1 (which I believe was Tim Willits) 
Which part of "retro jam" is hard to understand? 
The "I never knew what retrojam was" part. 
Is -dirt Allowed 
I Think 
subtle colored lighting and fog will only enhance the dark and creepy atmosphere of Sandy's levels. 
I'm Planning To Use Colored Lights 
None of the above is required, so if you want to make something completely different, then shame on you, but go ahead! 
Literally every retro jam ever made, except negke's for some bizarre reason, has used colored lights.

subtle colored lighting and fog will only enhance the dark and creepy atmosphere of Sandy's levels. - Yes.

So I should really aim for iD stuff? - That's part of the appeal behind retro jams. Not everybody adheres to it and in some cases (ionous) it's for the better, but if you're offended by the mere idea that some people may actually... you know... like the original game, then reconsider entering. 
Some other maps Sandy Petersen has made: 
You Reconsider Entering 
or don't whatever i'm not your mom 
I'll consider entering your mom. 
If Quake's release date had been pushed back one more year, it probably would have included colored lighting. 
I don't think the guys at id would have survived another year of development. They were burned out on Quake before most of them had been able to start actual development. 
Fuck Wikia, the community migrated to ! 
Colored Lighting In Quake 
likely not just by being a year later. If you recall, colored lighting in Quake2 was only if you had a graphics accelerator, and those only started becoming common because Quake was released in the first place. 
Okay then, if 3D graphics accelerator cards had been commonly available a year or so sooner, Quake would have had colored lighting.

Either way, the strange tendency to turn up noses at colored lights in Quake makes little sense, because it barely escaped having them as standard equipment. 
^ The Shrimp Is Correct 
spirit: then why is the old one the one that comes up on google all the time, fix the internet plz 
Either way, the strange tendency to turn up noses at colored lights in Quake makes little sense, because it barely escaped having them as standard equipment.

Quake's textures are dark and muddy green/brown. Applying anything other than white light (or very subtle coloured light) to them makes them look like total bobbins.

Noticed how once coloured lighting became a thing in games, textures tended to be a lot lighter and had a more grey/neutral hue, so that they would still look decent once people started throwing all these disco lights around. 
Also, desaturated lights are a great means of conveying a cold feel. 
My map has coloured lighting in it, it's very subtle. It definitely helps the add to the atmosphere a lot. 
Lun, Cuz Of Peepz Lik U 
"...(or very subtle coloured light)..."

That is the real problem.

Six different colors of light in this shot:

I think only the flames and lava have rgb values that go below 200. 
Colored lighting is fine as long as the lights are not too saturated as to create disco lights. Subtlety is key. 
That Shot. 
Good example of coloured lighting done very well.

Coloured lighting was....a fairly neutral addition to Quake. Subtle and effective coloured lighting by mappers was definitely a positive addition. 
I'm Going To Color The Shit Out Of My Map 
you're welcome 
Well, it does say "Your worst nightmares come true" 
just delete the .lit files... 
And Add Your Bumpmapping Texture Pack 
Well, I Tried To Make A Map For This Jam... 
...only to learn I lack both time and discipline.

you monsters. 
Quake 64 Has Colored Lights 
And Saturn Quake has colored dynamic lights. So, colored lighting may fit in the retro criteria.

Fullbrights, overbrights, translucent liquids and mirrors also fitz Quake's style.

What doesn't fit: fog, skyboxes, and alphamasked textures. 
Skacky, that looks really nice.

I discovered that I can't map fast, so my map is going to be not that pretty and small. But it's gonna be brutal: I've placed 9 enemies so far, 4 of which are spawns.

And a screenshot. Oldskoolish: 
Swoon <3 
Proper E4 Vibez 
please keep it up! 
You Guysh. 
Are rocking the shit out of this. 
I intend to play your levels and record demos. All this look very promising. 
^ Exactly 
playing GlQuake in blurry crap mode is pretty 1997 
Mine Is Now Complete 
Will send it in. :) 
Go Make Another 
way to go 
I made a speedmap

It's dumb and bad and takes about 1 minute to beat 
way to go 
Sweet Sconces Bro 
Nice e4m7 sconces.
Mine is about 50% done. Still want to add lots of shit but time is short. 
Just To Double Check 
"until Oct. 31st" means we have all day to map on the 31st right? 
My map is still fairly small and I also want to add some more stuff.

/me votes for extendending deadline and giving us the whole weekend to complete our maps. 

An extension is unlikely but I'll see about it if it turns out to be really necessary.

I have also received Scampie's entry and it is delicious. 
Those Sconces Are Horrible. 
RETRO reads like Scooby Doo saying uh oh. RET RO.

Anyways, unsure if I'll be able to finish mine. Extremely bare bones layout is half way done, mostly with the same few textures over and over... I've only gotten in 4 hours on it so far. 
You Can Do It 
or die trying 
Extremely bare bones layout is half way done, mostly with the same few textures over and over

Sounds perfectly E4 to me 
E4 had some crazy texture combos sometimes though. Do the other half in wiz textures! 
My map has a bunch of unused id textures. It's quite nice actually. 
It progresses slowly. Here's another room: 
Looking Good Pulsar! 
Really nice work! 
wow, nice 
Looks proper evil.
Mine progressed extremely slowly today (made a single room!) and I'm too exhausted to work on it. Still, should be ready by tomorrow evening. 
My Map Has Been Submitted 
It's only been playtested by myself. I'm sure it will be broken and horrible. 
You Guys Inspired Me 
� so I'm making a E4 themed map. It won't be released in time for this jam, though; I haven't even finished a single area yet.

But I've done lots of progress on prefabs, planned the general theme progression, enemy progression, weapon progression, etcetera. It's been a fun exercise, and toying with the engine's strengths gives me a different perspective (I usually only map stuff to test the limits of the renderer, so I'm usually only toying with the engine's weaknesses�).

The map will feature my take on some of my favorite aspects of E4, along with a couple things loosely inspired by a few Lovecraft stories.

I have no idea how long it'll take, this will be my first playable map. But it shouldn't take too long. 
Map Submitted. 
What an excellent opportunity to avoid wallpapering a room, plugging away at a CS:GO map, fixing a leaking tap, finding a proper job, learning to drive, doing the vacuuming etc. Looking forward to playing the pack soon!

Not a single coloured light in my map, but only because I couldn't remember how to set them up in WC, it's been so long since I did any Quake mapping. :o 
So what about playtesting? I'll need a few playtesters tomorrow. My map is small, it will not take a long time to playtest it and for me to fix any problems before the release. 
U Guysh Rock. 
Really stepping up to the mark here, in such a short timescale. 
I Need To Resubmit 
As I have found a couple of bugs. 
Go Ahead 
Ok, I've resubmitted it. There were some bugs on the monster placements in different skills (monsters in the floor etc). I also added some crucified zombies and fixed some minor visual issues that no-one probably would have noticed anyway.

All in all I think I've come close to what you might have found in an original id map but perhaps not exactly an Episode 4 map. The corridors are far too short I think. But certain areas I feel I have channelled Sandy quite well. I just hope people enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it. 
The Hype Is Building Up Slowly 
but steady. 
Red Hatred Is Done! 
So when in the release? 
Just sent in a little something of my own! I hadn't planned on it, but after toying with a start area for a few minutes on the first day I got hooked and couldn't stop.

I'm not a purist across the board, personally, but for this jam I decided to stick with that approach to see what I could do with it. I never finished any maps back in the '90s, so I still find the limitations novel. It worked out pretty well, though I don't know if I really have the chops to be imitating someone else's style. I certainly wish I could have made my hallways longer and wider; The Elder God Shrine is one of my favorite Quake maps.

Looking forward to the pack! 
Yay I Just Submitted 
Hoped I would get the layout complete by last night, but I had to spend like 80% of the day trying to fix disappearing faces. I finally figured out my problem but now I'm tired. Mapping is hard. 
I hope I can finish in time. Got one more room, monsters, lighting, items to do... Hopefully I can do all of that before midnight.

I axed most of what I had planned, really need to get better at scoping how much I can do in a given session. I've only been able to give this about 4.5 hours so far. 
I lost 90 minutes due to kid vomit and stuff like that. So, let's see what I can do in 90 minutes now... 
I'm Trying To Cobble Somethin Together... 
Probably won't make it. Only three more hours before bedtime. 
Geometry is almost done, got to seal one big room, put in some functional details. Which leaves... lighting, some basic texturing, monsters, items. 30 minutes. I won't make it.

This was just a little too short of a time span for my schedule. A full week would've been doable. 
And I give up. I've lost almost a full night's sleep in total to this (each evening it cut into my sleep time) and I'm not happy with any of it. It's still another three hours or so work to hit the minimum of my compromised plan. And it's not even good enough to use as a scrap. Bah. 
scar3crow, argh, that sucks :-(

I just sent in my little map. Less cool than I hoped and took a lot longer etc, but I'm glad I got something small done. 
4 nights and one day and here it is: The Elder God Palace of Despair.
I was really tired in the end, so the ending is not that polished. Maybe I'll make an expanded version later.

btw It's been ages since I finished my last quake map. 6-7 years or so. 
Delay ? 
Can I suggest to add a day so mappers could finish and polish their gem ? 
Sorry I couldn't test for you, but I was asleep when you sent your email! 
I wouldn't make use of it, I've got work tomorrow so I need to get proper sleep again. I'd rather revisit the design at a later date, but giving proper attention to it, rather than just slapping brushes down and going "It's what Sandy would do!" even though that isn't quite true. 
no problem, in fact it really took me too long to finish. I also should have been asleep when I sent you email) 
No you may not. 
And I Did Not Make It 
Not surprising, considering how little mapping time I had. Better luck next time. 
I couldn't get much done, but here's a few shots: 
Who's up for DLC? 
Probably Maybe 
What would be the deadline? I don't remember how long the RJ3DLC took. 
Very Long 
I Had A Map 
but stopped day 1 because I didn't feel it was very E4, then started up again two days later after I saw the degree to which others deviated from the theme. I wouldn't mind finishing it and releasing it as DLC. 
I'm In 
I'll finish it after getting the Retroquad protocol to work. 
That's A Maybe For Me. 
I might have the motivation for making a quake map for once, but we'll see. 
I might slap together a DLC map as well. I have the urge to make another silly E4 map. 
I Want 
to fix my retrojam4 map since I fudged up so hard on it and make it closer to how I originally imagined it. 
I'm Thinking 
of making the expanded version of my map with a better final battle and maybe even new sections. I would be interting to make all e4 maps section there, not stopping at e4m4. 
"Kid's vomit" is a great name.
Or Elder Kid's Vomit, because it's E4. 
That DLC Thing 
Alright, so I'm thinking of organizing a DLC pack for this jam since some people didn't have the time to complete their maps. This is a good occasion for them to finish them, expand the unfinished maps (Pulsar and Zwiffle showed interest in doing that) and also a good occasion for previous entrants to make even more crazy E4-ish maps.

I'm thinking of a time limit of two weeks � three at the absolute most, so everyone can work at their own pace. We can use this thread rather than starting another one. What do you think? 
Sounds Fine To Me. 
I'll give this a shot if I have the motivation to do so. 
There appears to be a Killing Floor 2 mapping competition going on atm with actual prize money. Entrants at the moment are sparse, and checking there are only like 14 people using the SDK. I'd rather spend the next few weeks exploring that than on expanding my retrojam4 map.

Of course, not knowing how to map for Killing Floor 2 or how to even really play Killing Floor 2 all that well might restrict my participation in that. I also found out about it ~3 weeks late. =/!.aspx for anyone interested. 
Wanna Try DLC 
so the DLC deadline would be November 20?

I too vote for a delay; I have a scrap I'd like to fix up for this but the next couple weeks are very busy. 
I'd vote for November 22, or some other Sunday; this gives us a full weekend to finish working on it, and then the pack can be released on the next Monday.

I'm currently finishing the server side of the Retroquad protocol, and then I've got the client side to work on. Not sure how long that'll take, but I'm putting all my efforts into it; I've got to get this thing finished properly to ensure it's bug-free, unlike the translucent BSP entity support that I've left unfinished for months and then it took years for me to fix. 
I Vote 29 
to otp 
And I Also Vote For 
Not allowing unvised, barely relevant maps from years ago. 
Rethinking My Unnecessarily Harsh Post 
Tronyn: if you feel that your scrap would be fitting within the jam 'theme' then I believe you are most welcome to finish and submit it. Any excuse to finish a scrap is good.

I'm curious, though, would you be finishing it had it not been for the jam? 
29 Is Alright By Me. 
would I want to contribute something outside the theme? (well, I asked this regarding the zer jam, and was approved for inclusion). I'm disappointed though that you didn't consider "Illusions" relevant to jam666. Perhaps you'll give it another chance when the properly finished/fullvised version comes out (FYI the previously created sections there were the lava atrium and the crane, say 20% of the map tops; the crane wasn't needed for the map and the atrium was not from years ago).

I'm not trying to sabotage your jam DLC (lol although it would be awesome if I was). I probably won't have time to do anything anyway. But yes, of course; this just provided a reason to bump it up the list. 
Tronyn does Episode 4... it's surprising you didn't contribute in the first place! 
Rethinking OTP's Unnecessarily Harsh Post. 
Made me LOL, but on the other hand. Tronyn's diabolical creations are very welcome in these jams, they might not be the purest expositions of the theme in the pack and have the obligatory r_speeds and texture combination issues, but they hit the mark well enough and provide an exciting and epic experience. More importantly, they allow us to enjoy Tronyn's demented sense of grandeur without the fucking Drake mod. For that alone, he's in. 
What's wrong with drake?

Tronyn is getting some unnecessary heat in this thread! 
Sucks my balls.

Just replayed Jam6_EricwTronyn, it is bonkers and brilliant and yes it is definitely fire and brimstone. 
"Demented sense of grandeur"; awesome.

Actually, if you have specific issues with Drake, it would be very welcome to have a Seinfeld-style airing of grievances (lol) before the final version of the mod is released. Early next year I expect to have some time to work on and finally finish it, hopefully in time for the 20 year anniversary. 
Sorry For The Double Post But In Other Words 
do you have any suggestions for detaching Drake from your balls?

I'll make a thread in December or January for community feedback. 
Replayed Jam2_Tronyn and it is still magnificent. It actually seems quite restrained compared to Jam3 and Jam6, lol. 
Sorry But... 
... who is drake ?? 
it's PM/Tronyn's mod, the one used in "something wicked", unforgiven, etc. 
Where Are Your Screenshots 
retrojam4dlc people? 
I'll Start On Saturday. 
Not much to look at,
and it may not the time to finish,
but at least it's a start! 
Just to make a double post 8-)

I am indeed full of hyyp for an E4 Hrimfaxi map. 
Let's make it a triple!!
Did I get your attention? 8-) 
I Give Up! 
Going to bed! 
here yo go 
Looking good Hrim! 
Oh Shit 
I didn't really know that It started now! What's the deadline again? 
I'm loving the strong Nameless City vibe in Hrimfaxi's map. :o 
November 29 
drake the type of mod to put chthons in a secret 


Lunaran you are awesome. Or at least I tend to enjoy your posts.

I loved the tronyn parody from a speedmapping session years ago, with like 20 shamblers at once; lol one day I'll make a giant impossible to vis arena map that will break even all the most modern compiling tools, with 5,000 chthons, which PM will upgrade with super-deadly AI. 
This is your kind of map I think... It runs best in darkplaces for me - 
Looks Cool Hrim 
I Have A Corridor Section

Is it a texture carnival? Gonna take another look tomorrow. 
hmmm, that can work. but try using the orange metal floor plates; keep the blue for trim and details and go green/orange as main colours. 
Retro Jam 4: Delayed Last Chance 
12 days for the DLC!

I'll get back to making mine tomorrow. 
I Need To Start On My Map... 
My Map Is Going Slow 
got stuck on e1m5 section.. 
But Is E1M5 Set In The Elder World? 
e4m5 I mean 
I was missing the HYPE.

Progressing and liking the progress. Still no new screenies. 
now just have time to play it 
How's everyone doing so far?
I don't think I'll have enough time to cook another map, but if I can it will probably be just before the deadline. 
I've been making more prefabs. Got a bunch to make before I start gluing stuff together.

I'm quite positive that gameplay-wise my map will suck, but it's my first real map so I'm happy to just make things work. 
It Goes Very Slow 
Cool tho. Has a nice egyptian feel... 
So, it's a remake. Looks richer, nice update. And those structures look like coffins or sarcophagus.


Is it grass on the ceiling? Whatever you're using, I want some. 
I agree with Warren, looks egyptian! 
Cool Stuff, Pulsar! 
I had to give up on the dirtmapping for these lights to work properly:

Dirtmapping doesn't work well with intricate geometry. Another lesson learned. 
Holy shit yessss 
Yesssss selectah. 
nice lighting there mankrip. 
Love It Pulsar 
Well, I tried, have nice prefabs and ideas, but life got in the way. It wasn't very E4 anyway. Waiting to play Pulsar and mankrip's now. 
I've been experimenting with the lighting options, and things are progressing.

The map will be way smaller than I planned, but it should be polished. 
It's a temple, just put a lot of vores, powerups and voil�. And nice sunlight! 
Is This Still On? 
I sent my map to Skacky, but he didn't respond yet. 
Sorry, been busy with other stuff. Will check it out! 
Checked It Out! 
Alright, I have DeeDoubleU's map so far.

I also forgot to give my address. Please send your maps to ykcaks[at]gmail[dot]com, this includes bsp, lit (if colored lighting is used) and map files.

I also have a yahoo address but I don't use it very often (which is also one of the reasons why I didn't see DeeDoubleU's mail!). 
I'm Pretty Sure 
..that I won't finish my map in time.
Too much work, almost no time for mapping. I'll release the expanded version of my retrojam4 map sooner anyway. It will be the second dlc then. 
I want to make a room on top of a floating rock.

May I go wild like this, or does it screw the "retro" character? 
I haven't even bothered to get a map done for this, but good job to everyone who worked on making a map for this DLC. I might attempt a small speedmap for this, who knows? 
I don't think it screws the retro character as long as you make it like episode 4. 
Wake up call: who's in? Anyone wanting an extension to finish their maps? (like a week) 
Yes Please 
I haven't had the time to even start. 
I'm In 
It's worth a shot. 
Alright then, new deadline set to the 7th of December. Sounds good? 
I recently started working on something as well, there's no way I'd be able to get it done by tomorrow so the new deadline is good news. Should probably have something done by then, as long as I avoid the usual procrastination, that is... 
extension sounds good 
I'm Back In, Then. 
DLC Gets More Time Than The Actual Pack ... 
That is missing both the Azure, and the Agony. But it looks cool. 
Will Be 
assuming I'll ever finish it. 
Finish It 
because I want to jump down that waterfall. 
Deadline Is Tomorrow 
And I still haven't received anything except DeeDoubleU's map. 
I had too much life issues this week and got back to my map only today. I'll work on it tonight but I'm not sure if finish it in time. I still think it's gonna be a second dlc. 
First DLC, next microtransactions? 
So far I have a blueprint and some parts that don't make a level yet. I really wanted to contribute, but at this point it will not happen. Sorry :( 
Where's Tronyn? 
Where's Tronyn?

I can only guess that he created a level so grotesquely arse-shatteringly huge that his computer collapsed into a singularity and devoured him.

In related news, we are shortly all going to be rendered into chunky strands of meat-ribbon as we and the rest of the planet are devoured by an ever-expanding black hole. Have a nice day :) 
Shortly, in universal time scale ... so I imagine we've got a few billion years, give or take. Should be enough time to get a few more levels VISed... 
It's probably all true, because he was working on an episode. I mean, several maps like those. 
Maybe the DLC thing isn't working. (good, it was a bum name anyway.)

Here's the new rule: Last one to finish and release his map, individually, is a rotten egg. That way there's no deadline for you all to miss, other than how much time the rest of you are putting in. If it leads to no maps coming out, then collectively you guys weren't going to get them done anyway and it's fine, and the one guy who does get one done doesn't feel like he wasted his time. 
Yeah, I think if you couldn't hit the original deadline and will now miss the DLC deadline, it's safe to say that you have other priorities. And that's fine.

But no sense dragging this thing out into infinity. Just release your map when you have something... 
I think the original limit of four days for the jam was plenty for an id quality map. Maybe give the dlc the same timescale. I always work better under tight deadlines 
I ended up having no time at all, alas. Looks like I wasn't the only one. However my situation will get better in a while.

Lol Kinn that would be awesome; a meta-Q1SP map sounds like... 
Yeah loks like it really was one of a kind. Received only one map. 
Lucky Me 
was supposed to be my first jam.
What now? Deadline is moved to the last-map-submission-date or should I just release map as ~standalone? 
I'd say go ahead and release it. 
Skacky, what about your map? 
Didn't have time to make one as I was doing a speedbuild exercise for Thief 2. 
Ok, I finished the extended version of my retrojam4 map that contains at least one room from each episode4 map. Now I need some feedback for polishing it.

Email me, if you want to playtest it and are not scared of spawns and ambushes. 
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