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Q1DM - "Lividus"
Compact labyrinth with traps & secrets. Contains additional versions for Official Quake Mission Packs


Rather silly promotional poster with screenshots obscured by text and logos:

It's a lot different than my previous map "Spellsgate" with a much more sparse design. Special thanks to Func'r "ericw" for fixing an issue with Darkplaces lightmaps via his compiler suite. That was very cool of him.
Love it.

Tried it out with the Omicron bots, had a wonderful time. Really enjoy the vertical layers, had lots of firefights where I was getting shot at from multiple stories at the same time and it was great. Really enjoy the textures and the runic details, little windows around the map were a nice touch. Lighting felt good.

If I had to criticize something I'd say the lava section with the SSG felt a little cramped, hopping out onto the platform after getting the shotgun slowed down the action a little. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Loved the TRAPS! 
More maps should be promoted via 90s game magazine advert-style posters. 
Could've Used More 
laudatory decapitated heads 
Dat Poster Is Gold 
I Blame The Lava On My Kids 
They constantly suggest adding it. ;) I wanted that teleporter area to be tricky but yes it's a bit tight there. Thanks! 
Your Kids Are Right 
lava is the best 
The Poster Is Dope... 
My 5 year old son always wants more lava... Lol. 
@xaGe my kids are a bit older 17 and 13 but I guess the thirst for lava is never quenched! 
Not Bad 
Tried it with Frikbots, need to make a set of waypoints for them for this map, but definitely a neat little DM map. Off the top of my head, I wondered if you deepened the lava area and made it slime, stuck in a biosuit somewhere, or changed that to water, and added some underwater passages to maybe a ring or other goodies. That would make it a little more capable of 4+ players maybe. 
Thanks. I may take a look at expanding this in a new version. It turned out better than I had anticipated. For a while tho, I fell out of love with the overall flow and wanted to complete it and move on to the next project. I'll give it some thought and might revisit. 
Dead Link Fix 
Here's a permanent location for this map. 
is there going to be an SP version? 
But Rhoq did another DM map based on the layout. go check it out

I only posted the new link because there was something I wanted to share with some one who had a question and I noticed this link was dead. 
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