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Q1SP - "Monster Training Facility"
Small simple map which parodies Portal and The Stanley Parable.
Don't expect serious Q1 experience - all ideas that seemed too goofy for other maps, went here.
Save often!



First playthrough plus a demo with the 'slackers' and 'help him out':

Mr.Ogre and team didn't seem to work too well, maybe because of the axe being quite useful and the workers yielding too much ammo.

First zombie,lightdog,slackers,help him and the cake were nice.

The slackers, true to the name, didn't even show up the first time around:) 
I Liked It! 
You use Quake mechanics to explore new possibilities, this is something to praise.

You got some good ideas there. The ending is perfect in its two possibilities. The alternate, a challenge that seem the antithesis of Quake combat: the weakest weapon against the strongest monster; but it's perfectly doable.

Another good idea for a regular Q1SP was the zombie shooting range.

There are other mechanics to explore, like trains, telefrags and monster jumping.

Inspiring level :) 
Fun Fun 
Had a lovely time playing this one. The aesthetic of pairing well lit office textures with Quake monsters and gameplay did a lot for me. The only bit that didn't work for me functionally was trying to navigate the platform maze with the glowing dog. It was really entertaining, made me laugh quite a bit trying to convince the dog to follow me and not fall off, but after the third time the damned thing lunged at me and fell off the platform I just gave up and noclipped :/

I really enjoyed losing my weapons at the end there, but I was hoping there would be some kind of trap or something activated by the button sequence. Getting kicked out of the facility for being human made up for that, though. And overall it was a fun and surprising experience. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! 
No Thanks. 
No offense, not my thing in Quake. Others might enjoy it. 
Some Exra 
I have accidentally uploaded a different demo next to the first play, not the one intended. Upon replaying the map several times, I came to appreciate the effort that must have gone into it much more than before. Here is a demo attempting to fulfill all compulsory and voluntary tasks and getting all centerprints:
There is additional demo showing Mr.Ogre has had quite a surprise up his sleeve! 
It doesn't cease to amaze me how much time and effort is needed to implement even simple ideas. 
Cute level, with cute gameplay.

The "follow Mr. Ogre" part was good for the atmosphere and storytelling, but boring in terms of gameplay.

The secrets were cool.

Timing, curiosity, speed, spacial awareness, rhythm, infighting, exploration. Nice variety of different skills to explore, though not always in a fun enough way.

Good technical execution, but the design could be improved a lot. For a simple parody it's great though. 
Buildup Needing A Payoff 
This map reminded me of <a href=">Cogs of Conflict</a>, particularly the sequence where you had to follow an ogre, although setting it in an office is playing it a bit more for laughs.

The puzzles were all fair in terms of not being headscratching to solve or irritating to carry out once you had a solution. What I think was missing was a bit at the end that made you recall your training and put it into practice. Like when the final shambler attacks you, unlocking the escape route by using e.g. the zombie button pressing from the first puzzle would have tied things together better. 
666 KB
Was that on purpose? ;) 
I'd Love To Say It Was With Obligatory Diabolical Laughter 
but only noticed this after your comment 8) 
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