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Jackhammer 1.1.855 Public Beta Is Out!
Hi all!
We are glad to present the new version with another bunch of bugfixes and improvements. ^^
Thanks to everyone who helped us with suggestions and bug reports!

New version highlights:

* Dynamic Sky Rendition: Jackhammer renders skyboxes in the same way games do. In addition, there are layered clouds in Quake, rotating skybox in Quake II, and shader effects in Quake III supported. To facilitate the choice of a certain sky in map properties, a drop-down combo with icons was added.
* Improved Arch Tool: arch creation instrument got new abilities. Now it allows triangulation upon creation, fitting arches to selection box, estimation of proportions using a grid. Also it is possible to create smooth ramps.
* Keep Internal Connections: option to preserve internal connections (targetname-target links) in entities during copypaste and cloning (i.e. dragging with Shift pressed) operations.
* Snap to Grid Revised: subsequent calls to it change anchor point, looping through all eight bounding box points (previously only the lower bounding box point was used as an anchor). In Vertex Manipulation mode this instrument snaps using selected vertices, thus enabling alignment of the whole object that ensures the certain vertex on the grid. In addition, VHE-style snapping to grid during movement of the selection was added.
* Texture Repeats: added special mode to draw borders of repeating (tiling) textures in a 3D-View.
* New Curve Types: now it is possible to create for Quake3 such primitives as Exact Cone, Exact Cylinder, Exact Sphere - correct round variants of cones, columns and spheres.
* Additional Instruments: ability to connect logically two entities using their target and targetname fields using Ctrl+K, separate tie to entities function. Upon automatic creation of the default room, the editor now can paint invisible faces with NULL or caulk texture. Improved Paste function - now it preserves an original third coordinate in a 2D-view.
* Multilingual Support: switch to your native language when using the editor! Now there is no need to consult a dictionary to find out what either menu command does, or to understand a reason for an error. Presently there are English, Russian and Ukrainian languages supported. Languages can even be switched dynamically without restarting the editor.
* Lots of improvements: the new version traditionally contains lots of bugfixes and improvements in comparison with the previous release. The editor became much more stable and functional, and now it is a beta. Please view a changelog for the details.

This version supports Quake, Quake II, Quake III, Half-Life, Gunman Chronicles and their modifications.
Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux.
Supported architectures: x86 (32-bit), amd64 (64-bit).

Web page
Feature list
Changelog of version 1.1.855


Again, thanks for the feedback, some features were added because of your requests.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Please correct the "presend" typo in the second sentence. There should be "present" of course, but it seems that I can't edit the post anymore. 
but the one issue that hasn't been fixed yet is a texture shift when moving a brush with UV-lock modified texture scale, while texture lock is enabled. 
Xaerox, May I 
start asking for stuff? It's Christmas...

In Tools/Options/General/Window Setup, a checkbox "mouse hover activates window" (enabled when "Use independent window configurations" is checked).

When using independent window config, just passing the mouse over a window would be enough to make it the active MDI child. You already detect which window is under the mouse when we press arrow keys, right? So, just give focus to the window under the mouse.

This way I could use an independent 3 windows setup exactly like the standard single window divided in four. That would free the user from the standard single window setup.

I tried to ask for it before, but it's hard to explain, even worse in English.

P.S.: still looking forward for Volatile Engine :)) 
And still hoping for that sweet, sweet tablet support. Maybe next version. :)

But the sky rendering is bitchin'... 
Dynamic Sky Rendition 
I have:

- worldspawn "sky" property set to "interstellar_";
- C:/dev/quake/work/markv/id1 is my Base Game Directory (at Tools / Options / Game Profiles / Configuration Settings)
- At C:/dev/quake/work/markv/id1/gfx/env there is interstellar_bk.tga, interstellar_dn.tga, etc., all six 512x512 images;

The skybox doesn't render. I see the scrolling sky texture only. What am I missing? 
Thanks For Comments! 
Sorry, I forgot about that. Will be fixed in the next release.

Same thing, will work on tablet support a bit later. Most likely it will appear in the next version.

1) Ok, I've added your request to my todo list. Sounds not too complicated.
2) Skyboxes are currently supported only in Quake2 and Half-Life, where they come out of the box. Quake instead uses a special 2-image texture, and JH uses it to draw cloud layer. If you tell me which custom engine supports skyboxes (and which is the most common), I'll be able to test them and then add to the Quake profile. Additionally, a FGD should also be modified: sky(string) should be replaced with sky(skybox). This means that a FGD for that custom engine should also be included to JH installation. 
1) Yay! Thanks!

2) Sorry, you're right. I misunderstood the description.

I believe that engine would be Quakespasm, the one recommended for the map jams. 
Curve Tool Additions 
This stuff alone makes this update fantastic. There were a lot of weird bugs and size/positioning problems with the standard hammer curve tool that seem to be fixed here, so yay!

Will test thoroughly over the next few weeks :) 
Is there any documentation for Jackhammer? I can't seem to find it. 
It's basically hammer. So find some hammer docs if you're totally new to this editor. 
Fantastic Update 
For adib - You can try this small utility which I believe has the functionality that you are after. Of course it also works in any other Windows program.

The sky rendering is a big plus for this version. I haven't tried out all the new features yet, but I must say you have done excellent work. 
Absolutely Fantastic 
This is great. Only thing I really want now is light preview, would save a huge amount of time for compile, tweak, compile again when testing lighting. 
Light Depends On The Compiler� 
and the light compiler needs a compiled BSP file, so it's not possible to preview the actual results.

Iterating is fun! 
Installed It Today 
Thanks for the F hotkey!

The sky rendering is great, but skies shouldn't be shaded. Also, they move too fast, and that's distracting � since JH is just an editor, there's no need to make them move as fast as in Quake; a subtle slow speed is enough.

Fun fact: Before figuring out how to create the molten mapping, I was thinking of rendering liquid surfaces in a similar way to your sky rendering. 
1) Skys shouldn't be shaded. May I take a look at a screenshot?
2) Shy speed is taken from Quake to satisfy a WYSIWYG paradigm.
3) Liquid surfaces can't be actually rendered as in the game because JH doesn't do polygon subdivision (to keep things simple). This also applies to Q3 shaders with "tesssize" + "deformvertexes". 
Typos again... Please read "skys" as "skies" and "Shy" as "sky". Sorry, we're celebrating xmas today. :) 
Ok, I'll take a screenshot when I get home. But switching between textured with shading and textured without shading is enough to notice the difference on the skies.

WYSIWYG is not necessary in this case, IMO. And what I like about the way you're rendering the skies is that its projection follows the shapes of the brushes, and this helps us to keep in mind the actual size of the area we're building. If it was exactly like Quake, it would be harder to tell each sky brush apart in the 3D view.

No problem, there's no need to animate liquid surfaces. Though making them translucent could help. 
If Sky Is Shaded, There Must Be A Bug 
It should look like this:

You are right, sky rendition in JH is not exactly same as in Quake, and that's also because of lack for face subdivisions.

It's easy to make water textures translucent, but there will be a confusion, because they'll become solid in the game. 
Most current Quake engines supports translucent water nowadays, even via software rendering.

My current approach is to hide the water brushes when I want to see through them. 
Showing the sky brushes' shape in the editor is very important. That's how JH does now. Animating the texture is important to see how a sky texture work in engine. Not hurting my eyes atm. An option to make liquid textures translucent would be nice. And what about rendering "{" transparency? 
IMO, WYSIWYG features for sky and water and such are less important than usability stuff like proper tablet support. Just my 2 cents. :) 
2adib: I'm not well familiar with modified Quake engines, sorry. I've made an editor for vanilla Quake actually, and there are no transparency. "{" textures are supported in Half-Life profile. I'll think of adding their support to Quake, if you tell me which color index is transparent (in Half-Life, this is the a color index 255 in a palette, but Quake shares the same palette between all the textures).

2WarrenM: I remember that, it's already in a todo list for the next version. 
Sorry, you're right. Transparency of "fence" textures is implemented by an alpha-channel TGA external texture, outside BSP file. It's an agreement between ports like Quakespasm, Fitzquake and Darkplaces, definately not a vanilla feature. Maybe when you make a Quakespasm profile it would make sense. 
"I remember that, it's already in a todo list for the next version. "

Oh, I know ... I just like banging my little drum. :) 
Retroquad and Super8 uses the color 255, and I bet the hardware-rendered engines with "fence" texture support also supports it.

Retroquad even goes a step above and doesn't require the "{" naming convention. This allowed for animated alphamasked textures. 
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