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New Q1SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions
Download! Link

Readme! It's in the damn download zip obvz

Screenshots! It looks fucking amazing what do you expect?

Latest Patch! Here

The MOD is designed to work with QuakeSpasm 0.91.0 (Must use this version or higher). Download here:

and remember ...
share your experience!

Please note that there is extra console commands being set in quake.rc, you cannot run this MOD using the game command! Always create/use a shortcut!
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Amazing work, everyone involved. You put the bar crazily high and still managed to somersault over it. I've only played a couple of maps so far and have finished none - but the start map alone is worth the price of admission. The architecture and general detail level in there reminds me of Metroid Prime, for some reason :)

Must play more now. 
And if you record demos, you'll likely need to 7zip them... all the particles effects in the mod add a ton of size to demos (you could also disable the particles... but that's boring!) 
Hail To The King 
Having a ton of fun with this. Spent an hour on Swampy and just finished Necrokeep. Monsters are cool, maps are great, effects are pretty damn kickass.
Minotaurs pose no threat whatsoever even on skill 3. They have a really hard time hitting the player, you have to purposefully walk into the stuff they throw to actually take damage, and even then they are capable of missing.

More comments later. 
Oh And Demos Later Of Course! 
can whoop your arse if they're used effectively. 
Minotaurs pose no threat whatsoever even on skill 3. They have a really hard time hitting the player, you have to purposefully walk into the stuff they throw to actually take damage, and even then they are capable of missing.

if you want to fight a string of minibosses one at a time the mod you're looking for is quoth 
Minotaurs are kind of a niche enemy. Slightly less health than a Shambler, but no where near as deadly.

I didn't use them well in my map to be honest, I used them toward the end mostly unsupported when you are already strong, but I think they would be better used earlier in a map, maybe just after getting an SSG... and then later you use them to soak damage alongside other enemies. 
Not enough praise I could possibly heap onto the mountain would be sufficient, this is just incredible. So far I've played through Firetop Mountain and Necrokeep; my heart is still racing out of exhilaration and awe and sheer terror. So much fun! So much fear!

In terms of gameplay, there's enough to keep one satisfied for many, many hours. And I could study the level design probably for the rest of my life. Thank you all for this release!

I'll have some demos in the next few days. ahhhhh so gooood 
I'm not looking to fight minibosses, it's just that they look fearsome but are pretty damn weak, which is a shame. Shambler attacks are easy enough to dodge when you know them. This isn't the case with the Minotaurs, as you can easily dodge their attacks on your first encounter. Case in point: I died to the Fiends and the Shambler during the last fight in Fifth's map. I was never hit by the two Minotaurs. 
I'm Not 100% Sure 
that every enemy should be guaranteed to damage you. Some enemies are designed purely for support to other monsters. I used them in this way. I originally had 3 minotaur in my end encounter (2 were the brown spawning variety) and the map became ridiculously hard.

I like the minotaur, they're especially nice in groups but I don't have any maps that utilise them like this yet. What might be interesting now is an IK White map with all the pale monsters, minotaur, the stone guards, shamblers, scrags... 
Oh, it's not a question of a guaranteed hit against the player, it's more like the way it looks versus the way it behaves. I find meek enemies in appearance like the Crossbow Knights or the Fireball Warlocks (the red guys) much more demanding in terms of reflexes than the Minotaurs, or even the Golems, since they shoot faster and are way more precise. The latter look fearsome but are too easy to deal with in my opinion. The Gaunts suffer from this also, to a lesser degree. The Lost Souls are pretty much perfect though.

Minotaurs look like endgame monsters much like Shamblers or Droles, but that's all they do: they look like endgame monsters. You don't need to make them bulletsponge to make them threatening, just increase their projectile speed/recovery time on higher difficulties, and then they will be a serious threat. 
Decrease recovery time*

I really don't want to sound ungrateful or critical just for the sake of it. As I said I'm having a lot of fun with it and it's really damn great. Haven't been killed by Ogres this many times in a while. 
Well, i played only through one of the maps(the one with the loads of coffins), and i gotta say, blue mace knight gave me much more problems than minotaur. The poor horned beastie is just too slow. 
Merry kissmya** Sock. It'll take me a year to play this. Looks amazing. 
Voted best skybox of the year 
"cruical" should probably be "crucial"? :P

Is there any way to get fog without banding? nvidia on Linux. 
Stuck In Crucial 
Grabbing the rune in crucial I cant seem to get out of the room, noclipping out I saw a wizard was outside, I killed him, but still there is no exit from the room. What am I doing wrong? :D 
I like what I've seen so far. I'm playing the base map and while fun there are some spots that just slay my framerate. I died while trying to jump a gap during a major chug and decided to call it there for the day. :)

Love the sound on the double shotty. Makes it feel cool to use. 
What is the download for the correct QuakeSpasm engine on that page?? There is nothing called QS DEV, I am guessing it is the "Latest Build #229", which wasn't referred to in the first post and downloads a zip file actually called

Also I presume "pixels linear" as described in the Readme gives the normal smooth GLQuake effect?? 
@Shambler, I highly recommend you use the QS build linked at the top of this thread. I assume the Quaddicted page will eventually be setup correctly. At the moment the current stable build of QS will crash, we (team) cannot influence this so we went with the DEV build instead.

The MOD has a quake.rc file which is important, everyone should open it and read the options. The blurry texture filter is the default, there is a line in the quake.rc file to switch to better texture filtering if you want. There is also a console alias command called pixels.

The demo files are going to be large because of the QC particle system. Either switch off the particles (quake.rc) or compress the demo files with 7zip as it seems to offer the best compression ratio. There is a also google drive available to most people for sharing files. 
@Shambler, I highly recommend you use the QS build linked at the top of this thread.

My first question refers to that link. 
The MOD does come with full documentation (readme file) and all QC files have been included. If anyone is curious about working with the mod, start with the readme file (linked at the top) and then use the relevant editor file.

The MOD does come with 11 test maps (source included) that shows most of the features in small test environments. Check the map source files for examples and reference the readme for full details.

Over the next couple of weeks I will convert the readme file into a fancy/friendly web version with pictures. At the moment it is a rather large wall of words that was added too over a very long period of time! 
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