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New Q1SP: Cataractnacon (OMS3)
Five years in the making, these two maps are a lengthy journey through a non-linear H.R. giger themed flooded scrapyard. Large areas, hundreds of monsters, dozens of traps and bizarre landmarks await you.

These maps come with only two skill settings, easy and hard. Normal skill is unsupported, and attempting load the map with it will trap you in an enclosed area until the skill is changed.

Exploration is vital, as there is lots of ground to cover. You will most likely not encounter every monster on your first playthrough, but is it encouraged to stray off the path to hunt for health and ammunition, because you are going to need it.

Save often, be prepared to face a horde of enemies at any time. There is no one precise route to take, all are interconnected with one another in some way.

Lastly, and most important and disappointingly, these maps require the use of the RMQ 0.85.3 engine, which is included in the zip file. The reason being is the second part of the map extends beyond Quake's default +-4096 map limit. RMQ is the predecessor to the Quakespasm engine, so most should find the transition easy enough. Quakespasm and other engines may soon support larger map sizes but until then, RMQ 0.85.3 is the only engine that has been tested and can play these maps without issue.
I understand this is a controversial decision and an unpopular one, I like Quakespasm just as much as the rest of you, as it is more stable and optimized. But it could not be helped that the map needed extra room, and I was against the idea of cutting out a large and expensive portion of the map in order to squeeze it into Quake's default map size. I also realize this will create a conflict with sharing demos amongst each other.

Also included are the .map files along with the texture .wad file, which you are free to use for any project of your own.

I feel its also important to note that while this may not be my last Quake map, its my last in regards to very large and overly complex maps.

With that said, please enjoy, critique, and record and share demos to your leisure.

Download links:


Engine Update : Special build of QuakeSpasm with OMS3 support (windows + mac + source code):

Make sure to enter "sv_protocol 999" in the console before starting the map!
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First Map, Scond Killed 
Just to say that I was able to play the first map with the latest Quakespasm, in nightmare mode, texan style. Fucking out of this world map. All monsters killed in about 8 minutes.

The second map wasn't able to load. 
Awesome Looking 
will add it to the playlist along with AD and the last map jam still needs to be completed. 
Out Of Interest 
why no skill 1? 
Normal is just a setting on your dryer.

And who doesn't play on Nightmare on every map? 
Normal is just a setting on your dryer.

And who doesn't play on Nightmare on every map? 
Sane People 
I hope that's not his reason. If Orl went to the trouble of implementing difficulty levels and really did skip Normal because of macho dickwaving over a video game, that's pretty ridiculous.

I play lots of maps on Normal, because I want to check out the neat stuff you guys build and have a good time. What I don't want is to grind my fingernails off on occasionally horrid balance and combat design to prove to myself that I'm "manly enough." 
What Lun Said 
I play everything on Normal because when every new map is packed with 400 monsters anyway, it's usually got enough stuff shooting at me. 
From The Readme 
Quakespasm support might come soon afterward.

Is that just wishful thinking, or is it seriously in the works to increase the map extents in QS? 
Can't Open Maps 
rmq engine won't open. Errors. using fitzquake the maps don't show up even though their in the id1 maps folder 
don't show up? 

Which are ... ?

You can't expect help without sharing some information. 
Orl - congrats on the release! I have been looking forward to this since the first screenshots a year or two ago :D

Kinn, I did a proof-of-concept implementation of protocol 999 in QS, not well tested / merged in / shared yet, which allows bigger map extents. It should be safe to add to the engine if it's explicitly activated by the player, by entering "sv_protocol 999", although the usability sucks, unfortunately. 
Played the first map, was good, except the blurring "hurt animation", idk how its called.
It is an engine thing that can be deactivated i hope.

Second map gave me serious headaches after 10 minutes, had to quit. Will revisit later

These maps must have the greatest facecount-to-gameplay ratio ever. Weird brushwork throughout, but in an acceptable good sense (somehow). 
check the first few comments here for turning off some of the rmq effects here: 
R_motionblur 0 
To deactivate 'hurt animation'. 
Great Maps! 
Just played through both maps on Hard and it felt pretty epic!

Don't want to spoil anything but the "Demonic Junkyard" style is pretty damn original and I especially enjoyed the second map's use of the water.

I can see why the map is so order to keep atmosphere and invoke a grand sense of scale.

Not a fan of using a different engine but since you took so long to create these maps I didn't mind so much. Good job Orl! 
Uniquely Quakey 
Definitely some of the more unique maps I've played.
Being torn away from QS is a bit of a bummer but still doesn't hurt the maps imho. Had several "Wow! What the hell?" moments after seeing some of the architecture.
Excellent job! 
err ok, you are clearly a master and we are all just plebs. 
Qmaster is the human equivalent of those 90s game adverts you'd see in magazines that were all saturated primary colours and super-low focal length photos of some nerdy kid's epiglottis as they screamed into the camera.

Boasts of his almighty skill 3 quad rage online!
Runs off to spam the quickload key in real life. 
Again Can't Open Maps 
I put oms3.bsp and oms3_2.bsp in quake-id1-maps folder. I extracted RMQEngine_0.85.3 in my quake file. I double clicked on RMQEngine-Win32 icon and get "W_Load Wad File: couldn't load gfx.wad(basedir:,)
I double click on fitzquake 085-console-skill 0 map oms3 and get this error.
"Mod_LoadBrushModel:mapsoms3.bsp has wrong version number (1112756274 should be 29) 
you are doing it wrong.

1st, fitzquake 0.85 can't handle bsp2 maps. that your wrong version number message.

the other errormessage seems to be some fuckup i cannot reproduce here. try to start rmq from a clean directory. 
the gfx.wad error usually means the game is not using the correct "working directory"

if launching from a shortcut, you can set this in the shortcut properties.

if launching from a batch file, you can "cd" to the quake directory before launching the exe.

But, when directly double-clicking the exe I'm not sure what the behavior is in that case. 
For those having trouble with RMQEngine, here's an experimental Quakespasm build that loads both maps:

win32 binary source

Important: you have to set "sv_protocol 999" before starting, otherwise you will wrap around when you step outside of +-4096 (half way through the second map) 
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