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The Darkest Dungeon
Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic RPG about the stresses of dungeon crawling. You will lead a band of heroes on a perilous side-scrolling descent, dealing with a prodigious number of threats to their bodily health, and worse, a relentless assault on their mental fortitude! Five hundred feet below the earth you will not only fight unimaginable foes, but famine, disease, and the stress of the ever-encroaching dark. Darkest Dungeon focuses on the humanity and psychological vulnerability of the heroes and asks: What emotional toll does a life of adventure take?

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Just Started 
With this gem and it's got a brutal learning curve. I haven't had much time to play since my ISP died, but so far I've found that a single unstable character is enough to get the whole party killed, and a lack of food or torches is the same.

Currently I'm treating the poor bastards who get off the stage coach as fresh meat for the grinder so I can try and get enough money to have a stable set of provisions... I may be using the wrong approach.

The game is very well balanced and has a lot of depth, the presentation is great as well, the music, stingers and voice overs all having a great level of polish - really recommend grabbing this one while its still on sale. 
I've Clocked A Zillion Hours With This Game... 
It will murder you and hurt you... and then you will go back for even more punching and bruising because it feels sooo good. Seriously though the game is intense the art amazing. I am a fan :P 
Torches Psssh! 
The darker it gets the better the loot! I always take key's and shovels though. The sanity lost with removing blockage is harsh. 
Yeah, but I've had too many otherwise strong parties destroyed by some gibbering idiot at the back who destroys their morale.

I wish there was a way to purge the weak >:) 
do not ever put a torch on any altar!

shambler may arrive and kill ya. 
Is there going to be a Qarkest Qungeon clone/mod which replicates this game but with a Quake aesthetic? 
btw, if you guys love the artstyle, go read the Hellboy comics (or anything else Mike Mignola has done).

I really like Darkest Dungeon... it keeps distracting me from what I should be doing though :(

Got a level 4 party atm (Friction the Leper, Daz the Crusader, Scampie the Highwayman, and Negke the Vestal), but sadly need to clear some other lower end bosses before I can use them again because I'd like to clear some tougher bosses with them! 
Does It Still Have Cloud Saving? 
Just wondering. 
i don't know, GoG has some pseudo steam like application/service, but i never cared enough to look into it. 
It would have cost me a 1/4 of the price buying in USA though. 
X X X X 
I really shouldn't have summoned the Shambler.

I really like the Quirks and stress system, its uncannily accurate to real life in a weird way.

Is there a way to carry more stuff? I tend to leave most of what I find behind. 
No, you have to make choices on what to carry. It's a tougher choice on the longer and tougher dungeons because you want all that phat loot... but you kind of need all those important supplies! 
Brutal but fair and always tempting you into one more round :) 
It's very well made - it seems to be the exception that proves the rule of early access games.

I've now got a couple of guys at level 3 who refuse to go on low level missions and a bunch of n00bs who refuse to do the higher level ones...

Still trying out different mixes of classes, they interplay well enough to try out different tactics, especially when you can change out their skills in the guild.

I still haven't found a good use for the Occultist or Bounty Hunter, although I suspect its just for lack of experimenting with them. 
You can take low level dudes to high level quests. They will just get owned :P There's even an achievement for bringing 4 level 0 characters to The Darkest Dungeon quest :D

Bounty Hunter is a good 2 slot I find. Has a good melee attack, and the "get over here!" attack means he can help you set up to kill annoying backline characters with other melee dudes.

Occultist is really strong on Coves where nearly everything is Eldrich which he's strong against, and his single target heal is stupidly good in general. Usually a good 3 slot character. 
His healing is pretty hit and miss though, I've had him heal 0 hp and apply bleeding to an almost dead character a few times, that bastard. 
The few times I got the hunter he never had that Scorpion attack so I wrote him off while I concentrated on getting the other characters down.

Same for the Occultist - he kept on killing people he was supposed to heal and I wasn't brave enough to go into the cove to see those nice buffs against eldritch monsters.

I try and always have a hound master in the party - their bleed attacks and stress recovery and ability to predictably self heal are very powerful support abilities, although less useful against undead.

Grave robber, hellion and man at arms are all pretty meaty as well.

Jester seems pretty good, but makes a leper in the party useless with all the moving around he tends to do.

The abomination is great, but you need a hound master to counteract the stress he causes.

The plague doctor seems pretty good, but only with the right abilities and properly leveled. His healing is kinda crap but the ability to stun and blight stuff is good against undead.

Highwayman and Arbalest are both pretty meh. Neither seem to have sufficient damage or abilities to warrant taking them along in favour of any of the others. 
Highwayman and Arbalest come into importance as you level them, because their damage and crit chance scale up with their weapon upgrades, which makes them insane at one shotting key targets. 
I'll Keep A Couple 
Around then, thanks for the advice. 
Ok... I caved and bought the game. I hope this is good. 
98 mins played so far, not bad at all.
I have a couple of gripes. The game is a little tougher than it needs to be IMO, it's almost like they're trying to be edgy by making it super stressful.
Also, unused provisions should carry over to your next round IMO. It's a little pathetic that it doesn't. 
It's Unforgiving 
I finally got a team of level 3's together and stormed into one of the tougher quests.

Not sure how I forgot how the game punishes overconfidence.

1 dead, the others with a collection of diseases and disorders and a waste of cash on supplies.

As to carrying supplies, I'm reminded of Talisman. You should be able to take a donkey to carry more stuff for you. It'd be a background thing, not susceptible to attacks, but instead victim to traps as you're walking around - if it gets hit then it runs off, dropping all the extra stuff. 
The game will obviously be hard at first, it gets easier as you learn the systems, but making it too easy would have made for a pretty different game. The whole point is to always be on the brink of losing.

Provisions are resold (at a loss) at the end of quests, so they are not completely wasted. Keeping them between quests would be kind of meh, you'd just be able to take 2 or 3 stacks each time without every hesitating on how many you should buy etc. Would just make the food system kind of pointless (I could also argue that the food would rot after a week anyways).

I'm doing ok with my current game, 2 dead, full roster of 25 all in good health, a group of lvl 5s and one of lvl 4s doing most of the hard stuff. 
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