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Quake Expo 2016 - 20 Years Of Quake
This year Quake will turn 20. Let's make it the best Quake Expo ever?
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Quaddicted has a link to Quake Arcade Tournament.

You can download the "quakeat.chd", there is a manual Spirit managed to read the image. Quiet a large file, but you could try to examine. 
He's talking about Arcade Quake - platformer mod 
The arcade machines ran an early obscure graphics card if I remember correctly.

I looked into this a bit back, to get it working you need a security key dongle thingy. I zoomed in on the image on the manual, I reckon it's a sentinel dongle (there are a few versions though).

I did download a emulator for the dongle once, although it seemed to want an existing piece of hardware to emulate first.

If somebody with more patience than me wanted to have a go again, they might have more luck. 

has a bunch of links, some to the sentinel thingy that look promising too. 
for all the OT discussion.

if I understand your post #121 correctly you have a backup of the qexpo08 files? Could you look if you find a file called arcQuake_QE2008_devpack.7z and maybe upload it? 
I have all of it, remind me. 
Quake1ArcadePack Demo 2008 
You're luvky, flp!

I updated quaketastic with the
It has the demo and the dev kit included. 
Flat Shooter 
I had to go deep into my dungeon to find that kinky file.
I remember earlier someone asking for it but I had something like .., whatever. Then I discovered there were only demo files of it and no devkit so your question made me wonder.

I remember playing that "flat" quake, as there was a top quake also ("don't take prisoners" I think) but I had a hard time with the defkit.
I included the sdl version so it's not so smudgy with video cards.
Also GtRadiant 1.5 in there, and a sourcescanner with convertion opportunities to export Def, Ent and .FGD files.

Changing the editor.pk3 into was an easy way to open the md2 models. Found nice base models of in there, some are rare editions.

Would be great to make a map theme with it.
Really a challenge to get that arcade thingy. 
It would be fun to have some form of event, even if it is more limited in scope than what we used to see in QExpo. I'd be interested in working (a little) on one or two small projects I have.

From the look of this and Celephais's forum, it does not look like anyone is ready to shoulder organisation. I'm unfortunately too busy in both my professional and personal life to really be able to help much.

It would be nice, I think, if - whatever ends up being decided - the "event" (even a small one) happens during a defined period of time. Releases spread over the whole year will get extremely little coverage and the lack of a deadline will mean most people won't be able to get motivated to get anything done mod-, engine- or map-wise ;-)

One could maybe imagine an (weeklong?) event in the form of a Facebook group which people (who might have to get clearance first) could post their own news on? The facebook page could be set up quickly and be used for people to simply chat and discuss their project (possibly months) prior to the "event," then (hopefully) a few more special things could happen during it (besides news of map/mod release and such), like online matches, or Twitch videos? The main organizational burden for the site itself would be to keep an eye on posters and posts, make sure things don't get out of control, and give clearance to the right people. Individuals will be free to set up their own sub-event (say, like a speedmodding session, for example) and make an announcement about it. Nothing will be actually "hosted" on Facebook, which is a little sad, but it's better than no site at all...
I mentioned Facebook, but you guys might know of better sites.

Spirit killed it. 
Quaddicted Would Be The Best Place To Host It TBH 
All they would need to do would be to make a different front page for a week, in blog style. Contributors do their own text and screen shots which get posted daily. With links to the downloads.

The scope of the original plan was awesome, but too ambitious for "old" working folk. 
Just set up a shared blog somewhere and make me point the domain at it. My offer to provide a vm/container still stands. Feel welcome to 'abuse' the quake wiki or quaddicted, it's partially a wiki too and I could enable editing rights for everyone. 
Yeah, Facebook Was Actually A Terrible Idea. 
QBism was just talking about Wordpress on I3D, which goes hand in hand with what you were thinking, Shamblernaut.

Dates? Would people really want June? It seems so close! I'm not quite sure I could produce a ton until then, I have to admit.

We should also definitely make a "serious" head count. Who is interested? What is that person going to do? How committed is he/she? A simple list would give us a sense if it's worth spending energies on it.

Maybe we could pitch it as a form of "class reunion" and bring some of the older folks in.
I also really like the idea of these "You owe Quake" interviews... 
A few years ago I set up a shared blog at the shop. Works well, but talking 10 authors rather than 100. Wordpress does a good job of automatically sorting by category, cross-indexing by tags, and allowing tasks to be shared.

The wiki idea is also appealing from the viewpoint of collecting and preserving information. Plus, it already exists. Is there such a thing as a 'wiki jam'? 
I Suggested Blog Format 
But not necessarily a blog itself. The benefit being having a list of posts by date on one page. It should keep everything simple.

As for wiki editing, I've never done that before. But if it is simple, it seems like the best method to me.

I have a wordpress blog myself and the GUI is so simple a 7 year old could learn it. Does the wiki have a similar editor?

@CocoT there is space for social media, and that is spamming the hell out of the website so we get traffic. Otherwise we'll just be doing this for ourselves and may as well just do it here. 
Back After Weeks Of Moving-out BS 
Hopefully now I'll be more productive and at least make 2 playable levels as a demo version for D-Day.

But then I'm reading the thread after a while and I'd like to have some clarification on things.

*Seems like the QExpo won't take place, but there's still talk about hostings? What will it be?
*What is the organisation for the people who want to host their work for the day QExpo launches, if it's still a thing? 
Proposed Qexpo Schedule 
Announcement and site opens: June 22 (Quake anniversary)

Registration opens: June 22 or at least within a month

Qexpo dates: two weeks, August 27 to Sept 10

This would be similar to the schedule of the very successful 2008 qexpo, although that one lasted 4 weeks, arguably too long.

By contrast, the 2011 qexpo was announced early April and occurred June 22 with a one-week schedule. So that is not impossible, and there'something to be said about short-and-sweet, but it would be a challenging time frame for both organizers and attendees.

I've developed a prototype site which may be ready for design and admin help and/or small testing group in a couple weeks. ...or I'm willing to help someone else who wants to build the site. 
I Like That 
QExpo08 was awesome and the closer we can get to that level the better. My thoughts about a timeline:

- What's the difference between opening the site and opening the registration?

- The 2006 expo was two weeks, which is probably optimal, since 08 was too long and 11 was over before anybody realised. I'm guessing the opening date was chosen because it's a Saturday?

- I know some rudimentary html/css/php/etc and am a resilient tester of stuff, when would I be needed to help? 
June will be when all media attention is on Quake. It would be the time to actually have the qexpo in my opinion. 
What Media Attention Lol 
All Doom got for its 20th birthday was a bunch of articles, Quake is not going to get IEM levels of exposure. 
We need to do this primarily for ourselves, no serious media attention will come unprompted. 
Yes, could use css help for color/font issues. See my profile for email. Or anyone who wants to help set this up. Needed-

Logo/header/page background art.

WordPress or general CMS experience if anyone wants to admin or assist with configuration/ moderation/ user support.

Editor-in-chief to oversee news and articles. 
Will contact you within 24h. 
Caveat Emptor 
Beware, he is offering 24h.

So he might be trying to pawn off a healthbox.

And not a very fresh one. They usually come with 25h.

Except the ones that don't flicker. Those rotten ones only come with 15h. 
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